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    what was stv news doing in Accrington Stanley?
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    To be fair, everybody's form has plummeted at Falkirk of late.
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    I would say Falkirk away on 27th.
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    A huge part of the problem with referees is that they have never kicked a ball in anger, ever. I believe Willie Collum refereed from the age of 15/16 and boy does it show, he is ripe for conning simply because he has never been in the position of a player. I don't know if he is still our top rated ref but is frankly an embarrassment to the profession. The fact he is well paid for such appalling performances in important matches just adds insult to injury. Where I will defend refs is on the subject of dissent, if you are going to chirp at the ref for 90 minutes or indulge in sarcastic hand clapping at decisions, you will get booked and will be given nothing in the game, they are after all only human, no one likes to be told how to do their job nor receive sarcastic applause for their decisions be they right or wrong.
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    The winners of our end of year raffle were as follows: W Murray, R Bain, G Cowie, G Crosbie, J Tomney, E McIver, R Webb, G Gordon Jnr. Thanks to everyone who supported us by donating prizes and by buying tickets. We made £657 and plan another raffle in the Spring.
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    Neither. I policed it and trust me I was shitting myself and I had body armour and riot gear. We don't live in a nice fluffy fantasy world where everyone says hello to each other there. There is a thing called human nature and this is where the problem lies. Mix alcohol into that and you get a very big problem. Every match has the potential of violence that is what the stewards are employed to stop and allowing opposing fans in the same section of the same stand is ludicrous. If God forbid something happens then guess what the club is at fault for allowing the situation to occur and culpable as they have not taken sufficient steps to ensure that persons safety. Then big civil claim big payout. Then where will the club be. Is it worth the small price to pay to segregate the fans. NO.
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    Renegade to feature in the next series of Danny Dyer's 'Britain's hardest men'.
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    Usual twisting of the post. This was nothing to do with regular away supporters , of which the vast majority always behave, have banter etc. This is our club placing away " supporters " who don't know how to behave- beside others who do and the possible consequences if something happened. Offensive remarks like worrying about the children - who said that ?, snowflakes and Tory voting, cruise holidaying people in main stand is utterly pathetic. We pay our tickets too and support the team.
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    The moaning was for the fact we should've scored more than 4 and the booing at the end was firmly directed at John Beaton after most of the players had left the pitch.
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    Won’t somebody plleeaassee think of the children?! *sobs into Daily Mail*
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    People sit in the Main Stand because they don't like to make a noise so it's probably expected their jimmies are rustled by some guy from Livingston actually supporting their team by vocally encouraging them.
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    My son used to do work as a steward at both ICT and Ross county. ICT no training grab a jacket and cap and stand over there, only because he was familiar with stadium could he help people. Certainly no instruction how to deal with aggressive fans. County was better given some instructions and told what to do if the was trouble also given a pie and drink in Dingwall.
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    And me. Sounds like there's some absolute snowflakes in the Main Stand.
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    Warren was surprisingly decent on Saturday although I can remember at least one of his trademark late tackles Not sure if Seedorf would do any better especially at CB.
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    Its about the potential for violence and given there are young children in there too, it is not an acceptable situation. You may be an old, fat lad with nothing to be concerned about but what about the mother with two kids? A better idea would be to close the North stand and move everyone into the Main stand and keep the opposition segregation.
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    I’m sure little Prudence and little Rupert will be fine and make it to their next croquet lesson unscathed. Also for what it’s worth, I’m not a ‘fat, old lad’. Rather a young, slim, handsome lad. 🙂
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