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    Financial records are up to date as at year end 30/6/17 and the accounts have been professionally audited by a firm of accountants. So one less problem to fix.
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    We need to get off the back of Feliciano. He has had two extended but separate injuries and a period of ill health. Very few people perform to their best under such adversity and as a reminder, the fit Billy Mckay, took an age before scoring his first goal. Give it a try.
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    He is far more versatile than a lot of our new recruits, but he would have to take a hell of a drop in wages to come back . I certainly think he would be a good addition but he may look to go back south for the money.
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    He can play in defence and midfield. Nothing fancy, but dependable. Bin Calder and Cooper and get him back.
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    A bit late but I see Henri Anier scored twice for Estonia last month...during Estonia's tour of the Pacific Islands! He scored in a 2-0 victory over Fiji and then scored the opener in the 1-1 draw with New Caledonia. They also played Vanuatu in between and only managed to scrape a 1-0 win.
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    Given current weather conditions Hopefully they will set a more realistic date for this to be played. Like April.
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    LG: I am sorry to say that this response is indicative of the rift that has been created by yourself and CJT. Not only do you fail to respond or refer directly to any of my, or any other member’s posts, that do ask questions of CJT, but the use of the pronoun ‘we’ is slightly redundant (given that CJT consists of less than Liz & Cliff you having reportedly resigned at the AGM). You can understand that few will ‘rest assured’ and take you at your word. I remain concerned that this Panglossian post is dismissive, scant on detail and is typical of the random platitudes, opaque assurances and wishy-washy actionables that has led to this mess in the first place. Let me be clear, as a fan with no connection whatsoever to any CJT member past nor present: when is the EGM?
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    All I really want to do is cheer on my local football team so I read this forum as a good way of learning what is going on (or isn't!) but don't post as I feel there are many others better placed to discuss all the topics. On this one however I would like to say that I agree with Robert (above) that given a chance I would sign up to be part or a member of CJT just because it's a way of lending support to the club and fanbase but also to keep CJT alive. As a not practically or politically involved 'supporter ' (no Happy Clapper' comments please) I wouldn't jump forward to claim a place on the board or anything, I wouldn't have time or capability to be any use, but I would want to help keep going a body which holds a 10% voting right in the club. The politics are alarming to read about, and it seems to me that it is important that a body involving grass roots fans and with the club's future at heart must be kept in a role where it can have influence.
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    If those currently on the committee, however well meaning or difficult their personal circumstances, have lost control of the situation or have got out of their depth then they need not be too proud to confess that that is the case and seek help from the many people with the best interests of the club and the supporters group at heart who are willing and able to help. Please do so now before it it too late and the situation becomes irretrevable. Equally, those who have been critical, sometimes highly vocally so, should resist recrimination and act in a constructive and helpful manner. Now is not the time for burying heads in the sand or for apportioning blame but for everybody to pull together to sort out this mess while we still can.
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    He's not. He's garbage.
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    Absolutely. There should be (and is) nothing stopping anyone who has the interests of the Club, and the community it operates in, from joining.
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    The Club (ICTFC) have no say whatsoever in the operation of CJT and have no authority to wind it up (or otherwise). CJT can only be wound up by the members or shut down by the regulators; it is the latter which poses the biggest risk, IMO. My understanding of the options are based on the rules I have to hand and which I believe are/should be in force. However, nobody representing the board at the AGM was able to confirm this and/or provide a copy of the rules which they claim to be working under. They also seemed to want to work to rules which had not yet been registered! 1. As the AGM gave the board instruction to hold an EGM at the earliest opportunity in order to rectify the situation with it being non-operational, then they have 28 days in order to make that happen. Should they fail, then any 3 people in attendance at the AGM can act on behalf of the members to call an EGM in order to do that. 2. Any 20 members can give written instruction to the board to call an EGM and state the purpose of that meeting. A failure to hold that meeting within 28 days would allow any 3 of those 20 to act on behalf of the members to call and hold that meeting. Until there's an operational board in place, then any/all other disputes are secondary. With that in mind, my view would be that the first option is the one to be followed and it is a process that is already underway. That means that a meeting should be held on or before the 3rd January 2018, with notice being given 14 clear days prior to that (19th December 2017).
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    I think that is the crux of the matter - it is pretty much defunct: The AGM has no committee (to speak of); no website or social media; no agency (in abeyance) and so (CJT) is basically a shell. Very happy to hear otherwise. Unless the EGM is announced very soon (that too would require someone to do something) then sadly I think that 10% will disappear as soon as the club require (CJT) to vote. Regardless of who is/isn’t associated with (CJT) I think it needs those outwith (CJT) to take action not the other way round. Again, very happy to be corrected by someone from (CJT ) ( )= abstract noun
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    Disappointing that the committee don't appear willing to communicate with fans. How can they expect to sort things out if they do not speak to people to explain what's wrong and how others can help? It all seems very closed shop. Why?
