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  2. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    It's in Merkinch. My favourite part of the Sneck. I'm meeting caleyboy and Susan there on Saturday for a game of doms. I will leave my car at home so it doesn't risk getting chewed.
  3. St Mirren match

    With tonight's game off, Saturday's match is in our sights. I think I read that Brad McKay is suspended. Warren back in for him. Mulraney back to starting slot. Doran on the bench to continue easing him back in. Lot of rain forecast over next few days. 50p in the meter for the undersoil heating then
  4. Scottish Cup 4th Round Draw

    There is a stage when an encounter ceases to be a sporting contest and hence also loses sporting integrity and I think that territory has been well and truly reached here. The Scottish Cup is a serious competition and not a fabricated excuse to make money by extending the luck of the draw principle well beyond where it is already. For instance you need to qualify for the Olympics, Scottish rugby's cup competitions are restricted by leagues and the Camanachd Cup is open only to the leading clubs, so why make football any different? Extending the number of potential rounds for the bigger clubs from five to eight would only add unneeded games for some which could produce the most outrageous mismatches, orremove some of the bigger names by September with the likes of a first round Edinburgh Derby. A 23-0 thrashing by a bunch of 15 year olds in green and white hoops would do absolutely nothing for anyone, especially since Celtic Park would be empty. The most notable outcome of "Fort William v Celtic" would most likely be the breaking of Inverness Thistle's 1979 record of 29 postponements v Falkirk.
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  6. Team for Brechin City game

    Looking forward to this game with a little fear. Worried the players might become complacent. A wet night would have been risky. Might be better on a better pitch.
  7. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    Its all about risk and reward really. Whilst I agree with those who say that we should use local suppliers - and we do have more than one or two who make pretty good fare - the club have opted to go down the zero risk route. For the concessions, they take a fee from the company who do the catering (badly in many cases) and they have zero risk. If the pie sellers are left with overstock or unsold pies, or a tray of them get so burnt they cant even attempt to sell them, there is no loss for the club. On the flip side, if that company make huge profits each week there is no extra profit for the club. If we were to do it ourselves we would have to employ people to do it, there would (quite rightly) be all sorts of H&S and hygiene training and regulations to adhere to and other hidden costs associated with basically running the equivalent of a 'cafe' 17 times a year. We operate on a shoestring budget already and this is one area where the club have probably got it right ... even if the caterers have not. When it next goes out to tender, would love to see us go for the best option rather than the cheapest one .... even if it means we don't take the highest bid. Having an organised eatery with decent food which keeps the club's customers happy is IMHO more important than a few extra quid a week. For the hospitality side its much the same I think. The club do have functions, conferences etc at the stadium and I assume food is supplied to these for lunches etc but unless they reach the critical mass where it makes sense to do all that in-house and do the matchday stuff in-house too then having a good external company providing decent food makes most budgetary sense. I have had hospitality a few times albeit not recently, and while I can certainly complain about the pies in the concourse, the hospitality was always decent or better.
  8. Game 17 - Brechin City (H) 21 Nov

    HT 2-0 FT 3-1 Bell Layne 1569

    Here is week 12 update ICT H2H Highest Scorer 77 Fastbuck Lowest Scorer 43 Internationale Sneck Highest Score Game 135 Calthis 60-75 Scottish Highlanders League 1 Craig's Duffers 30 (650) 2 Fastbuck 24 (664) 3 Cold bored communist 24 (584) 4 Oman Biyik's Badboys 23 (724) 5 Los Lobos 21 (621) 16 Komatsu Kick 12 (601) 17 Real Stoke 12 (596) 18 Icy Tea FC 12 (585) 19 Steaming In 9 (540) 20 Newton Heath 7 (553) ICT Classic Highest Scorer 77 Fastbuck Lowest Scorer 40 Jonahict League 1 Oman Biyik's Badboys 724 2 ictpaisley 667 3 The Jaggies 665 4 Fastbuck 664 5 Bergli Baggies 660 24 Internationale Sneck 564 25 Newton Heath 553 26 Lets Try Again 547 27 Steaming In 540 28 Jonahict 512
  10. Board statement 14/08/17

    I know that we have long been naive in transfer dealings but surely we would not have been so daft as to let Hughes anywhere near the detailed terms of the transfer.
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  12. NICK ROSS Trialist

    Heard over the weekend that he is currently on trial at Czech side FC Slovako.
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  14. Word Association

  15. Big Man / Wee man versus Wee Man / Wee Man

    I merely mentioned he was now living down 'The Ferry'. Why would you assume I was being a snob or being anti Merkinch? It was topical regarding that area because he has been invisible since scoring in that game against Clach. No issues from me with that part of Inverness. I have many happy memories as a kid eating a chippy at the old ferry terminal at South Kessock. Peace brother!!
  16. Scottish Cup

    Have we ever played a Highland League side (home or away) in a competitive fixture (obviously discounting the Inverness Cup etc.)? I can't think of any, certainly not in years anyway.
  17. Ex ICT Players Score

    18 Nov 2017 Rory McAllister (2) for Peterhead And in Highland league............ Martin Laing (Inverurie) Michael Finnis (Clach) Dale Gillespie (Rothes) Jaimie Wilson (Rothes)
  18. Italy

    Kingsmills Re your above post, made yesterday at 9.18 a.m. ..referring to the bookseller ...yes it takes all kind to make a world. Open competition for all, and that's the way it should be.
  19. Scottish Youth Cup ICTFC v Hibernian : 26/11/17

    Great looking team of boys. Fit, sturdy, and full of confidence. It also looks as if they are enjoying their games and being a player for Caley Thistle. I wish I could go and cheer them on. Top of the Pops here , mun. Top of the IHE pops. Aye
  20. Game 18 - St Mirren (H) 25 Nov

    Ht 0-0 Ft 2-0 ICT BELL ST M NONE CROWD 3188
  21. 7 Clean Sheet Record : £7 Shirt Discount

    Just saw Danny Williams going in to buy a discounted top ?
  22. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Heard there are good numbers already signed up for QotS away which is good news :)
  23. ICTFC Gain SFA Progressive Performance Award

    No but they train here!
  24. Let's go out of Sneck

    Where is this?
  25. Who next for Scotland?

    It's looking very much like it'll be Michael O'Neill then...can't say I'm unhappy about that
  26. Michael O`Neill

    What about Martin O`Neill instead of Michael O`Neill or is there any Hamish O`Neill`s out there!
  27. Ex-ICT players' news

    I have just noticed that another man of many clubs, Ibra Sekajja, has now turned up at Bognor Regis town in the National League South. He has scored in 3 of his 4 outings for them.
  28. Jake Mulraney

    He's been on a fantastic run of form ever since the second half of the Falkirk game a few weeks back. It's almost like he has realised he could absolutely cigar this league if he wants and now he's suddenly decided to be the new Jonny Hayes. More of the same please Jake
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