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    In many walks of life individuals who give up their own time free of charge become disillusioned by unfair criticism, by relatively unworthy others (usually hiding behind forum signatures), of their performance or their product. If anyone has a complaint then they should either join in or take over. Otherwise shut the feck up.
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    Yes I thought Foran should have been sacked before he was
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    Whereas the Latin for "last season" is "annus horribilis" (as opposed to "anus horribilis" which means a bad dose of piles.)
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    Lets face it - they need a Marquee signing and Robbo is not in that status. Plus I am sure that Robbo and countless other Jam Tarts could clearly see the pending demise of Cathro and he would have never come to Sneck in the first place if he thought there was a chance.
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    Maybe we could make it look more legit by having it in Latin : Latin translation of Pride of the Highlands is altitudo montis which literally translated means 'height of the mountains' or if entering it word by word it would be superbia de montanis universisque Only joking .... happy with our proper badge
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    Got it. Thanks. Had not checked system for a few days. Sorry.
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    Quickly tallied it up: Cathro W5 D4 L13, 19 points from his 22 games. Foran W4 D8 L10, 20 points from the same 22 game period. Wow!
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    Oh Dougal you're such a wag I wouldn't be surprised if you had some sort of influence on the scriptwriters in The Magic Roundabout as they were rumoured to be on LSD and sometimes I wonder if you are too
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    If you look closely, you will see that the club have been referred to as ICTFC since 1996....
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    I'm actually down in York just now and I have worn one of the blue polo shirts with the crest we all prefer and twice I've been chatted too by total strangers (both English) and had reasonably lengthy conversations with them. They both recognised the name and both of them started talking about our results against Celtic One of them about the famous headline and one who was more elderly was talking about how well we had done coming from nowhere and he was particularly enthusiastic about our semi final against Celtic and saying how much he enjoyed watching that game. I wonder if my top had said ICTFC would they have picked up on it the same? Must admit it made me quite proud when they noticed it and started chatting
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    I would imagine you are the only Caley minded man who gets annoyed by us loosely being referred to as Caley.
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    You're the one who mentioned directors. Lol. In our case and most other cases it would be the chairman who takes on this role. Contracts generally being handled by business people. What their actual title is, is of little relevance. This is because the football people have already run the rule over the player in a football sense. Whereas they may outline basics in discussions (contract length may be discussed), finances are conducted by finance people. Not those who have "either no or very limited knowledge" of running a business. Contract details are thrashed out by the chairman/Chief executive/ Director and the players agent. I don't know what decade you're living in but managers these days have far less input in contract negotiations and signings than they once did. Managers can no longer sneak transfers through behind the owners back or sell them for a case of bubbly. They are largely restricted to the football operations side of things. At full time level anyway. You shouldn't believe everything you're told caleyboy if you think Robbo is sitting in an office dotting i's and crossing t's...
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    Would say this is the most likely scenario.
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