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    Decent people, whatever their age, simply don't deliberately damage property belonging to others. It's wholly mindless and unacceptable.
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    60cm x 30cm Canvas : Available in store only due to size : £45 Kids Trespass Jackets : £45 : In Store and Online : http://ictfc.com/shop/category/15-leisure-outdoor Training Bottoms : We'd had a few requests for these, due in at the end of the month
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    When, like Ross Tokely, Grant Munro or Dennis Wyness they have represented the club for a very long number of years or, like Charlie Christie, they have played with distinction for Thistle, Caley and the merged club. The cup winning team will be long remembered but that alone doesn't make club legend status. By your critetia, the likes of James Vincent and Edward Offere would be club legends. I don't think the status is as easily gained as that.
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    A player who played a key role in our major cup win isn't a club legend? That's as good as it'll get for a long time if we aren't able to refer to those players as club legends then when can we?
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    No mate. Have a week off It would probably take a week for the Crowd figure to be posted anyway
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    The bus thing dissappinted me the most. You don't sh*t where you eat.
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    I am one of fans who has met the chairman twice now and i can honestly say that although i attended alone i wasn't speaking for myself. As fans we all have the best interests of the club at heart, the chairman acknowledges the fact that things need to change and they already have done but we need to give him time. The chairman also values this site and our comments so I'm sure your post hasn't gone unnoticed.
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    And a cracker it was. Brilliant result for Scotland. With England having beaten Slovenia it now means that Slovenia need to beat Scotland and hope that Slovakia somehow fail to beat Malta. I can't see Slovakia not beating Malta and therefore it may well be that Slovenia will have lost some of their motivation for Sunday's final game. Scotland should be favourites to come 2nd in the group. And with the way Scotland are playing at the moment, they will not fear any team that they might get in the play offs.
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    Fer fecks sake - The Guy actually tries to communicate and move forward and still gets feckin shot down. Rae has been chatting to "real" fans - and feckin listening. As fer putting it on this forum - well better to discuss with the more realistic / positive fans than to be shot down on here.
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