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    Good, generally positive and encouraging, interviews. The only thing I would take issue with is Robbo's assertion that 'we don't have the luxury of a hundred years of history behind us'. Yes we do, in fact we have well over two hundred years of combined history.
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    I dont! Im the same as Kingsmills I look at it as double the history!!
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    Yes, hard not to warm someone who sees our club in the context of our dolphins. What a marketing opportunity! We've got dolphins, you've not.
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    Immortal Howden Ender - You posted the need to "Really need to get that on here"... Here's the link. You need to go to https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09dxdf4/live-football-spfl-challenge-cup-inverness-caledonian-thistle-v-falkirk and fast forward to 01:00:40 for the beginning of the feature. Enjoy!
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    It would also be good to have another local in the squad. Also if he hasnt been playing for some time, it takes a good few weeks training and games to regain your match sharpness. He was a good and important player for us before, and Im pretty sure he hasnt lost ability, just some confidence. I would take him back if he is willing
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    I remember not so very long ago when our semi final opponents were vet strong favourites indeed for the trophy.
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    Unfortunately the large majority of Caley and Thistle fans will look at their clubs' histories dying in 1994. If everybody had looked at the merger as being a "coming together" and a mere episode in history then our fan base would definitely be much increased. Robbo has got it spot on.
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    I just felt that it was from the heart from both individuals and tinged with a hint of sarcasm from Rae who will be referred to as Flipper from henceforth.
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    Yes and his link play with Gary Warren at centre forward would be interesting.
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    Yes, the right to freedom of expression is a wonderful thing for us to have...
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    It's not really though is it.
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    Sorry but I don't think he would bring anything to the table that we don't already have.
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