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    Nothing compared to what he has suffered
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    Rooney did his ankle and shouted fuuuuck at the top of his voice as he went down the tunnel, emerging later in crutches. We brought on Coll and the back 4 looked decent for an hour with MacKay performing well behind them. We played the first 20 minutes with a lopsided system in which Trafford and Brown held with McGregor hugging the right touchline. On the other side Doran moved up alongside Curry and White whenever we had the ball. Curry was central with White shifting slightly to the right. We soon switched to 4-2-3-1 with Curry going wide and MacGregor playing as a 10. Both of them were being coached very intensively by Robbo throughout the game as they struggled to impose themselves. Doran came off with a groin strain before half-time - it didn't look serious. Walsh came on and played quite well. Todorov came on for Harper and played centre-half with McCart moving to left-back and gave away a penalty before he'd touched the ball. Later in the game he let a straightforward high ball bounce off the top of his head and Aberdeen should've scored. Todorov redeemed himself by getting a flick onto a corner for Brad to pop up with his trademark back post tap-in. As the subs rained on the game opened up a little and there were chances at both ends. Machado offered more penetration than MacGregor, and Keatings played centrally alongside White when he came on. Chalmers had replaced Brown by this point - we need to get some growth hormones into those boys. It was really depressing to see Trafford taking set pieces - there was a gaping Liam Polwarth sized hole in the centre of midfield throughout. We desperately need the dynamism of a Sean Welsh to give the attacking players a platform. No sign of him, Carson, Vincent or Tremarco today.
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    Carson was doing some jogging on the pitch at the warm up but did not appear to kick any balls. He watched the game from the stand sat next to tremarco. As far as the game went we could have lost a few goals first half; poor dons finishing and some good saves from mackay. Penalty was a mix up as todorov had just came on and players were out of position. Overall a good performance against a big strong Aberdeen side. We could have won it late on.
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    Competed well against a very strong Aberdeen side. Fair result ,although thought we could have nicked a winner at the end as we finished the stronger. Some really good performances out there, in particular from the young guys who never looked out of place against a team who will be pushing for a top 2 finish. Crowd today was an impressive 2100
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    *Personal abuse hidden although the sentiment is understandable*
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    When Steve Paterson was boss, it was a running joke on Saturday BBC Scotland football programmes that the ICT job was the safest in football and sacking our manager was as likely as seeing the loch ness monster sitting down for a cuppa at Drum ! We have dispensed with the services of only 3 managers in our history - Baltacha, Brewster and Foran, the rest all resigned or were poached. Robbo did a great job first time round with meagre resources to get us to the (then) SPFL and he seems to be doing a decent job this time with even fewer resources as he tries to get us back up to the Premiership for the second time as our manager. His recruitment seems better than most, he seems to be able to motivate players and if we have deficiencies its because we cant pay the wages right now that we used to in the premiership so perhaps the football is not quite so silky ! On that basis, knowing he is trying to get the best out of what he's got to hand - and assuming his tenure as our boss doesn't implode somehow - then he will do for me as long as he wants it. He's in it for the long haul, and so are we !!
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    Should we have our very own unscientific poll ? We could do one position per week based on the names in the thread and the most popular formation quoted so far (442) .... Only thing different would be to add Herchie I think (for reasons stated earlier). Do this over the next few months and let site users vote .... see how it compares to the official club one when it comes out
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    Thanks for the report Stan Just watched the video of the goal and it looks like White who flicked on the ball for the goal ,said that on twitter too. Great result tho.
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    Good performances today particularly by the young guys and all fitted in well. 2nd half we were better team, not great with injuries, think Rooneys looked the worst
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    That is a draw I am happy to accept, followed it on twitter, Walsh seemed to be our main threat with Brad doing his bit at the back post again. Well done our Lads. Hope our injuries aren't serious
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    Exactly- difficult comparing part time but charismatic keeper with a full time but steady eddie( boring ) one ! Played at different levels too. Both worthy
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    Was in Wick today and Academy were displaying their next match as being against ICT on the 10th of July. Their website has it listed as ICT XI at 7:30 PM, so I'm guessing it will be youngsters and maybe one or two back from injury. Nothing on the ICT website or the CTO article though.
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    Matty Machado has been class in both games, but tbf, most Brazilian footballers are... Actually glad his dad came to us asking for a trial for him than C*unty, can defo see him being a comparable player to Dan MacKay, and who knows, if he impresses enough he might be following Dan into the Youth Internationals. Just have to make sure the Dons don't nick him once he becomes decent...
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    Walsh oozed class and was the main creator of chances. McCart strolled through the game and looked comfortable on the ball, making room and time foe himself when needed. This is the first time I have seen most, if not all, of the younger players and none of them looked out of place. My young MOTM was Kieran Chalmers as he regularly broke up Forres attacks and then started ICT attacks, constant energy and not frightened to put a strong tackle in. Machado wasn’t far behind him as young MOTM. If we can hold on to these players we have a sound foundation to build a team for the future. I was standing within earshot of JR for the second half and it was encouraging to hear him continually talking to the younger players about positioning and the positive thing was that they listened and obeyed instructions. Todorov indicated to JR that he had cramp.
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    21 goals scored over 4 games 11 different scorers All the forwards bagging 3 a piece Decent workouts to start the season Next couple of games will be intetsting v Dons and Jambos
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    I never make predictions and I never will... 😂 League - 2nd Scottish - Last 8 LC - nowhere, as per get out of group but lose at the next hurdle IRN Bru - semi Robbo decides he has taken ICT far enuff and fecks off to China.
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    Why not what's people's expectations how long does Robbo get or is it a job for life no matter the results? Your right wasn't good enough for me I was expecting a run at the league but tbf to Robbo the 1st season was pretty much a write of with the mad scramble for players! A question maybe should've asked after a few games but interesting to get people's thoughts is Robbo bulletproof ? What do the fans expect?
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