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    Thanks to the generosity of D & E Coaches we are able to run a free bus to Brora game on 4th July. Depart Caley Club 5.15pm and stadium 5.30pm. Seats going fast.
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    There is lots going on behind the scenes Robbo is going to bring in 3 more should be next week
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    BB You deserve a Laurel Wreath to be placed on your forehead for your loyalty to ICT. Amazing. "Lang may yer lum reek, laddie."
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    Whaaaat? I always he would be forever David Beckham-esque!
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    Wait till she sees how podgy and middle aged Yngwie looks.
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    Aye Buffers, we'll need to have a type off
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    We're going to build a wall, a great wall to stop our players leaving. And County are going to pay for it!
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    Sorry but do not agree, he is as much to blame as anyone for the absolute shambles the club is in at the moment, maybe more as he was in the chair when Foran was awarded an unprecedented 4 year deal. He also sat back and did nothing as we imploded, during a complete car crash of a season culminating in where we are today, stalking the bottom of the Highland League for players, hoping they will choose us over Arbroath.
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    ICTFC Club News STATEMENT FROM ICTFC BOARD Details Last Updated: Thursday, 01 June 2017 14:07 There has been a good response of candidates expressing interest for the position of ICT football manager. The Board of Directors are currently assessing the applicants in readiness for interview selection. It is important that we select the right person for this key position. The following players are still under contract and are expected to be part of the squad moving forward. All the players under contract have indicated that they are wanting to stay and help the club regain its Premier League status. The current ICT players are Owain Fon-Williams, Ryan Esson, David Raven, Gary Warren, Ross Draper, Iain Vigurs, Liam Polworth, Scott Boden, Aaron Doran, Jake Mulranney, Brad McKay and Carl Tremarco. We are currently in negotiation with Cammy Mackay and Kevin McNaughton and are hopeful of resigning them. There are other targets that have been identified as potential future players and we are confident that we will have a strong squad next season who will be very well equipped to mount a robust challenge for promotion. Several players have moved on from ICT and we would like to thank them all for their efforts and wish them all the very best of luck in the future; those leaving include Josh Meekings, Dean Ebbe, Lewis Horner, Henri Anier, Greg Tansey and Jason Brown. Alex Fisher is a player whom we tried to resign but he decided to take up an offer elsewhere and we wish him well at his new club. On top of that Billy King, Billy McKay, Larnell Cole and Jamie McCart, all of whom were on loan, have left the club to either rejoin their parent club or are moving elsewhere. Our top priority next season will be to get back into the Scottish Premier League. This is something that everyone at ICT is focused on and we will be giving 100% effort to achieve this goal. WELL, that was a load of rubbish from our board. They are ruining our club and reputation.
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    While your attitude is commended, not all of us are as fortunate financially so have to make choices where Football is a form of entertainment. Therefore many of us buy our tickets based on what can be classed as value for money - given the farce over pricing and still being one of the highest ST's in the league there is every right to question whether the changes will represent value on the park for the fans. If payers are being moved on now and released rather than announcements made weeks ago when it could have been we have essentially been duped through the expectation that those under contract would have been retained. When the season ended our manager at that time stated he expected almost all of the squad that day to be staying, while his tenure may have ended nobody from the club has said anything contrary to that statement indicating wholesale cuts in staff are required. I'm sure I'm not the only one looking at what I've paid out and wondering whether they board offer of discounted 2018-19 Premiership ST's was nothing more than a false ploy knowing full well they were not looking to build a squad capable of getting to that level.
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    I always admired Buffys buns . So that is Dunfermline sorted but so, so many more to sort out.
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    Ty Kingsmill it's good to be back. I'm happy to say I'm still providing the DAFC.net Live Updates (home page - just click on link) for ALL supporters to read; please also feel free to post on our football forum. Healthy discussions are always welcome. I've also started a blog --- get me, a blogger lol - and there's a few football related poems on it --- Buffysbuns.wordpress.com Happy to meet up with ye all at EEP, and I'm champing at the bit to come up the road and spend some time in the Sneck! Hope you're all well. Buff xx
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    One of the few positives of demotion. More fun and civilised away days and the welcome return to the forum of Buffy
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    Maybe people are taking the lead from Beaut House and are "reflecting" on whether to take this thread "off the table". Irrespective of its fate, apart from this post, I have no plans to return to it "within a generation". As I stated some time ago, I decided to withdraw because the unfortunately divisive nature of this subject was causing too many fractious exchanges with people whom I value and for whose CTO contributions I also have regard. Part of that may well have been my naturally satirical take on things and I certainly avoided the temptation of some kind of triumphalist return post-election. Instead, it has been far more fun winding up some of the complete numpties, Freedom-bellowers, out and out Cybernats and UDI-demanders you get on The National and The SNP Facebook pages. Although a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, that is genuine entertainment and it avoids confrontation with far more esteemed fellow contributors to CTO.
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