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    I will stay out of the ethics or morality debate and just say this ......... to be fair ... only the most rose-tinted of glasses wearers would bet on us to win this year .... !!!
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    I will be delighted with strip as long as the players are wearing it in the Premiership next season.
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    Will that be so you don't have to wash it so often?
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    Can live with those, although I would have preferred black trim on the home strip. Pleased that we have got rid of the naff 'Pride Of The Highlands' logo on the club crest, especially as there is not a great deal to be proud of right now.
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    Seen a lot worse , keep the home strip traditional red and blue stripes and try something different with the away one which we have done .... Thumbs up from me
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    I can only partly agree. Gambling can be an addiction and those afflicted deserve sympathy and support. However, nobody is addicted to wagering on their own team to lose. That is letting down your employers, your colleagues and the fans for no other motive than personal greed which is unacceptable and unforgivable.
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    Like the home top. The away one is a little unusual but I can live with it.
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    Not many of us understand addictions so it would be inappropriate to comment.
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    You are almost tempting me to suggest that football is actually responsible for frittering away a worrying slice of the nation's general sporting talent pool. The irony here would be Scotland's failure to produce senior football players of quality (q.v. the national side) while many other sports which are arguably being deprived of talent by the manner in which football goes about its business are actually doing quite well on the international stage.
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    Yes, CB, the young players and parents are told the statistics by the SFA at U11 at the only session of sports science they get. And yes, the 1in 20 statistic is for those kids already selected for development squads - hardly the odds on which to build a career. As for your other point: Don't get me started! Why oh why is there not a system between ICT, Ross County, Highland League clubs and Elgin City (for example) whereby boys discarded by one club can be trialed at others further down the pyramid. The best example is Clach and ICT: The coaching staff compete with each other for children at the age of 8 or so. No formal system for exchange of players recruited at the wrong level for ability. I realise the hatred runs deep, but not having the boys' best interests at heart is inexcusable. So many of those dropped give up football altogether or just play street league. Not that there's a problem with street league - great fun and well organised, but how much talent is lost to pro and semi-pro football on account of poor handling by clubs?
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    A solid midfield performance without Vigurs and Polworth - hopefully they will both me missing against Kilmarnock
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    Credit where credits due. We deserved the win today and played some really good stuff. We defended well, sometimes desperately but it did the job. I've been a big critic of Ritchie but today he must deserve some praise. It was a bold selection and it worked for him. When we lose- the manager and players are slated on here, let's give them a bit of credit when we win and play well. We needed to win our last four games and you can't do that unless you win the first. Let's all get behind Ritchie and the players and pull of the great escape.......after all, sometimes miracles do happen.
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    I resigned myself to relegation some weeks ago. It's this lingering hope that's getting to me !
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