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  1. The council charges too much in business rates.
  2. ICTFC Dorandos
  3. Waiting for Naelifts to post a video of this.
  4. In fairness, RiG does provide excellent updates via Twitter from matches. He makes it to the vast majority of matches too, home and away.
  5. Spot on.
  6. A replay of your last ICTFC match? Try to make it to a Dunfermline match away. The Bridies are the highlight of the Championship.
  7. Cheapest adult season ticket prices: Falkirk £225 QOS £256 Livingston £12 per match (can't find information on season ticket prices) Dundee United £279 Morton - unavailable (was £270 last season) Dunfermline £240 Dumbarton £200 St Mirren £275 Brechin - unavailable Interesting statement from Dunfermline - chalk and cheese springs to mind...
  8. Ross County are going for the jugular targeting fairweather fans...
  9. Better stewarding. A deal with a local company for catering (no mention of the names of any local bakeries). More, genuine communication between the board and fans. A path from the bridge to avoid having to clamber over the verge. Free buses to and from the ground. Facilities to cycle to the ground and leave bikes securely (have a look at the Amsterdam ArenA for inspiration). I'd also like to see the club going down the route of Partick and offer free season tickets for U16s. Just some initial thoughts. I'll think some more.
  10. Has Robbo done his Q and A yet?
  11. ^This.
  12. I'd encourage supporters to play the centenary club. I won it once and bought season tickets with the money. I still think the club could be doing more to increase revenues - St Johnstone's business model is worth investigating. I'd also encourage the directors to sit with supporters in the north stand for a few matches to get a feel for how poor the match day experience is. Reopen the 'west stand' next season as a standing area and offer reduced price season tickets. Better view and might improve the atmosphere at the ground. Offer a book of ten match tickets as well as season tickets. A number of fans travel to home matches. Sorry to be negative here OP.
  13. Heimir Guðjónsson.
  14. Spot on
  15. I feel sorry for him. He's settled in Inverness and his family are here. I wish him all the best for the future. Sad we had such a rotten season with him at the helm.