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    I suppose that at least the honour of winning the trophy continues to be shared around. This season it will either be won by a club who have not held the trophy for 114 years or one who have never won it at all in their short history.
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    'All kick-offs are 3.00pm unless stated ' should probably read 'Your match probably isn't at 3pm or even on a Saturday unless it says so and it serves you right for not being a corporate sponsor or TV company you unwelcome non-OF supporting little oik - signed, Neil Doncaster'
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    I'm not so sure that Hibs are not currently in the Premiership because of past financial mismanagement which in their case was about 25 years ago - long before even Caley Thistle's financial near-death experience. I would be more inclined to say that Hibs are not in the Premiership for the altogether more conventional reason of having been downright rank on the park!
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    More to the point, it was the striker's first goal ever, at his 4th professional club!
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    On Friday night, Toby Agdestein finally scored his first goal for Haugesund! http://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=56447
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    Keep on playing, keep on attracting supporters (though I fear the return of the union jack mob will bring even more of the Invernessian Loyal back out of the shadows), hopefully be able to field more local youngsters, win the odd cup, stay as much as possible in Spiffle 1 and get as high up as possible. Can't really hope for more. But there will be good days and bad days and its the former we live by.
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    Thanks for putting up the footage Manfer. You're a brick. I have viewed these highlights and ICT could have scored a few more if lady luck had been in attendance. But then, again, a miss is as good as a mile, isn't it? Bad luck in not scoring is matched only by the fact that you do have to accept the bad with the good and, frankly, just get on with it. It is, and ever will continue to be, quite impossible for every new year's team to meet all our expectations and we will just have to face the fact that sometimes our team will merely engender our expectorations. Last remark by approval of IHE. I do feel that the somewhat beleaguered Bughtie is merely trying to dwell on the positive aspect of support, as he has done consistently from the very inception of his membership, rather than the brutally frank, but often seen to be negative, criticisms of the team. He conveys the impression that he firmly understands that attempting to emphasize the positive is preferable to the negative since it is more inspiring, uplifting and motivational to everyone around the club , especially when times are tough as they are now. I agree with that philosophy because who wants to be around moaners all the time and we can't get out of the doldrums by putting people to the sword for every slip-up, be it players, managers or Board members all of whom must, anyway, by now be keenly aware that their livelihoods are at stake one way or another. When we hark on about simulation I have to smile as I dwell on an action which is once again negative when we could just as easily place a letter "t" after the letter S and start a thread on how we can uplift and motivate . I am very far from suggesting the restriction of anything anyone wants to opine about ICT except that I simply prefer the tempered route at this juncture because I sincerely feel that it will bear more fruit in both the short and long run. As one of my more poorly-motivated ex employees once intoned directly to me when I fired him for ignoring my specific instructions on how to do a job ,and nearly lost my company an important contract as a result,.."You will get more with honey than with vinegar, S.P."
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    Another personal attack from you Kingsmills---not unexpected. Is it right that you as a Moderator of this forum should be allowed to do such things? As a so called supporter of ICT do you honestly think it is right that an ex employee of ICT, namely Barry Wilson should be discouraging people from going to football matches by giving damning reports when he attends our games as he does, when the Club is doing it's utmost to attract people into the Stadium? In case you haven't noticed, Kingsmills, our Club has had a very difficult season to date and we are now fighting to survive in the Premier league, Every point at the moment is precious to us and if you don't actually witness dynamic football from the Team every game is that so surprising ? You have had a downer on John Hughes since you heard he was going to manage ICT, occasionally you try to disguise that fact in your postings when the Team is having it's better moments by giving reluctant credit to the man. I wonder if that is to try to keep yourself in a good light just in case he proves you wrong again. Before you sit down and formulate another acid reply to me just remember that Some people will support this Team through the bad times as well as the good and not keep slagging of it's current employees and systems. Bye the way you are not making valued comments and giving good criticism for the benefit of the Club-----On the contrary negativity never does this, perhaps when you mature you will understand.
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    Calls himself, or herself, the professor. Aye, the professor of bilious xenophobic claptrap. Not one statement spouted above has any truth in it
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    Its unlikely, given that Yogi has a 2 years left on his contract, he hasn't had an awful season for the board to want to sack him and even if they did can we afford the compensation. That means he has to walk away and given the lack of other jobs out there he would be a fool to walk out of a regular job for 2 years, so unlikely as is another club coming in for him. The end of this season is a little flat, probably because we are mid table with nothing to really fight for, we are bottom 6 which isn't where we hoped to be, but fortunately far enough ahead that relegation is almost improbable. I think we all looked at the cup draw when we saw that if we beat hibs at home in the replay we could face a struggling DUtd side, that failed to materialise and I think for many we look at the high of last year and see this as a huge chance lost to get back to Hampden and given the semi opponents probably consecutive finals. Had the results been different I think the mood all round would be much more positive.
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    That was just the pits. We've scored just twice from open play in our last five home league games and it's easy to see why. A draw is a decent enough result on paper, but our lack of ambition was really depressing. Storey had to exhaust himself chasing shadows and lost causes for 70 minutes; on the rare occasions he got the ball, he would look up and see no teammates within 30 yards of him. This was very much a night for playing someone like Roberts close to him because Hearts pushed high up the pitch and made it difficult to pass out from the back; in his absence we used Vincent in that role in the second half and he contributed nothing. As for Williams up front at the end...what was the point of that? It's becoming harder and harder to understand what Yogi's plan is. With so many deep lying midfielders in our team it was scary how often Jamie Walker found space in between the lines in the second half. Our midfielders looked knackered despite doing relatively little running - is a lack of fitness the reason why we've conceded so many late goals this season? Here, we escaped that fate because of a very good Fon Williams save. Meekings is not a right-back. He was caught out of position multiple times down that flank. I just want this season to end and to forget about it.
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    Finally, as well as Europe - Scotland has the 4th best football attendances in the world! A completely different study by an American based company, conducted a survey of all the world's leagues, and the top European nations come out top. Again, it's Faroe Island's top, followed by Iceland, Cyprus and Scotland. But, make-of-it-what-you-will...however, there is a consistency towards Scotland having remarkably good attendance stats - relatively!
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