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    Moray Jaggie our semi final against might have looked pish on TV but it was just brilliant being there on that day
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    The post above stating that this is a marquee game is dead-on. If we play it at a "lesser" park then what on earth will the Englanders and the world think of our football game? More to the point, perhaps, what will fans throughout Scotland think is the level to which Scottish football has sunk? Hampden looks the part, is the part and provides the atmosphere that is needed on such a special occasion INMHO. If we can't get a good crowd at Hampden then let's ask the question..... is football dying in Scotland (due to a lack of money or what)? The last semi-final we played at Hampden against Celtic was a super game filled with incident and excitement. I saw it because I phoned a senior staff member at Shaw Cable who provides our home T.V. service and said if you can get the game on a U.S. channel that I can access I WILL STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR POOR SERVICE FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS..... i.e Creative, like! IT WORKED,,,,,HA! HA!
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    Thanks for the help and suggestions, I had a look at the tattoos on the original photo using a magnifying glass and then at his old army photos and found the guy rear right in uniform with the same tattoo! He served in the Seaforth Highlanders from 1947 to 1953 so that will be the time frame and know it is not Citadel.
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    The semi finals were always going to be lunchtime kick offs. Just be glad that we're in one again and also that it's not on the Sunday.
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    Bdu called it. No surprise really. Let's do this. Ticket prices are as follows: Hampden Park, Glasgow North and William Hill South Stands - Adults: £30 Concessions*: £15 East and West Stands - Adults: £20 Concessions: £10 *Concessions: Under-16s and 65 years and over................
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    🤒 Just ignore me I had a real brain storm there, of course it was at Hampden, how could I forget that glorious day!
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    We are now taking bookings for Semi Final Pickup points Stadium... ,Caley Club, .. Tesco's Ness Side Car Park,... Matalan Bus Stop Please when booking give all names and pickup point Venue Date & Times TBC Book on FB or Phone/text 07462 218717
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    The goal is to get to Hampden, for the final (and win it). No great deal for getting there for a semi and failing...
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    No offence intended but this poll is mental. It's the Scottish cup semi-final, regardless who our opponents are it's gotta be hampden. The goal from the 1st round you enter, as players as well as fans, is to get to Hampden , that's the dream Also Dingwall or mcdairmaid would be shi*
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    Robbo is maximising what he gets from the players. These players are not premiership standard barring a couple. He has them well drilled and found a system the players are comfortable with. I'm confident we can secure a playoff place and no-one will fancy playing us.
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    Maybe we should open a poll Sorry, Hsquad12, none of us are taking this very seriously Don't give up hope yet......
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    Im not sure...but i think back row...second from left....might be Hitler
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