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    It was a glorious afternoon and the best moment of the season. When you're stuck in this league there are few better things you can do than win the Challenge Cup.
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    Even by recent standards tonight's match against Russia takes some beating, could have been four or five, our defence and midfield were at sixes and sevens couldn't keep the ball and just what is the point of Charlie passback Mulgrew? can't pass the ball ten yards forward on the ground when a man is open and is out jumped by the opposition centre. Even Andy Robertson looked like a first division player tonight. Felt sorry for McBurnie up top as he had zero service, Christie showed some nice touches when he came on. The commentators of course described Russia as world class which they are not though we probably made them look better than they actually are. We haven't quite hit rock bottom yet but I feel sure that will come with time at which point the bankrupt SFA might finally decide we need an overhaul of how we play the game at all levels in this footballing back water. The winners tonight were the 20+ thousand who sensibly decided not to shell out for a ticket to watch that dross. I was at our last appearance in the WC finals in France and we thought the team was murder then as did the fans of the teams we played, the current squad have achieved a new level of hopeless. Maybe "project brave" will save our "national game"
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    I just couldn't see how fans been able to hold there own against rampant drunken weegies but who nos cometh the hour cometh the man might be the making of some of our fans a good swedge against the hated weedgie! Why not put the hard men who burnt the hedge at Brechin in there as a kinda shock force to back up the ageing stewards good idea?
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    Thanks to everyone who contributed towards the incredible £2600+ raised in my brother's name for CHSS. The page is still open for a few days if anyone else wishes to donate.
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    If that’s last week’s game, Gringo’s post says the results will be up by 2230 next Saturday.
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    Better and better. These guys have done their research and know their teams and stuff. Entertaining, interpretive and excellent so far. There you go from sunny and beautiful Vancouver. I bet these guys went with Charlie to the Academy....smile.
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    Got into the Wyness Shuffle but only sound! Is that right. Not happy.
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    If its just a basic format for Wafer Cup match HT: 2 - 0 FT: 4 - 1 If its a normal format HT: 2 - 0 FT: 4 - 1  1st ICT: White 1st Opp: McHugh Crowd: 1285
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    You could stand there Alan without a yellow jacket and that should do
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    Really!! just shows what a forgettable competition it is. Seems I set off some righteous indignation.
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    • Inverness CT 2-1 Rangers u21 - C/Cup - Report
      Inverness progress to the final of the Chocolate Biscuit Cup despite Storm Dennis and referee Greg Aitken doing their best to ensure that the team from the Highlands would not line up in the final against Raith Rovers at the end of March.
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    • Inverness CT - Rangers u21 - C/Cup -Preview
      Hold your horses, we play Rangers Colts in the Chocolate Biscuit Cup semi-final this Sunday at the Caledonian Stadium, Inverness. I bet you all forgot about this competition. Kick off for this one is 16:10 with the P&J Lounge within the stadium being open for a day of televised football, the drinks starting to flow at 12 midday. Ross County are the current holders of the Challenge Cup having beaten Connagh's Quay 3-1 in the final last season. 
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    • Inverness CT 1-0 Livingston - ScCup -Report
      An even first half where both sides had efforts cleared from the goalmouth produced no goals with defences on top. The wind was causing as much havoc as the officials. Sean Welsh fired just wide at the start of the second half, but he made no mistake with a free kick on the hour to open the scoring. Plenty of huff and puff thereafter, but no further scoring and it's the Caley Jags that go into tomorrows draw for the next round.
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    • Inverness CT -V- Livingston - ScCup - Preview
      It could be billed as an explosive cup tie as auld mates Livingston provide the opposition on Saturday as we meet in the 5th round of the Scottish Cup. BOOM BOOM! (Apparently the road opened with a bang after the device was detonated)

      Here's something to ponder over. On the day of this tie, 20 years ago to the day, Inverness Caledonian Thistle emerged from the ashes and this phrase was begat.
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    • Inverness CT -V- Livingston
      Inverness CT -V- Livingston ~ The Matchday Thread
      Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
      Can 'SuperCaleyGoBallistic...." 20 years to the day after our second best Scottish Cup result.
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