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    When's firefighters day? When's doctors and nurses day? When's police day?
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    I just raked through the wife’s drawers and all I found was cobwebs
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    It's a fair point, but our armed forces can potentially be away from home for Months at a time being shot at, so I don't begrudge them this day at all. Military personnel have to deal with stuff the rest of us could (fortunately) barely contemplate.. My other half is a nurse, so please don't thing I don't appreciate what they have to deal with either..!
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    I wouldn't. We need to get points on the board to get away from the relegation zone.
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    I am going for an away win tomorrow 3 points!
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    Seriously folk having a go at the club for honouring our service personnel. Well done ICTFC top marks long overdue.
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    Are we attempting to become Sevco of the north? Why? Dougal
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    All of which they do through choice. Being away from home for months and being in harms way isn't unique to the military either. What are we going to have next? Jingoistic tunes and the pre-match blasting of canons followed by 'heroes' abseiling down the North Stand...?
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    I'm a little uneasy about the title of this thread - calling for a club employee to be sacked from his job having had little or no time to prove himself. There is little doubt that Robertson knows the game and it is simply unfair to conclude, at this early stage, that he is not suitable for the job. To make it worse, those calling for his head are ill-qualified to make such a career-changing decision. I'm reminded of how he successfully plotted the downfall of a high-flying Celtic team who had just beaten Liverpool in a European competition, arguably a greater feat than that achieved by his predecessor over a Celtic team in disarray. You don't just lose that tactical ability! As Scarlet said, "Sit tight". And enjoy the ride!
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    Beats Tony Macaroni..or Global Energy for that matter.
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    Moderators will make these decisions. Please follow the correct procedure if you wish to report anything. Back seat moderating is not permitted.
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    It's not only rangers who reward our armed forces aberdeen county hearts hibs all provide free tickets to forces personnel through a ticket website called tickets for troops so this rubbish about becoming rangers is nonsense. Have those who are moaning ever served in the forces or emergency services if not pipe down.
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    Displays like this only point to the complete lack of discipline at the club.
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    Stadium McStadium Face incoming imo
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    Cool. Good to hear.
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    I believe some sort of tie-in with the North Coast 500 is in the pipeline.
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    Capital (as in Highland Capital) or Longman Stadium for me. Or sponsored name - 'North Coast 500 Stadium'. Make it a 'stop off' as part of that route and sell appropriate merchandise. If naming the stadium that is not popular get on board the major 'cash cow' as it will remain that for the foreseeable future. Any of the above three are appropriate and relevant to the location.
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    Good post I agree, take last night for instance a mod basically posted on every thread i started at the same time in a failed attempt to get me to bite but also to stir things up :annoyed: I would also like to know which mod (extra space here) damaged my reputation by -20 in one swoop?? As far as i know i have broken NO rules and i most certainly have had no warnings or tickings off. Anyway back on topic; I actually fully agree on-line shopping is the way forward so i applaud the club for getting this operation up and going. It will be important however that the merchandise must be off good quality with a good selection of items. dougal Have a Red Dot for bad spelling & punctuation! Also, you dont have to type your name at the bottom of every post - It says at the side who posted......
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    It was quite interesting to deabte this one the first four or five... or even six!... times it popped up on this forum. But it's now got quite tedious and I'm not even going to dignify the question with a vote on the poll. But let's look at it this way. After the Howden End and a lot further afield was trawled again and again and again for Caley "anti" sentiment for the 1st December 1993 Rose Street vote, 226 people voted against the merger. This is the biggest anti merger vote that there ever was. We also know that a great number of that 226 subsequently became regular attenders. But let's be conservative and say that half the "NO" voters didn't attend matches. That's 113 and if you make a very generous addition of 87 from the much smaller Thistle support, that get's you to what I suspect is a vastly over generous 200 refuseniks compared with the 1500 or so fans which was the average gate in the early days. 17 years on, a significant proportion of that generous 200 are either dead or have left the area. There MAY be 100 left which out of a core home support of about 3000 is a VERY small price to pay for the formation of a club which represents the whole of Inverness. Had Caley gone alone, I don't think the support would have been anything like as large and the financial backing from the Council and the community and business certainly wouldn't have been.
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    Are people actually having a go at the club trying new things to get extra people along ? I think it's a good idea actually. Although I'd probably just restrict it to Army 😉
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    I don't see why the military should get a day all of their own and others don't. What about health professionals, fire fighters, police officers, coast guards and aid workers? If the club are going to have money off days for different services then fair enough, but I certainly hope the club aren't intending to go down the militaristic, jingoistic, Rangers-style Forces Day of flyovers, tanks lined up in the car park and all the rest of it.
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