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    Read it like this then... Until I'm told differently means when the chairman tells me I no longer have a job. Robbo will be going nowhere unless we punt him.
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    "Due to my history with the club, you'll always get a mention. What do you want me to say, that I want to run down the A9? "My job here is Inverness and I was out of the game for five years and they came and gave me an opportunity so my loyalty is to work hard, and keep working hard, at Inverness until I'm told differently." Well played, that man. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50336949
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    Lots of moaning on here since the defeat to Dundee utd which concluded a third of the seasons games. Strikers are gash, Robbo needs to go as we were not improving etc were the views of many on here. So I decided to compile a little report card to see if this would highlight areas of improvement and causes for concern. So as you can see we have actually improved in many areas as our league position, points tally, our wins.our draws, our goals scored, the number of players getting on the scoeresheet and the number of players who have had assists have all improved compared to last year in the league. The major cause for concern is in defence with the goals conceded which has actually gone up by 50% which in turn has led us to losing 4 games when in fact we hadnt lost any last season at this stage. One poster, think it was Satan called for new defenders, and he was lambasted but he maybe isnt that far off the mark.
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    He was a failure last time Hearts poached him off us so can't see it happening again. That said, if they want him, why don't we do a swap and offer Craig Levein a job? Might work - horses for courses and all that!
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    Wonder if we'll make the semis again...or further...
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    Nothing except arrest the free fall we were in prior to his arrival. Nothing except coming within a minute and one goal of a play off place in his first season. Nothing except reaching the play off semi final last season. Nothing except challenging towards the top of the league and occupying a play off spot so far this season. All on a very small and ever diminishing budget in front of a small and ever diminishing home support.
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    I hope we are not doing the catering they will have run out of pies before the event starts
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    I remember the teams of those (wonder)years, sure they could have an off game here or there, maybe ship 4 or 5 goals at home but they ALWAYS came back strong the next game.Guaranteed! Damn this nostalgia!
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    • Inverness CT (4) 0-V-0 (2)Clyde - C/Cup - Report
      Let's be frank, this was a rank rotten performance with Inverness looking like a second division Welfare team. That's maybe doing Welfare league sides a disservice such was our inability to play football. We struggled badly to create anything worthy of note and Clyde looked more likely to score from open play than us. We had MotM Mark Ridgers to thank for a couple of great saves, one in particular warming the palms of the home fans when McStay let fly from 25 yards. We couldn't muster any decent chances in 93 minutes of football. Thankfully, our penalty kicks were brilliant, absolutely clinical and with Ridgers making two superb saves we go into the semi-finals with Raith Rovers, Patrick Thistle and the Rangers u21 team.
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    • Inverness -V- Clyde - Challenge Cup - Preview
      Bully-off against the Bully Wee on Saturday is at 3:00pm at the Caledonian Stadium with the visitors in the middle section of League1 and Inverness in the middle of a shocking slump. I don't even think we can blame HMRC. It's a break from League business though as we enter the quarter finals of the Challenge Cup, this year sponsored by Tunnock's Caramel Wafers and if you are quick off the mark you might even get some freebies prior to kick-off.
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    • Arbroath 3-V-0 inverness CT - Report
      SMOKED: Arbroath pulled level on points with Inverness as our season disintegrated at Gayfield. A humiliating 3-0 defeat to a well organised part-time outfit will surely have repercussions. Scott Stewart scored in the first half and a second half penalty was converted by Bobby Linn the bin man. The thrashing ended with substitute Omar Kader adding a third with 4 minutes remaining.
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    • Arbroath -V- Inverness CT
      Arbroath -V- Inverness CT - The Matchday Thread
      Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen

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    • Arbroath -V- ICT - Preview
      Smokies and the Bandits - Inverness are off to Aberbrothock on Saturday with a trip to the shows on offer near Gayfield, the home of Arbroath FC and the famous smokies. It's a 3:00pm kick-off with only three points separating the two sides.
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