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  1. We're heading to crowds below 2000 next season. Between the awful football on show and the terrible stewarding you have to fear for the long term future.
  2. matchday thread

    You're completely obsessed with independence. Give it a break.
  3. Looking forward to the Champions League final banter. CC has my full backing. A real football guy who had us playing well when he was in charge. A match against Falkirk away seems to spring to mind. Things are not right and good on CC for speaking out. Legend.
  4. Matchday Thread

    CC was on Sportsound today just before 3pm. He gave it both barrels.
  5. A statement from the club either way would be welcome. At least we would have an idea of what the thinking is.
  6. Dundee sack Hartley, we get him in and send Dundee down. There's a thought...
  7. Have you made it to many away matches this season? I thought Motherwell yesterday was a cracking awayday. The stewards were great, the home fans good banter and the catering was decent too. The thought of going to Livingston next season instead of Easter Road and Tynecastle doesn't exactly fill me with excitement, but each to their own, I suppose. Part time football (probably) beckons and I can see us plummeting down the leagues.
  8. Absolute rubbish.
  9. All over. Finished. We're down. Good to go to Fir Park today though. I'll miss it next season.
  10. So a future of part time players at ICTFC?
  11. The NHS in Scotland is better than the NHS in England.
  12. Green dot for the first sentence.
  13. Sadly this is the case. Mid table mediocrity in the Championship (at best) beckons.
  14. Action should have been taken on the day this thread was started. Even if we'd got Donald Park back to work as Foran's assistant. Sadly it's too late now and I can't see any other outcome than relegation.