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    .....to everyone who came along to the MacMillan Cancer event at the stadium this afternoon and helped raise a fantastic £320.29 👍
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    They are exit only secret escape tunnels to let the team out after the qos match.....
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    We are having a bucket collection at stadium tomorrow so bring plenty change. We are also selling raffle tickets in the bar for a chance to win a seat at Carl Tremarcos table on Sponsors Night on 17th October. As well as the chance to meet the players.
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    Queen to visit Inverness No, not Elizabeth, nor Freddie Mercury, but Queen of the South are the visitors on Saturday to our new look stadium with the old portacabin gone and a shiny new shop installed within the walls. No tears were shed as the old temporary shop come ticket office was forcibly removed from the premises, many years after being installed. In it's place we now have a brand spanking new ticket office shop front to greet the fans as they approach the stadium. That's the good news. Unfortunately we still have the same old problems on the park with Robbo getting torn into his struggling side as we languish perilously close to the foot of the table. Another tough game ahead as we try to battle our way out of the slump. Gary Naysmith has a decent squad at his disposal. Notably former Inverness player John Rankin who captains the side. They also have something that we need, proven goal scorers like Stephen Dobbie, Derek Lyle and the latest addition of James McFadden the former Scotland international and scorer of that goal against France. Last time out we suffered another defeat with a second half slump away to Dumbarton. Connor Bell had given us an early lead but the Sons hit back with two second half goals to deservedly take all three points. That performance prompted Robbo to berate his half hearted performers in a frank interview after the game. Some like it out in the open, many fans would rather this was done behind closed doors. Whichever way you like it, the message was quite clear. Get your finger out or things will get worse. Queens went down for the second successive game, losing 3-1 at Paisley having lost out to Morton in their previous game. They sit only two places above Inverness in sixth place, but are six points better off than us with ten points. Three defeats in a row for Inverness and we find ourselves looking over our shoulders with only Falkirk and Brechin City below us. That's the statistic that hastened the departure of Peter Houston from Falkirk. I don't expect they will be at the bottom end for too long, so it's up to us to put a run of results together to climb the table. Not easy with visits to Falkirk and Dundee United coming up in the next two games. Gary Warren sits this one out after his sending off last week, the result of two yellow cards. It looks likely that we will be along similar lines to the one that played at Dumbarton. That's not going to help our shambolic defence. Owain Fon Williams played in goal last week and if he is not injured then he should start again. Difficult to predict who the back four will be as we have a different one every week and so far nothing has worked. David Raven missed out against the Sons with a virus allegedly. Midfield seems to be our most settled area but up front is a major concern with only Connor Bell getting pass marks although he appears to run out of steam around the hour mark. We still have long term injuries for Aaron Dorran, Zak Elbouzedi and Collin Seedorf. Gary Naysmith could be without winger Dan Carmichael who is reported to be struggling for fitness. Otherwise they will be pretty much unchanged from this side that went to Paisley last week. Martin (GK), Fordyce, Brownlie (Tapping 63), Kerr, Marshall, Rooney, Rankin Jacobs, Dykes (Kane 63), Dobbie, Lyle (McFadden 73) tm4tj prediction:- Defeat will be a disastrous result as we can not afford to lose more ground on the teams above us. With the bottom pair within two points of us, defeat could plant us firmly at the foot of the table, a position that on the evidence so far would be richly deserved. To be honest, I fear another difficult day and a draw would be a good result, but I'm not sure we are capable of that at the moment. With Queens fans elsewhere on social media bemoaning their comedy defending, this could be a classic encounter of two error strewn sides. Keeper Alan Martin coming in for plenty of criticism with young Jack Leighfield being touted as a suitable replacement for the butterfingered goalie. It all sounds rather familiar I have to say. Here's hoping we can eliminate the schoolboy defending or it will be a case of jumpers for goal posts and three corners a penalty for some.
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    Harping back to the football old days means nothing nowadays. The game was played at a snail's pace when George Best was at the height of his peak with Man United. Would these players drinking and smoking make it to the top level of today's game? I doubt it.
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    St Johnstone fans might be surprised by the view that Coyle's managerial success was confined to Burnley in much the same way as Motherwell supporters might be somewhat taken aback by the suggestion that Butcher only enjoyed success with us.
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    Good effort and a very good cause. Well done to all concerned.
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    That's just the way it ended up after the Sports Bar was added and turnstiles had to be added/moved/removed etc.
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    Not a fan of Roy McGregor but at least he makes decisions quickly and leads from the front, something sadly lacking from our board in recent seasons.
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    Let's regularly fill the other three first, before worrying about that, eh.
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    Maybe so but the main thing is that it has been done now. We had, for many years, a Premiership team but have never had anything approaching a Premiership infrastructure. Good to see a bit of progress off the pitch. A lot more to be done but this represents a good start.
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    Good stuff, well done to the club. I reckon we should put gold statues of our entire cup winning squad in the place where the portacabin was. If we can't afford that, just one of Eddie Ofere will do.
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    ICT Supporters Travel Club Bus Leaving Caley Club 9.45 Stadium 10.00 To book Phone or Text : 07462 218717 Or book through ICT Travel Club Facebook page Adults £20 return Concessions age 12 and under , 65 and over and disabled . £10 return
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    You could take the supporters bus.
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    The sad thing is that the young crew bring a lot of much needed enthusiasm and atmosphere to the crowd when they behave within the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. When they do that, they have great fun, the rest of the fans enjoy the atmosphere they create and the guys on the park appreciate the support. But there will always be a small minority who either have no idea where the boundaries are or a simply hell bent on causing trouble for some reason or other. When they do that, there are others who either follow like sheep or join in because they aren't mature enough to resit the peer pressure. The more sensible lads then stay away because they don't want to get sucked into any trouble. Get rid of the tiny number of ring leaders, the sensible ones will return. Keep the behaviour within the boundaries and everyone's a winner. But just to get a bit of balance here, it is not just the young lads whose behaviour is not always within the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. Some of the abuse shouted at players, officials and opposition fans by much older fans would get them evicted if they behaved like that in their care homes. It is not a good example. When some of our more senior fans behave in such a disrespectful way and escape any kind of censure, is it any wonder that the youngsters choose to break through the boundaries too?
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    Great tweets from some very happy players honouring the away support tonight. well done to all.
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    Personally I think it would be more correct to say we won our first silverware despite the fact that Hughes was in charge. I'll explain that in more detail when I have more time to collate the facts which support my view.
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    Good to see the West Stand looking majestic as usual.
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    Surely you and the club aren't denying a charity the opportunity to collect funds by allowing a group to rattle buckets to subsidise their own past-time instead? If that's the case, then shame on you guys for asking and shame on the club for allowing it.
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