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  2. Should change club colours to purple, which is colour you get by mixing red and blue. Then have a red and a blue stripe down the middle, plus on side of shorts, plus band on socks. 50/50 split of colours. End the merger 'hangover' once and for all?
  3. Confirmed or assumption?
  4. lizi

    Ken Thomson

    Lovely service today to remember Ken. Lots laughter and some tears too. A fitting tribute to a true gentleman.
  5. League I expect the money to rise to the top Utd/Partick hopefully we make the play off LC who cares play the youngsters Irn Bru Ditto SC no idea
  6. He did Caleyboy and Peter played football for the High school I'm sure you'll remember him.Great lad.
  7. Last week
  8. Not really worth trying to take on a town that is made up of a handful of OAPs and a couple horses...
  9. I can’t seem to get the renewal link to work?
  10. micaley68

    Social Club

    How so if you don't mind me asking? Unfriendly staff, natives unfriendly? Only asking because fans of other clubs regularly comment on the friendly atmosphere and the warm welcome they have received in the club.
  11. O,K, You are entitled to your opinion, but please remember that unless there shows the black you cannot see the contrasting white. And Scotty's site is for everyone and anyone, n'est ce pas? In that context, banning Mr. C Bannerman is ridiculous since all you need to do to reply to his posts if you disagree with them is to REPLY to them. Personally I've learnt a lot from Charlie since I may have been born and brought up in Inverness but , having lived away from the town now for donkey's years, I concentrate on learning as much as I can of the progress of Caley Thistle and not really the town so the more posters the merrier. And the more posters with differing viewpoints the better I like it. And the more different the personalities even better since it shows me up to some as the brilliant ,scintillating and titillating , numbscull that I am but I do walk away feeling much better emotionally having been allowed the privilege of posting my two bits worth even if it's corny as heck. Missed you Charlie oh Dude of the mighty vocabulary….somewhat wordy mind. Keep yer powder dry 'cos the Indians are after you Buddy.. Isn't that right Itchie?
  12. Courtesy of Brett33D - Will some fecker dig up that pot of gold pronto.
  13. Earlier
  14. Well, on a slightly more serious vein, here is one of the Reviews that we received for our novel And a couple of more facts about writing a novel:- 1. It's very hard work and it's all up to the Editor. The publishers will not help you with anything....unless you are related to Donald Trump or are some film star or celebrity who can have people write the book for them etc. and their name does the rest. On the assumption that you have never written or edited a book then you are in for a shock. My wife, Liliya Galitskaya, wrote the book but her written English is not as good as her native tongue , being Ukrainian/Russian. So, It took me 300 hours to edit the book and sometimes an argument would break out because she wanted a certain word or phrase left in when I knew it was not the right word ,etc. But I knew what she wanted to convey so I gave-in just for peace and waited for a week and then went back and changed it to the correct word or phrase. Worked a charm and she never noticed the change. 2.The selected format must be correct:- It must be written so that each new paragraph is elected by means of a "Hard-Return" (press " ENTER") which sets the format and spacing after every paragraph as the same for all. One miss and the whole thing is returned to you. Then it has to be proof-read and edited very carefully. All spelling must be correct and so on. Then you submit it to the publisher with instructions as to where the illustrations are to be inserted etc. Then you await receipt of the proof and you notice a whole bunch of mistakes which the publisher has made and back it goes ...e,g, Illustrations not inserted correctly (in our case one was fifty pages away from where it should have been inserted) and so on. All of which takes additional time to find, report and wait for the response and so forth. Would I ever edit a book again? Answer: No, not unless the job was a small one and/or the money was large and enticing. Or, perhaps , to help a disadvantaged person fulfil a life's dream...…! Cheers, Roderick (Aka Scarlet)
  15. Both OFW and ICT are now out of this mess. Best all round for both parties.
  16. Email said individuals could do it also, but that it needed to be a business or charity name that goes on the shorts.
  17. Haha I no nothing better than getting a nibble and a few red dots for pointing out the glaringly obvious!
  18. Betfred Cup Buses Peterhead 16/7 Caley Club 15.45, Stadium 16.00 Dundee 28/7 Caley Club 10.30, Stadium 10.45 Book through Facebook or on 07462218717 Fares £20 or under 16s £15
  19. Inverness Caledonian Thistle Supporters Trust in conjunction with the Angel Wings charity is hosting a fans party night at the Stadium on the evening of Saturday 29th June. Earlier in the day, the team kicks off the start of Inverness Caledonian Thistle's 26th season with a friendly away to our neighbours Clach at Grant St. , so what better way to celebrate the first fantastic 25 years years and to look forward to the next 25 than with a party! The party starts at 19.00 and ends at 23.45. Ticket price includes a buffet and disco. Players past and present will be there so this will be a great opportunity to share memories with friends old and new and to chat about hopes and expectations for the next 25 years. Ticket prices have been kept low at £15 to make this event as affordable as possible, so please book early to avoid disappointment! Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite at All of us on the Trust Board look forward to meeting you on the 29th.
  20. Agree the awpr has made this an easy attendance for me also up to Peterhead from Montrose. Pity forfar didn't win through the playoffs that would have been an excellent few away days.
  21. IBM


    That sounds like the voice of authority from an old sweetie rustler 😆
  22. Theres still time for them to reclaim the funding, they have previous on that score.
  23. Here are the draw results for 2017/18 season to see who receives Liam Polworth's signed shirt from this season just past. WINNER - SIGNED SHIRT : @finmack WINNER - SIGNED CARICATURE : @Badly_Drawn The names in the hat for each of the seasons are based on the members who joined the sponsorship group each year (see topic linked below). The draw itself is conducted using a random generator website ( We have used this same site to conduct all our draws over the years, and have also successfully conducted several test draws on the current data that completed without any issues. The draw is completely and utterly random and no-one on CTO or within ICT has any influence or control over the names that come up. This is important to note as there are people connected with the club and with CTO who have subscribed and are therefore eligible and who will not be excluded from the draw. If anyone has any concerns or questions about this process please feel free to PM me or mention it in the thread below. 2018-19: List of participants 2018-19 Draw Result on the randompicker website
  24. Cheers Gringo, here’s to next season!
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