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Caramel Wafer Cup Semi Final

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We didn't 'bottle' it. We overcame a very talented and rather highly paid development team of a club with close to twenty five times our income in horrendous weather conditions and in the face of two

To those thinking of boycotting please please think of the other players here! Boycotting wont make one scrap of a difference to the SFA. We dont get to many cup finals so lets get behind the boys and

Aitken should be dragged in to offer a personal apology to Keatings for that rotten decision.

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Wonder if the SPFL will be hauling Robbo up again after those comments about the ref? Not because he was wrong, because he was totally spot on about that ref. He gave nearly everything the other way. Especially not blowing for the fowl on Charlie in the first half and then sending Keatings off, when it was obvious even to a blind man that there was plenty of contact. 

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1 hour ago, Caley Mad In Berks said:

Unbelievable.  I thought the ref had given us a penalty at first.

I thought so too.  Thought that the red card was a bit harsh - and then I saw who he was showing it to  :amazed:

Haven't gone back to look at it again, but I'm sure that at the disallowed goal, the linesman never flagged for offside, and ran all the way to the goal line with his flag down.  Then next time the TV showed him, he was level with the edge of the box and flagging frantically, after the referee had blown.

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