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  1. Nick doesn't want a contract with ICT and has told his agent to try and find him a club abroad .
  2. And here lies the answer to why our attendances have always been so poor . Glory hunting fans at ICT , whatever next ?
  3. I believe there are at least 5 millionaires on the County board .
  4. County are so far ahead of us in every department .
  5. Been quoted saying he won't walk away , they'll have to sack him and there's no chance of that happening so we're stuck with him I'm afraid .
  6. I was against the appointment of Robertson from the start as IMHO he's been out of management for too long . By the looks of things he'll be taking us down another division this season !
  7. What experience does Danny Macdonald have of running a club ?
  8. I see we have the Buckie captain Kevin Fraser in to have a look at this week, anyone seen him play ? I know the Buckie fans speak very highly of him.
  9. Played 38 conceded 71 so less than 2 a game .
  10. This comes as no surprise to me , the only time we seem to hear from the club is when they're after our money .
  11. From the BBC "This 'short-term' arrangement has lasted almost six years and, due to financial restrictions, I also found myself taking on the role of chief executive as the funds were not available to fill the post.
  12. As far as I was aware KC was the general manager because we didn't have the funds to employ one , what's changed ?
  13. I'd like to know where we suddenly got the money from to appoint a new general manager .
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