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    May as well start off this thread early. FON WILLIAMS RAVEN McCART LAING TREMARCO KING TANSEY DRAPER POLWORTH COLE MckAY But will Foran have the bottle to bench Warren and Vigurs and play Polworth and play an attacking formation ?!! Vigurs simply surrendered at Firhill. He may as well have waved a white feckin flag. Polworth is the new whipping boy. Warren has looked out or sorts fer weeks. Played out of position at Firhill but saved our day and possibly our season. May be harsh but I hope that goal does not influence Foran. Gary has been really suspect of late and I don't think that he could cope with the frantic atmosphere and pace of this crucial Highland Derby.
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    Well Laurence that makes me a romantic person and I am happy with that
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    The stark truth is that, so far this season, the Highlands have been theirs. However, Saturday represents an opportunity to put things right. Win and we reduce the gap to a single point with the momentum with us. Lose and County are a massive 7 points ahead of us and a four horse race to steer clear of the relegation places could well become a straight battle between us and Hamilton for who is relegated automatically and who lives to fight again by way of the play off. Possibly the most important Highland derby in our history. If ever the club needed a twelfth man in the form of packed and noisily supportive Main and North Stands it is on Saturday.
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    I have no issue whatsoever with officials taking a moment to consider a situation before making a decision on it.....if it means we get more right decisions.
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    NEWS FLASH - Charlie Bannerman has mastered FaceBook
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    I can only judge on the highlights, but it looks like PT had the better chances, so a draw seems to have been somewhat undeserved. However, there have been plenty of times this season when we should have taken something and missed out, so it's our turn. I ask the question: would you prefer to be Hamilton, Motherwell, RC or us right now? We have the fewest points, but have taken 5 from the last 4 quite tricky games and have 2 home games against RC and Killie to come; Hamilton have shipped 10 goals in the last 2 and play The Rangers with a new manager next; Motherwell are also in a reasonably poor run of form, but looked better on Saturday; County are also on a poor run, but were probably unlucky on Saturday.....It's a tough one, but despite a poor performance yesterday, I think I'd prefer to be in RF's shoes than Canning's right now. When you're at the wrong end of the table, 5 points are a lot to pick up on your rivals, but it's in your own hands when you still have to play some of them (RC and Mot). The pressure is ramping up, but we have it in the team to salvage this - c'mon Inverness, let's do this!
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    Match now available on demand at http://ictfc.com/caleyjagstv2 Some eejit forgot to update the score graphic during the game
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    But only 1 defeat in 5 league games since the Hamilton debacle....
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    That equaliser has left me strangely optimistic, strange because we are still bottom of the league and have the utterly pathetic record of just 1 win in 17!
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    great news today we are going to have a 2nd yes vote we will win it this time we are going to have all our vat money back and spend it on Scotland will done to the snp party and the green party
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    Quite simply Independence is just a romantic notion There are people still fighting medieval wars in their heads and in their hearts. Scotland cannot afford financially to be an independent country in or out of Europe The NHS in Scotland is costing about 10 billion pounds a year , just about the same as the oil wealth when the price was high Now the north sea oil and gas industry is being funded from the UK treasury , it is in a negative financial state and is predicted to stay that way until 2022, (not accounting for the costs of decommissioning ) If the oil magnates in the middle east , can put the price up or down ( by raising or reducing output at will) , then the fear of a second collapse is always possible. Scotland's tax payers I guess around 2,00,000 of them can't be expected to foot the bill of running a country. The balance of payments deficit with England not to mention the E U is enormous , over one hundred trucks an hour cross the border at Gretna bringing supplies from England and elsewhere into Scotland, I know because I have counted them . The main trucks going the other way are carrying timber and livestock. Yo only have to go into the stores in Inverness to see the sales floors stacked with imported goods, all would have to be paid for with the currency adopted by the new country. If it be the Euro a second bankrupted Greece will be on the horizon. Romance is one thing , reality is another, as a Scottish tax pay payer I am not happy to foot the bill of separation.
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    It's the First Minister who looks as though she is filing for divorce. The Prime Minister is simply moving away from neighbours who have, perhaps, become a bit too clingy and demanding.
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