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    Although this is not (yet) posted on the official site I am posting it here as the source is pretty legit (Nicola McAlley). Assuming this is indeed legit then a huge pat on the back to the club for doing this. This is a tremendous idea and one they should be praised highly for. GOOD JOB !!!
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    Afternoon folks, Looking forward to welcoming you all to Ainslie Park on Sunday. I'd suggest getting there early, there's not many (4) turnstyles, so a fair old queue tends to form for larger crowds. Cheers
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    Massive well done to Pauline for pulling all this together and making it happen and to the club for hosting it 👍 ICTFC have hosted a "Festive Friends" dinner for the last three years, but this is the first time they've done it on Christmas Day and that will make a huge difference to those who may have otherwise spent the day alone.
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    That's an absolutely fantastic gesture. There's a lot the club haven't gotten right over the last couple of years but this is great. Well done to all involved!
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    Credit where credit is due. Great gesture! 👍🎅
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    Brilliant. As RIG said, there are many things the club/Board has done, or not done, which have not pleased all the supporters. However, this gesture to the lonely, or elderly, or less well off should be applauded. Well done to the Board for a sincere and appropriate initiative for which they should receive enormous credit. I hope that the day proves to be a tremendous success, and enjoyed by all who participate, both guests and ICT staff.
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    I should have added that perhaps Scotland's greatest potential asset is a whole generation of young people who, if the polls are to be believed, have the confidence and willingness, unlike the majority of my contemporaries, to grasp the opportunities and deal with the challenges of independence and build a bright future for themselves and further generations to come.
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    Scarlet, Scotland's population is at a record high level and still growing, there is plenty of coal still under the ground and under the sea, enough to last more than a century if we were to want to continue to ruin the planet, fortunately we don't and choose to generate our electricity by greener means of which we are world leaders, we have the largest and most sustainable wild fish stock in Europe as well as the second most successful farmed fish industry in the word and Scotch whisky sales do not generate millions of pounds of income, they generate multiple billions of pounds. Scotland is on the cutting edge of developing wave and tidal energy and has an almost perfect coastline to generate and export it. We are world leaders in online and video game technology, have a healthy financial sector, are home to leading biomedical companies and have a very healthy and growing tourist industry which consists of just a little more than skiing in the Cairngorms for six weeks in a year. That is to name but a few of the advantages and potential advantages at our disposal. If you think that being governed by a far more populous Southern neighbour with increasingly different values, standards and ambitions to your own is the way forward then perhaps Canada should give it a try.
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    A poor post but, believe me, it is a very long way from being the worst ever made by this particular poster. Still waiting for Lawrence, or indeed any other Unionist, to explain why the best and most appropriate people to govern Scotland are not the Scots or indeed why they consider Scotland, uniquely among small Northern European countries rich in natural resources and resourceful people, incapable of managing it's own affairs.
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    Oh Laurence I think that's the worst post you have ever made 🙈 I am not even going to argue against as you would not even listen. Far too many Union Jacks buzzing about your head 😆
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    After more than 300 years of the Union, Scotland is the only country in the world that can't afford to be independent. Doesn't sound like an advert for the union to me.
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    The irony of that final line from a Brexit Brit.😃
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