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    The official account 'liked' a tweet by a porn account. Clearly someone with access to the account has forgotten which account he (or she) has been logged into and accidentally liked the tweet. it happens. There's absolutely no need for such a puffed up statement. Just say nothing and it'll be forgotten about. Now the entire 'episode' is compounded by that utter embarrassment of a statement, referring to an 'investigation' and the 'appropriate authorities' being informed. What authorities? Is our board going to phone up the police and tell them that there's pornography on the internet! Hold the front page! Looking forward to the season starting so we can be pissed about the sub-standard football rather than the shambles of an administration.
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    I heard the last time he was at a party, it was 50 years ago in a student flat in Edinburgh and he's never recovered from the swirly.
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    I am with @Renegade on this one ... We are Caley Thistle and its a name to be proud of. We should never forget our roots and our name embraces those roots but it also identifies us globally with something that sounds iconically Scottish. A little anecdote from this past weekend to illustrate .... Friends - and ICT season ticket holders - who were visiting relatives in a town reasonably close to Toronto for the last few weeks contacted me and asked if I could get them tickets for the Toronto FC game last Saturday. I was able to grab a few and on the day we met up to go to the game. Their son was proudly wearing the new ICT strip from this season and both during and after the game he was approached by people who instantly recognised the strip and started talking about Caley Thistle ...... I think he was quite chuffed to see a few people recognised the strip and I have to say I was also a little surprised as most folk initially think its some kind of weird Barcelona top until they get close and ask who it is or see the badge. On a personal level I dont care if anyone prefers to calls us ICT, Inverness Caledonian Thistle, Caley, Jags, CaleyJags, Inverness or any other nickname they want ... but we are Caley Thistle and that should never change.
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    If you would wish to comment further about this please contact [email protected] pornhubvid
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    Well I've entered the euromillions tonight, so fingers crossed everyone, and we may, just may get a fancy new club Shop!
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    We are Caley Thistle. It's who we are and who we've been for nearly a quarter of a century and if there was ever a time to change that it should've been in 1994 - it didn't and we've been moved on. Any belief that there's still a Caley/Thistle divide in our support is nonsense and I really wish we'd stop this obsession with a few dozen bitter refuseniks many of whom who we're probably better off without anyway. A name change now will probably never happened and I for one am glad of that.
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    As I'm sure most of us saw yesterday, someone's been a bit naughty!
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    This isn't about playing our best available side, it is about trying to determine what our best side will be against Dundee Utd. Last week Robbo was hugely displeased with the attitude of some of the players who he sees as the better players. This could be a match in which they are challenged to perform in if they want to start in the league match. It was good to hear his comments about the attitude of the youngsters who played in the Clach game and I guess he will be far more inclined to give the youngsters a chance than either Hughes or Foran were. He might give a couple of youngsters some game time. The chances of us progressing to the knock out stage is remote and so it doesn't really matter whether we win this game or not. I would therefore not be surprised if two or three of Robbos first picks started on the bench with others being given the chance to impress.
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    this happened to me on a trip over a couple years ago. I'd had a few too many beers pre game and walked in the wrong turnstile i was supposed to be in north and ended up in the main stand. I walked over to the door that leads to the north stand and the guy let me through without issue. last time it happened the door was chained and the guy said no. I explained that it was a silly mistake and i had a few but no give from him so i had to exit and go around to the correct gate only to have to keep a calm head and explain what had happened again to the operator as he wasn't going to let us in with our now ripped tickets. Eventually he did let us go but we missed KO and i couldn't help but wonder why we were let in the main stand in the first place with north stand tickets. Felt **** as it was my Mrs first trip over in a while and my dad's very first trip over. It left him with a sour note. Wont make the same mistake a third time. . . . I hope. I can understand health and safety, security and all that but an exception for good ol Johnny Foreigner here
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    2 years ago this club won the Scottish Cup and played in Europe. How can things have been allowed to have gone so wrong since ????? It's beyond embarrassing now at ICT. I didn't think it possible to release a worse statement than that with the season ticket renewals, but the club has surpassed itself yet again!
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    oh dear. @ictchris has it about right. remove the material, say nothing and tell whoever was using the account at the time to never do it again. move on. nothing to see here. storm in a teacup. Instead, we get this long winded statement drawing attention to something that was probably noticed by at most a handful of people, a second paragraph that sounds like a complete over reaction, and a third paragraph that seems to have swallowed a thesaurus and in some parts of it actually makes no sense in the english language. We complain when the club say nothing ... but this is one occasion where they should have done exactly that.
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    Therefore it is even more realistic than I thought
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    Christie & Shinnie score for the Dons in the Eurpoa League qualifier against Apollon Limassol
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    Being held to ransom by Buckie Thistle. Jesus wept.
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    The internet is full of porn, but I guess the ICTFC Twitter page is somewhere people should be able to visit without having it rammed down their throat.
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    Regarding No 5....i wholehartedly agree. Despite what anyone says, there remains a rift between our own support. I was a big Caley fan, back in the Highland League days. I recall been given a questionnaire before the merger. One of the questions pertained to what the name of the new team should be. Even i had the sense to see, that if Caley or Thistle was in the name, it was cause a divide...and it has. I voted to call the new team Inverness FC
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