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    It will probably last longer, now that the Old Firm are no longer visiting.
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    With the harsh economic reality of relegation, it's beyond doubt that we needed to slash the wage bill to secure the financial future of the club and many of the highest earners had to go. However, fiscal prudence has to be balanced with retaining some ambition to get back to the top tier. Since the turn of the season, we have shed the substantial salaries of Tansey, Meekings, McNaughton, Boden and Anier all of whom were, by all accounts, on salaries of or approaching six figures. We will also lose the expense of OFW's salary as son as his agent can secure him a contract elsewhere. In addition, we are no longer making a contribution to the income of our loanees King and McKay which would also have been a very tidy sum. By any standards, our cost base has been slashed and probably inevitably so and, personally, I have no difficulty with that. That said, if we are going to have any realistic hope of promotion we need to retain some quality. There are some very decent teams in this division and, if we are to challenge towards the top, we need to be able to match them. In order to do so, we need players of the quality and experience of Raven. Warren and Draper in the team. Whether these individuals are still with us come the end of the transfer window will say a lot about whether our board are ambitious or not.
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    Finding it quite funny on twitter that there seems to be a mistaken view that players are expected to suck up any abuse offered but then they are shocked when they snap back!!!
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    Could NOT access the report forum so here is my final report A BRIDGE TOO FORFAR !! Well we bowed out of the Betfred Cup at far too early a stage. The Bairns were always going to be a tough nut to crack but we should have hit the nine points from the other three. John Robertson certainly played it down with – “We’ve had a decent League Cup without being hugely impressive – It’s been four matches against quality opponents (!!) that has put us in good stead for the league campaign and allowed us to gel and get fitness levels up”. Hopefully he really meant – “I have now had a chance to look at everybody and I know the way forward”. Station Park may be difficult to find but it is a homely wee stadium and the “astro turf” looks in very good condition. (OK I prefer grass maself). The wind was strong assisted by the intermittent spells of drizzle. We certainly played better when faced to play football against the elements in the first half. The second half became more of a punt which did not work well with the wind and the pitch. I note that the attendance was quoted at 517 but looked more to me. Good turnout from the Highlands – must have been 100-150. The Central Belters/Juanjo Away were well represented and driven to the game from Dundee by none other than a taxi driver called Bobby Mann. Me – I arrived there – by feckin car – 20 minutes before the kick off with Mrs Johndo and Mini IHE – stone cold feckin sober !! At least my grandson (Leighton) had a winning start to his ICT career. We totally dominated the first 45 as we had to play football in its true sense. We could have/should have gone in 3-0 up. The final ball/ the final strike was sadly missing. We played some neat stuff but basically fecked it all up at the close. Calder could have netted a hat-trick. Just after the half hour we had a chance to practically ease the game. Initially it looked like a soft penalty award and a trip on Baird but it was reported as being a hand ball. Not sure why Vigurs did not step up but it was left to Polly – possibly to boost his confidence (DOH). It was really a very poor strike and adds to our penalty taking woes. Four minutes after the restart Marc Scott put Forfar ahead. Perhaps Ridgers was partly to blame but David Cox made a fool out of Chalmers and the initial shot, well saved by Ridgers, should never have been allowed to be completed. Yngwie and I were joking earlier that Cox had enjoyed his summer holidays as he was clearly overweight. But then he tormented Chalmers which says it all. Perhaps that was a wake up call and at least we reacted. Five minutes later McCallum was at fault as he pulled out of a 50/50 with Baird. The ball went loose and George Oakley neatly tucked it away. Before you could say Inverness Caledonian Thistle a Polworth corner was headed on and John Baird hit a screamer at the back post. And the photo does not lie as Mini IHE shows his seerness by evidently predicting the outcome !! After that I was expecting a barrowload but we appeared to relax. Substitutions may not have helped but we were careless. We did not possess the killing off factor and nearly paid the price. So it was back to the 1984 Lounge for the Juanjo Away and a pickup by Bobby Mann. I headed to Camperdown Park to run the feckin dog, went to Tesco and had ma first feckin swally at 20.00 hrs. So feck the family it is Virgin Rail on my own from now on. SMILEYMOMETER RIDGERS Neither worried or inspired me. Looks like a decent shot stopper and a decent distributor but he needs to get nasty and start shouting more. RAVEN Nice to see him back. Looked good in the first half but outpaced on a few occasions by the speedy Scott. Looks more like a squad player. CHALMERS Disappointed. Taken to the proverbial cleaners by a fat Cox. Perhaps that was a Twiiter prediction ELSDON Looks the part but not the most mobile and looks very green and surprisingly not the best in the air. McKAY Thought he was going off in the first half as he appeared to have pulled a muscle. Expected more from him. POLWORTH Why does Robbo not realise that Polworth is wasted wide right - but there again where does he fit in ? He appeared to be given more of a roving role in the second half but we can do that at Forfar but ?!! The roving role however appeared to nullify both Vigurs and Draper VIGURS What was the abuse for ? Vigurs was a class above everybody else in the first half. A sweet left foot comparable with the taxi driver called Bobby Mann. Ran the game for 45 minutes. Faded in the second but the wind was with us and punts became predominant. My MOM by miles. DRAPER Some are stating that he is in second gear. He has always appeared to be in second or third gear to me. He linked well with Vigurs playing in front of him. We really, really need to hold on to him CALDER Calder was impressive but NOT a left winger or a finisher. Looks more like a polished wing back or deeper wide player - unfortunately much like Mulraney. But Tremarco and Calder together really is a juicy prospect. But again where do you play him Robbo ? OAKLEY / BAIRD I x2 Impressed by both Oakley and Baird. They are both pacey and thinkers. They are not on the same wavelength yet but the potential is definitely there. Both took their goals well. MULRANEY Mulraney to me was a breath of fresh air but also a greedy *******. Perhaps trying to impress too much but was more of an individual than a team player to me. BELL Bell did not have much time but looks like the perfect back-up fer Baird FCZ (Susan) . I think I was initially spooked by the Clach reports. He is gangly and awkward but he showed signs today that he can hold up and pass. At the moment a good back-up for Oakley. And he is much better than the Walrus. SO .. I am really worried about the lack of pace at the back. Seedorf and Calder at full backs may assist. Polworth is wasted and perhaps needs to be an initial back-up for Vigurs and Draper. Or what about Polly at right back and Seedorf forward. The front two picks themselves.
