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    Hi folks, For those who haven't seen it mentioned on Twitter, the club will be providing live audio commentary from Saturday's game. A link to the feed should come up on the club's Twitter account about 10 minutes before kickoff. Hopefully it'll be another good result!
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    That’s an interesting thought...weather the Roy MacGregor storm of investment over the bridge and the subsequent collapse of county when he dies, then the Highlands really are ours!!
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50593863?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/scotland&link_location=live-reporting-story There is no point in hoping for anything in January!
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    There is, very definitely, an apathy towards ICT from within the City. Some blame the merger but this was 25 years ago now. Looks like old wounds will never heal in respect of this. Those born after the merger should have no say in what went on back in the day. These children would have mainly been brought up with parents supporting one of those big clubs from Glasgow - in effect glory hunters. I too am from England and I came across Caledonian FC back in 1978. I've been following them every since. I didn't want the two clubs to merge but it happened anyway and I accepted it. ICT have given me some great times over the years and I've been to over 200 games (a 900+ miles round trip for home games).
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    Don't worry too much about IHE. He's a little pussy cat really. He's very much a Caley man and loves England.
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    Greetings Joseph, RC have always been THE highland club simply because they have been around much longer than ICT. As someone mentioned, much of the support has come from people who have moved to Inverness, at the cup final I sat with two girls born in Inverness who had travelled from France and Canada, the club had 15,000 supporters that day most I reckon from outside Inverness. When I moved north during the Paterson years I was entertained by the style of football his team played and which led to many Scottish Cup upsets Celtic (twice) Hearts away, Motherwell away when we were still a 1st division team, few had taken notice of what was being built in Inverness which eventually culminated in the SC win and third in the league. The club then shot themselves in both feet, however, Livingstone have shown that these days can come again. That said the game has changed for supporters, the days of turning up paying your money and standing with your pals discussing the game have gone and the game is poorer for it.
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    Been playing too much Football Manager I think ?
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    Offload likes of Traff and White if we can take back wee Mackay! Like to see us try and get a talisman player in maybe Antony Stokes on a short term deal
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      Walsh winner dumps Pars: Substitute Tom Walsh was only on for a couple of minutes when he hit the post from the edge of the box. He would do better two minutes later when he shot low into the net after a White dummy, possibly with the aid of a deflection off Euan Murray.
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      The pitfalls of a wee cup run and some bad weather will be upon us for the next few weeks. On Tuesday night we face Dunfermline Athletic at East End Park, the game kicking off a 7:45pm. That means it's steak bridie time! That will be followed by a Scottish Cup quarter final at Easter Road on Friday night. What a time to be alive!

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      John Robertson was without the injured Sean Welsh who has been out of the side most of his time here. Some say he is made of wafers, but he will be a big miss for us tonight. Former United player Lewis Toshney was on the bench with Brad Mckay coming into the back four. First time back at Tannadice since the departure of Coll Donaldson; who will they vent their anger towards instead?
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      We are on the telly again tonight. No it's not just the James Keatings diving show but we face runaway League leaders Dundee United at Tannadice tonight in a Championship game that kicks off at 7:05pm for the benefit of BBC Scotland TV.
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