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    23/12 Party Bus Morton 30/12 Brechin. Special £5 fare for Club Members Both buses leave Caley Club 9.45 and Stadium 10.00 Book via Facebook or on 07462218717 Also watch out for news of reduced fares in 2018.
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    One way or another, this situation must be resolved sooner rather than later. The club itself could be heading for difficult times and it may be that the supporters voting share has an important role to play in shaping the future of the club. If that was to be the case, it is imperative that there are no questions about the legitimacy of CJT to have those votes or about the fact that those CJT officers using the vote truly represent the supporters. I was unable to attend the AGM but have since written to CJT to express some concerns about both the paperwork (or lack of it) in relation to the AGM and the general lack of communication from and information about CJT. Given the importance of retaining the 10% voting share I reiterated a previous offer to help behind the scenes. I concluded by writing "I don't know any of the people involved in CJT personally, nor do I even know who most of them are, and therefore I have no preconceived view on where any responsibility for the current failures of CJT lie. I am willing to help behind the scenes but, as outlined above, I really need to know a bit more about CJT first. I need to be assured that the help I might give is working towards specific and appropriate goals." That offer of help applies to CJT whoever might be taking it forward, provided that they have or are developing a clear programme of working towards specific and appropriate goals.
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    On reading accounts of the recent AGM, was it even legal / accepted under society rules? Board members should be prepared for an AGM, know the rules etc. 700 members, majority of whom seem to have not been even contacted ? Can the board nominate and elect a new board member when it is so complicit in bringing the rules of t h e association into disrepute. ( absolutely no offence intended to Mr Sim ). This is quite shameful and the CJT board for whatever reason (s) appear to have acted inappropriately. How has it slipped into such a shameful state of affairs? Deplorable, quite frankly. Communication is a basic and fundamental function of such an association and it appears the current CJT board are unable or unwilling to offer even the minimum of efforts to serve their association and membership. Perhaps they should either explain their reasons or motives for fair hearing (although it appears that that time may have already passed) or simply resign and allow others, suitable and willing, to take up board membership and drive CJT forward into a functional future, o n e that befits a supporters association of a professional football club such as ours. It will take much determination, spirit and the utilisation of many skills to pick up this fallen and failed organisation. In the current climate where the Football Board of ICT numbers only four and faces a possible potentially damaging campaign by Savco ( Savage/MacGilvary), it is imperative that supporters retain their 10% voting share. Does o n e of the current board not work for with Savco's close allies ? If so, clarification on that position should be sought. CJT for t h e future, for the fans, of the fans!!
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    'PRIDE OF THE HIGHLANDS' SNOWBALL FIGHT TCS 3pm this Saturday. Young Crew v The Board. Referee - Charles Bannerman (John McKendrick can't make it as he is guest of honour at the St Mirren Christmas night out. Dougie Ross is unavailable as well, apparently he has some other part time job!!) Entrance fee - Pay what you want. Left over mince pies and mulled wine from calendar signing night available. Still free shipping and £7 off replica strips. Merry Christmas
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    Yes, there is a serious lack of transparency here - regardless of the buts, ifs, and howevers. No info on CJT website about AGM or anything (defunct) no info on Facebook and no info here. Supporters of Caley Thistle know more about the ICTFC board than CJTs. How has this been allowed to happen? Can someone from CJT comment?
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    For the sake of balance it would be good if we could hear from one of the committee. Who is on there now?
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    Glover's post; personal, divisive and confrontational. Scotty's post immediately after, measured, non confrontational and constructive. Only one of these approaches is likely to get us out of the difficult situation the supporters association finds itself in for whatever reason. Other than learning valuable lessons for the future, it's not important how we got here or who, if anyone may have been at fault. What is important is how and how quickly we move forward from where we are.
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    The Tulloch reply basically says we have plans that will take several years to get past the council and we will move the car parks.
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    For what it's worth, I think Layne would be worth a punt at the right cost and offers the sort of striking option we don't have at the moment.
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    Yes, that's all very well but doesn't explain who has given permissions for use of the car parks as vehicle compounds for Thrifty. Check the Council Planning Applications part of the website and you'll see that no applications have been lodged. Nothing in Council committee minutes of the Common Good allowing that use either.
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