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    Just to give folks a heads up that we should hopefully be transmitting live audio commentary of Saturday's game (if the technology behaves). As with the previous times the plan is to use Periscope. 10-15 minutes before kickoff a link to the commentary should go up on the club Twitter feed. Be gentle with the criticism - I'm doing it solo and it's a hell of a long time to talk on your own! 😁
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    Getting tight at the top chaps! 😅
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    Aye indeed, congrats on a cracking points total Good to see so many of us doing better than breaking even - are we getting better at this? Cheers Gringo... 👍
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    Good luck with this. Hope those that use it appreciate the effort that goes into it.
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    Think we are forgetting the far side linesman had a far better view than anyone and he chose not to raise his flag. Think its cloae but cant be sure its offside.regardles sublime finish. Has been a while but two cracking goals to get his 16th of season Only 4 championship players with more goals in all competitions than our big traffic cone or donkey as some like to call him 🤣 Decent season for Big Jordan White imo.
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    I have to humbly come on here to eat my words. Jordans finish and subsequent penalty were excellent. He has come on as a player in a way I did not think he could. Trafford is another who I thought for a long time was a liability. Happy to be proved wrong by there recent contributions. As someone else said Ayr look incisive and could still be a handful. Not a done deal yet but a great first leg score
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    2018-2019 FINAL Table SOS 379.2 Mrs Gringo 298.5 Joonya 268 Tichy_Blacks_Back 265.7 MrCaleyjag 259.1 Caley Braveheart 258 CaleyCanary 252.7 crownjaggie 213.2 Scotty 200.2 RedCard 122.7 Gringo 119.5 CDN Girl 42.7 mcdonnell761 0 old caley girl 0 ictrmd 0 Congratualtions to SOS on retaining the NAPS Competition Title. Also many congratulation to all those finishing in profit. As for the others - must do better
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    I was wondering about doing a fans guide re away matches? Could include home as well. Is this something that you think would be useful? If so Im happy to work on it over the close season.
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    I don't blame him to be fair. Penalty looks soft and White is probably just about offside but I'm happy to take some luck. We are owed it after incidents like the McMullan handball a few weeks back.
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    Haha aye the big man white Iv defo warmed to him he's improved massively ! Trafford for me the jury's still out doesn't do enough in most games and yet was immense against dufc in the cup hoping he plays like that in the play offs
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    They were beaten 4-0. No Cammy Harper, Harry Nicolson, Roddy MacGregor or Daniel but still a shock to the system!
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