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    Didn't realise Scotch Broth had been regionalised!!
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    Just read some background to Owain's 4 years on ICT's books and his absolutely positive comments on that stay. Tonight he has an art exhibition on recent Scottish life. From a personal point of view can I just say thank you to Owain for his time at the club. He is an absolutely decent guy who gave everything to the cause and I for one salute him. Here is wishing him all the best for the future.
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    First souper post from Kingsmills 😎
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    Bluddy predictive text 😁
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    It would have been a simple, traditional Feck Aff
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    Impressive number of metaphors in such a brief post.
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    It's the third least important tournament, use it to blood youngsters, no one remembers who won the thing and no European place up for grabs. Concentrate on promotion.. As for confidence building, I seem to remember we got some decent results in this competition in the group stages before Hearts hammered us and we got relegated the same season. We have a small squad, the fewer unnecessary games for first team players the better IMHO. If you want to take this nothing competition seriously that's your prerogative but I certainly would not lose any sleep over going out in the group stages if we gave four or five youngsters a run in these matches.
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    There will be a number added and the special anniversary game need not necessarily be pre season. The fact that we are beginning to publish them already is further well one evidence of improved communication and PR.
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    it's great that for once we've actually announced our fixtures rather than finding out about them through the other clubs. credit where it's due for this one, great communication, it's what we've been wanting over the years.
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