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    Will make an attempt but may be difficult when you rarely remember where you actually have been.
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    Saturdays match at Elgin appears to have post-match entertainment from Barry Robson!
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    Hi Everyone Im in the process of putting together an awayday guide for the site. If anyone has a favourite chippy/pub etc or other relevant information can you drop me a DM. Thanks in advance. Lynne
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    And here was me thinking you were just the expert I needed for this task....lol
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    Great idea, if it's possible could you say what kind of distance from the grounds or where the supporters bus usually parks. Would like to go to more away games but the person I sometimes go with can't walk too far. Thanks for any away day info, it will be so useful.
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    Great idea. Will speak to travel club and try to add this.
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    We enter three competitions a season (League, Scottish Cup & League Cup) With aim to do the best we can in each one.
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