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    Heard yesterday from a friend of a friend that County's offer for Draper was £80,000 and rejected but intend to call the bluff of ICT who want £135,000 for Draper and offer £100,000 on the last day of the Transfer Day. Whats the bet the club accept that? and we loose another core member of the squad. We appear to be going for Quantity over Quality and having watched Hearts V Dunfermline yesterday and the Dundee derby today we have no chance of beating these fellow championship teams so my guess is we will be a mid table team.
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    Yes, I have high hopes for him. He looks a right wee menace to opposing defenders. He had a shot and a header on target when he came on for last ten minutes. Compare this to Susan who was on for last 20 minutes and not a sniff at goal, or it would appear any idea where the goal is. Nuff said.
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    Agree with everything said in the above match report (cut down to save space). A few other things of note... When we play with Polworth as a RM it means we eliminate one side of the attack. Nothing came from that side in the first half, not helped by Raven being reluctant to get forward. Only in the second half when Raven pushed on and Polworth came inside did we get any threat from that side. Polworth' penalty was honking. Chalmers at LB was poor. He was skinned a few times by their podgy winger and didn't make much of an effort to block crosses. Calder did well running at his man, but much like Mulraney he has no end product. He also doesn't communicate at all on the pitch which demonstrates a niavety/rawness that could hold him back. My first impression of Susan is that he'll be punted by Xmas, following months of barren performances. Even watching him warm up was painful - poor first touch, limited pace and no strength despite his size. Draper seems to be playing with the handbrake on. It was noticeable that he was easily able to shift up the gears once we'd gone 1-0 down, where he drove with the ball effectively. Vigurs actually played not too bad in my opinion. All his passes went forward and he created several decent chances. The abuse is getting to him it seems though... where he issued a hand gesture "enjoyed by the ICT Twitter account" to some pre-teens who told him to GTF after a woeful shot at goal straight from ko at 1-0. Our CBs both did well I thought, especially Brad McKay. It was noticeable that he was limping throughout the second half, so hopefully he'll be fit for next weekend.
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    You'd think something more along the lines of "those involved within our media and communications team have been reminded of their responsibilities and that the family image of the club is something we take very seriously, we would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any offence caused, blah blah blah " That's if they were to say anything at all, and even then they only really should do so if the print press were to raise the issue. There's one thing being proactive and stubbing the fire out before it takes hold, and another jumping the gun altogether.
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    Just noticed that one of our former players, Tom (the Tank) Aldred, Blackpool's captain last season, has left them and joined Bury. My Blackpool supporting pal tells me it was purely for considerably more money. And, Dale Gillespie has moved from Brora to Rothes.
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    I wonder how long they'll take to get his name right
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    I just want to say. Another media frenzy about a private matter, which must be vey sad for the children. I quite like Jamie I feel sorry when any marriage breaks up especially for the children. Apparently Strickly come Dancing is to blame ?
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    Och you had me going for a minute I thought it might have been a live video from the twitter account
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    Its not normally the manager that makes contract offers. They just ask the board to arrange a deal with the player and his agent. We've seen a marked change in recent years since Butcher left with regards to contracts. Rarely did new signings get longer than 2 years and many often just got one. We then started handing out 3 year contract extensions left right and centre. I'm not sure if this is a change in board policy or something the management team has pushed for ("We'll attract a better calibre of player if we give them more security to move north")
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    Havent a clue re first bit but Robbo is on record as saying if hes still here at end of July hes staying? As for the team I think its wayyyy too early for any predictions. As so many have come in we have to give it time to gel. Last time we got relegated it took time to adjust and Im anticipating the same this time. Tbh my hopes are for a top 4 place to get us in playoffs and anything more will be a bonus.
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