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  2. Just voted in the European Parliamentary election. Very much looking forward to doing so again in five years time.
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  4. TBH its been my first season down and I enjoyed quite a number of games. Watched a few duff ones but overall there was generally an intention to attack even if the execution wasn't quite up to it in every game. The games against County were pretty barnstorming - particularly the Dingwall scrap around Christmas. -tive The atmosphere isn't magic but the difference in watching a game at Highland RFC, where everyone gets behind and is very positive towards the team, and some of the abuse hurled at home players at ICTFC, was a bit of an eye opener. Yes you pay money and theoretically you can then yell what you want, but offering pearls of wisdom such as "You're sh*te" isn't exactly helpful or funny. Seems like a few grumpy folk winding themselves up even further! Cant be good for the blood pressure. +tive Enjoyed a lot of the U18 games. Shame they didn't get more of a run about in 1st team, but if they stick together there's a core who I'm sure can do something good for Inverness. Don't want to keep harking on about HRFC but out of their team thats just gone to Div 1 18 out of the squad 23 have come through their youth system. Its the way to go.
  5. Great catching up after a day in Edinburgh where friends were saying to me that JR was going to read the statement from the club. Well done to all concerned and JR
  6. Says a lot for Robbo that he immediately reported it to the club. A manager with integrity.
  7. We were ultimately disappointed but, with a third place finish, play off semi final and Scottish Cup semi final all on a shoestring budget, I think that's very harsh.
  8. Pity the new Managers topic is closed!!!! Maybe we could have copied the Tinks OTB and gone for Co. Managers . Derek "Seethe" Adams and Jim Mcintyre are both available I believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣
  9. Na! Na! Kingsmills, She is an office boffin up country in a main office and I suppose she can wear a Shetland Cardigan or something like it when she goes to work. Besides ,she recently was awarded a citation for 25 years of "excellent service" and for also putting together a presentation with her staff which convinced the Canadian Courts to act on prosecutions without having to process tons of paper......something to do with placing all evidence into/onto an online frame... so I think that she has some pull.
  11. Excellent stuff, even if there was dirty underhanded tictacs from Dundee. Top man JR, very positive statement of intent.
  12. Well said and brilliant statement from the club. Hopefully this is the start of a new era of competent communication from the club. Brilliant that John wants to stay and immediately notified the club shows he is committed and he is a great fit at ictfc.
  13. Very pleased to see the club make such a clear and unambiguous statement so quickly. There is no doubt that communication, or lack of it, has been a serious issue for a long time but that seems to have improved greatly since the arrival of the new CEO. Whether or not that is a coincidence, it is a very welcome development and credit wherever it's deserved.
  14. Excellent news. I don't know if there has been a change behind the scenes, but that struck me as a really well-written statement. Covers all the ground, tells everyone what happened, gets properly behind Robbo and his staff, and looks to the future. All in a flowing, eloquent and non-pompous style. A seriously good piece of writing. Whoever wrote that, please take a bow!
  15. Locking this topic as it is a non event to be honest as confirmed on the other Managerial topic: Dundee approach for Robertson rejected
  16. Decent thread! I wish we could recreate the old Howden End atmosphere. Sometimes feel like Juggernaut where I am perhaps berating an official or opposition player and have an uneasy feeling I’m being stared at like a lunatic or being sized up to be sectioned....but I’ll carry on 😆🔴🔵
  17. Good spot Mantis. That was James' deliberate mistake just to see if anybody is reading his memories.😉
  18. Yes, or should that read 'non story'!
  19. And just maybe some posters will not be so quick to jump in and criticise the board in future as they were when this story broke.
  20. It sounds like Robbo, the new CEO, and the club all deserve credit where it is due. An unwanted approach, Robbo telling the club, the club then rejecting it when finally approached. just as it should be. I fall into the camp where I believe we should only reject an approach if the manager is on board with that decision. When he is not, then we have seen on several occasions before that its not worth it in the end and leads to animosity and strife. Thankfully Robbo has nailed his red and blue colours to the mast and it should put a smile on all our faces. We may not be rich, or pay the highest wages, but we do have a manager that is probably the best fit for our club since Pele and has proven he can work with meagre resources. After his past sojourn to Hearts, Robbo knows where his bread is buttered and lets face it, who would want to willingly move to Dundee in the first place !
  21. He is probably real but hopefully in a galaxy far far away.
  22. I would hope that the clubs recent press release would put your mind at ease
  23. I'm now even more convinced than ever that you are a troll or just post ridiculous statements to buck the trend and try and get a bite back. Even you can't believe what you've written above ................ surely?
  24. Indeed and given the criticism we've given them for past failures to address the fans and wider community they should be applauded especially by being so open and to the point. Hopefully this is a turning point with regards communication. I'd also hope they report Dundee for the unsolicited approach.
  25. Brilliant statement from the club. Well done to the club and, of course, to Robbo.
  26. Think that is a big Feck Off
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