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    • #TogetherNess
      #TogetherNess - The Caley Jags say Thank You to the NHS and Key Workers

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    • Statement from ICT
      The club released the following statement this morning regarding the current status of the club and their thoughts on the recent voting controversy.
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    • Coronavirus - Season on hold
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    • Inverness CT 3-1 Queen of the South
      Caley Jags weather the storm: Inverness ran out comfortable winners as the game was played out in a mini storm. James Vincent opened the scoring on the half hour from a corner in a dull first half. A brighter second half saw James Keatings score a tremendous swerving free kick from 35 yards before Semple pulled one back for Queens in the middle of a storm. We'll put that one down to the weather. Miles Storey put the game to bed ten minutes from the end when David Carson slid a ball into the box for Storey to poke home off the post. The outcome was never really in doubt and just the tonic on a freezing night when the weather deteriorated as the game went on. Credit to both sets of players for getting through the game without hypothermia setting in.
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    • Inverness CT -V- QOS : Matchnight Thread
      Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South - The Matchnight Thread
      Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen

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  1. Yesterday
  2. You should have studied Gaelic at school....
  3. Thanks, I have just added a link to Fairburn Estate above.
  4. Bet the young team wished they wore them when they burnt down the famous hedge at Brechin or even armoured 1s when the Elgin OAPs give them a kicking lol
  5. Hard to believe I took this 20 years ago.
  6. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Well done Jack!
  7. Last week
  8. Been aboard that one a few times as it started in 1983 from Ardrossan to Brodick. After 10 years she moved to Kennacraig for Islay. First photo is Port Askaig in 94, the other one is Oban in January this year.
  9. C'mon how can we vote for guys like Harper whos made what 4 appearances mostly from the bench and McKay who's been on loan at Elgin most the season. I voted Rooney and McGregor
  10. Charlie was a great man, 'Hard as Nails' my thoughts are with Anne and family.
  11. And if they are as good and committed as Carson, that’s fine by me.
  12. What certainly isn't necessary is another dose if austerity. Time to renew the economy with investment in sustainable non carbon producing industry for which Scotland is well placed. I am now going to utter a phrase that surprises even myself but credit to Douglas Ross. In the one particular regard at least whatever his true motivation was. In every other regard he was a shite junior minister and an equally shite assistant referee who was never going to swap either his literal or his metaphorical flag for a whistle.
  13. Hey Smee. Thanks for asking. Its been a tough couple of years but I am still surviving 🙂 . Cancer was dealt with. Officially I was slightly over the stage 2 border into stage 3 so a PSA test is in my diary every 3 months for the foreseeable future but the ones so far have been more or less coming back as 'undetectable'. Most have been 0.0008 (=undetectable) but had a couple that were just up one notch, but no sustained increase or doubling so after 16 months that is a good sign. However, as you may know, during this time (almost 1 year ago now) I also lost my mother. She actually passed the day after Kenny Thomson, former ICT director and all-round good guy and her service was the day before his. Her loss was harder than dealing with the cancer, and still is some days. Mind you, in these days of Coronavirus, and with her having to endure 3 visits a week to the hospital for dialysis, it may have been a blessing that she went peacefully, at her own pace, and in her own place, when she had defied the medical odds for a long time than risk COVID-19 and a potentially horrible and undignified end in isolation in Raigmore. From all of this I have decided to take life a little differently now. I try not to let things bother me so much, and realised we have one life to live so we should make the most of it and do what we want, when we want, and not be ruled by the opinion of others (whilst staying within the laws of society of course). I think the world having to basically press a reset button the likes of which will be talked about in history books for eternity also feeds into this new mindset. I do miss football though .... on both sides of the pond.
  14. Any more Inverness players in the pipeline? e.g. Ross Tokely, Dennis Wyness, Grant Munro
  15. Would be very happy with either of these! (Slightly prefer Pumas home concept)
  16. I'm looking for the Clydebank v ICT programme from 28th March 1998 at Boghead. If anyone has it and wants to sell it can you send me a message.
  17. Earlier
  18. It was the first unmarked police car with in car speed detection and video camera which you can see in the top centre of the windscreen to be used on the A9 and when the locals got to recognize the registration number they would change it. At the time they had 10 different plates along with the road tax for each plate! I never had to sit in the back and watch a video
  19. Just wondering what ever happened to the Autographs Cards and why we don't have them any more. Got this for a fair bargain, and wondered if it would be worth redoing in the future.
  20. Highlights of Caledonian FC v Elgin from April 1990 available from 7pm tonight:
  21. From this weeks Courier, a very young IHE
  22. 🤧 I'll try my best!
  23. Thoroughly enjoyed programme again. Unintentionally watched the following programme about referees and their training/fitness regimes - very very interesting. At Alloa (I think) we were seated right at the centre line long before kick off and were front seat witnesses to Willie Collum and the assistant referees warming up. Willie was extremely fit, he could put lots professionals to shame, the two assistants were sweating profusely but not Willie. We were totally impressed, despite not being Willie Collum fans! He appreciated our comments, I think, before the game.
  24. Here is a before and after of the Kessock bridge from Clachnaharry.
  25. Best wishes to Scott. He was a big favourite of mine and although he did make a great contribution to the side it would have been even bigger without his injuries.
  26. I think it would be a bad move for Robbo if he moved away from ICT. Yes, he may get a better contract with more money but how long would it last?
  27. I disagree. Even as a 'Jaggie' I am happy that it celebrates the centenary of one of our two founding clubs especially as the Jags were founded in the same year. We are unique in world football in having now almost three hundred year of combined history. Let's continue to mark that fact.
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