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  1. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Oops we just fed the troll!!!
  2. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Should go back to fish and chips. Do you County boys really eat much healthier? Plenty of kale probably🍕
  3. Inverness CT -V- Brechin City

    Gary Warren again! 2nil!!!
  4. Aaron Doran Out for the Season

    Good on ya Izzy. Positive, decent and not cynical. I'm with you.
  5. So, what's changed?

    Sometimes it just happens. I remember a coach saying that you watch your team sometimes and wonder where it all comes from. You see them next time and wonder where it all went! It's football.
  6. Inverness CT -V- Rangers

    Even better time to score!!
  7. Club Video : Match Highlights etc...

    Having problem getting live stream paypal went through but message saying from ictfc verification was taking longer than expected.
  8. Inverness CT -V- Rangers

    Great time to score!
  9. Club Video : Match Highlights etc...

    What Mr.Pimple said!!!
  10. Hearts -V- Inverness CT

    Well done lads.The fightback has begun!

    She calls herself elginloon now!
  12. Development League 2016/17

    Give them a chance they're under 16 ☺
  13. New Free ICTFC E-Mag

    Yes well done and thank you.