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    You mean like Eshenpee shupporter Shur Shaun who lovesh hish country sho much that he ushed to shtay in Shpain? The problem with these expats getting a vote would have been that none of them is going to have to live with the consequences in the event of a yes. Also, far too many people who may have begun life as domiciled Scots but now live abroad float about on some misplaced, Braveheart-motivated cloud of pseudo-romance and look nostalgically on Scotland as some kind of Brigadoon theme park. As opposed to those who walk around with their heads up their arses? Question for Laurence, I've seen the White Paper "Scotland's Future" on sale on Ebay and Amazon for silly money considering it's free to every household in Scotland. How much would one be worth were it signed by the Scottish cabinet ministers? (I'm not selling, just curious) I won first prize in a raffle at a Yes Burn's supper and Charles will love this, I had the choice of the signed white paper or a gallon of Malt Whisky. Here's a picture of me being presented it by Miss Scotland
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    Does anyone actually read CB's posts any more?
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    David Raven - Tranmere Richie Foran - Darlington Ross Draper - Macclesfield Daniel Devine - Wrexham
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    I agree. Talk of the semi-finals at this stage is premature. Some have gone further suggesting the Final and even winning it! Nothing wrong with optimism, but we're only at the last 16 stage and I'd be happy with a 1-0 win against Stranraer. Then we can look forward to the game against Dundee United.
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    Stranraer will fancy their chances the more our supporters assume they will get through the replay. Rangers, Aberdeen and Dundee United are currently in a sound position.
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    ....think you'll find at least one heroic effort to get to the cup final on the "League Cup Final Roll Call" thread...
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    You could always get another girlfirend but not another first ever final
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    Fuxake, I forgot to post this from Bella. http://bellacaledonia.org.uk/2014/02/11/falling-over/
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    it was ICT !!! of those that left us to go to other clubs ..... Paterson @ ICT .... at Aberdeen Robertson @ ICT ... at Hearts Brewster (1) @ ICT ... at Dundee Utd Butcher @ ICT ... at Hibs
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    Having just read the HIBS thread on Rig's post, even I was depressed. Glory and stability in the past ....to this kind of depression and back-biting. It's fine having a short fuse as TB is reputed to have but showing it to the players is not the way to go for a new manager --he will lose them. A club that is down, with players who are also emotionally drained by defeat after defeat, needs encouragement and help. Now he has Malpas with him they had better work very hard together and use praise and encouragement from now on or this team will be a basket case before the end of the season. Hearts have had a torrid time of it but their spirit is still "tails-up" and they still have a bright future. What was it that was so great about TB here at ICT ? Was it the great help he got from his support staff. the potentially good players he brought in from England, or do :clapping:es he really have the right stuff. All I can opine is that the way he "arranged" his departure left me cold as ice and a man of real character would not only have acted differently but been much fairer to and honest with the Chairman of ICT. 'Nuff said. He made his bed and now he will have to lie on it. Poor Hibs! They picked the wrong man --Their loss is our gain. John Hughes has twice the personality and character.
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    This appears to be a choice of C2C at the O2 versus O2B at the CFC ?
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    I disagree with you, let's have some fun at his expense ya old fuddy duddy's He was part of us, and the opening poster was good enough to post it in the correct forum. Fair game as far as I'm concerned, this will run for some time.....................
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    • Back to the stripes this season
      ICTFC launch new kit & sponsor

      Club CEO Scot Gardiner said “I am delighted to conclude this prestigious partnership for the club and having worked closely with the team at PUMA in previous years, I know very well the reputation of this worldwide sportswear brand and the quality of their product.”

      “We have looked at the first 25 years of ICTFC kit and we believed that it was time to try and recapture an identity for our home kit in particular. The many people we discussed previous years designs with all seemed to be thinking along the same lines and I hope the fans are in agreement.”
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    • End of Season - Squad Update
      Caley Thistle released a statement today with squad news for the end of season. Some good news, but also some hard decisions taken.

      #ICTFC #CTO https://bit.ly/2MoK9Kc
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    • Five years on....
      People often refer to an extraordinary, yet fleeting occurrence as a JFK moment. When Inverness CT went in a bowl in Switzerland for the Europa League draw in June 2015, it was hardly a life changing event, but I will never forget where I was when the news filtered through
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    • #TogetherNess
      #TogetherNess - The Caley Jags say Thank You to the NHS and Key Workers

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    • Statement from ICT
      The club released the following statement this morning regarding the current status of the club and their thoughts on the recent voting controversy.
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