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    Yes I believe so, apparently it's because the pitch can't be spiked to drain water like before because obviously there's pipes under it now for the USH.
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    unfortunately undersoil heating will not assist with heavy rain.
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    Make that three - Larnell Cole for Tranmere at Macclesfield!
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    Ok this may be a girlie thing but I admit to being intrigued
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    You are right bughtmaster but chicken was a treat that you didn't get often, my grandfather was good at catching them and a quick twist of the neck you had the makings of a good dinner
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    But the chickens were much tastier then.
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    Aye... never,ever feckin worked, don't know what the fuss was about.
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    Just an opinion you know As far as I am concerned and I don't care if I am in a minority of one Having a world cup without Italy is like having Christmas with no tree
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