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    Okay, first half was great, second half, not so much and the officials had a shocker HOWEVER why has no one mentioned the best thing about the second half?? The Partick keeper falling over the advertising boards! Really, you’ve got to take what you can from that second half and that was mine.
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    Eh? We feckin collapsed totally in the second half, the players looked like the game was won. I wonder what Robbos half time 'PEP talk was like? It was a shambles of a performance... just as well Ridgers had a brilliant pen save. I can't understand why we can play so well, score 3 goals, then come out and look like a bunch of Sunday football strangers... annoyed me no end.
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    Official match report and some good photos. http://www.ictfc.com/index.php/news/club-news/2299-match-report-and-photos-ictfc-3-2-partick-thistle
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    Directly brought about the first two goals. Hopefully he can be signed on a new contract before Jan.
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    Far more positives than negatives from that performance. We were efficient and clinical in the first half taking our chances when they came and generally out playing Patrick. When they did get a chance from the penalty spot, it was well saved by Ridgers who seems a completely different player from the one that Robbo had no option but to drop a quarter of the way into last season and who appeared transformed on his return weeks later. So fortuitous in so many ways that OFW picked up his injury when he did. It was inevitable that Patrick were going to come back at us in the second half, they didn't suffer the same sort of cull that we did last year and are still packed with Premiership players. Perhaps we could have defended less deep, perhaps we could have conceded less possession and remained a bit more positive but the fact is, while we always looked like conceding a goal or two we never at any stage, were in danger of surrendering the lead and that against one of the better sides in the division. A special word for the often unfairly maligned, Liam Polworth, worked tirelessly and was man of the match, in my view. I really hope he is fit for the drop to Dingwall next week. Can't fail to mention the officials, they were utterly incompetent again. If it's this bad in the Championship just how bad is it further down the chain. I recall referees in the Highland League being a great deal better than this lot. We really need to look seriously at the way we train and assess our officials.
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    A chance perhaps for some of our very promising youngsters if all three don't make it. The We Are Top of the League and You're No derby. There is no doubt that County are better resourced than us, they have a far bigger budget and a team of, on paper at least, Premiership players on Premiership wages. What we have is the confidence of much better recent form over the past six or seven months and an increasingly bonded team spirit. We need to capitalise on that añd take the initiative from the first whistle and keep the tempo high giving them no time to settle. The two thousand or so ICT fans who will be there outsigning the Jail End have a big part to play too.
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    I have no qualms about the penalty. A needless 'tackle' on a player going wide. Considering our player is stood inside the box then penalty it is. Marginal decision, I thought it looked clearer in real time.
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    To me it was, at worst, on the line... But looks far more likely it was just outside. Terrible decision, luckily it didn't come back to haunt us
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    Not getting carried away about anything but after the last two seasons what a great feeling it is to be top of the league!
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    What kinda **** is this. We've just won. Still unbeaten in league in god knows how low long and overtaken league leaders to go top ahead of derby match against previous league leaders. Try and enjoy it bigman
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    MrCaleyjag would now like Sean Welsh as his 1st ICT scorer and I'll have Spittal for Partick thanks
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    A stalwart not just of Caley but of Highland football in general as well as being a respected journalist and a fine and tremendously witty and entertaining man.
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    Get Calder in at right back White and Austin up top get stuck into County they're no great we should at least come away with a point tho I'm expecting 3!
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