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    Having got to the midpoint of the season, up to 6th in the table, what do people think 2016 will bring? We are now in a post Ryan Christie, Marley Watkins, Shinnie Bros and Mckay era, a period that saw us in the top six three seasons running and with a Scottish Cup win and a League Cup final apperance, and our first sortie into Europe to boot. It was a tough start to the season, with injuries, suspension, key players sold/not retained and little money for reinforcements....and irritably we've developed a knack for only playing 45mins and sitting deep on leads. Maybe that was inevitable, with a defence that has hardly been stable and new players taking time to blend in or just plain settle in. However considering what has happened at Dundee Utd, and also Motherwell (who finished 2nd in the league not so long ago) we may have done really well to avoid a potential meltdown! Arguably December has been a pretty good month going unbeaten with plenty of goals scored albeit with draws snatched from potential defeats and wins (but we would have taken a draw at Aberdeen before the start!).... and winning at Hamilton despite initially losing the lead twice, is probably a sign of the never-give-up mentality coming back. Good signs are the emergence of Polworth, Vincent still being fit, Devine developing as a solid defender. Williams has been a bit quiet recently (probaly suffering a bit as Mr Versatile in a shuffling line-up) but I expect him to push on. Tansey seems to be increasingly the rock that the team is built around, and Wedderburn now seems to have Yogi's confidence and seems to be putting in some performances. Fon-Williams has done well enough, although I am not convinced he has the fans confidence (am I wrong?) but it has to be a small boost that he could be going to the EUFA championship for Wales (albeit as an un-playing understudy to the mighty Wayne Hennessey) Question marks are whether we can retain Storey (we clearly want to!) and whether the now-fit Roberts proves to be the real deal, likewise Lopez-Robles and Mbuyi-Mutombo have much to do to impress. Vigurs has provided some impetus in certain games, but seems a stop-gap. I feel over the close season we may be looking at new full backs, as much as I like Tremarco, I don't feel Yogi sees either him or Raven as long term (or have I got it wrong with Raven?) A problem for us is that in reality with small crowds we have a very low income stream, and the SPFL as a package doesn't seem to generate much income, therefore player retention and recruitment is a bit of a lottery....I could see another sale in the summer being required to maintain rebuilding/regeneration, and the most valuable asset now is perhaps Meekings My hopes for 2016 would see us achieve a top 6 finish for this season which I would consider a mighty achievement. Scottish Cup wise... in reality cups are a lottery, it needs two goalscoring sources to improve the odds, but I don't see us getting beyond two rounds, and would take the top six finish first and foremost. For the start of season 2016/17 I would like us to go into it with a decent goalscoring threat (and one not on loan!) and a couple of fast overlapping fullbacks. Happy New Year to you all
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    I would have voted for Josh Meekings, but he's not on the list for some reason.
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    I see no one has voted for Michael Fraser, and I didn't either, but if the poll was for important saves, he would be right up there. Of those who saw it, few will ever forget his wonderful save towards the end of a match against Celtic at the Longman, when we beat them 3-2 after being 0-2 down. That save, as much as anything else, won that match for us. The save was captured on photograph, and was available (may still be) from the club shop. I got it as a Xmas present some years ago and still proudly display it on my wall.
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    Devine suspended for the Killie game on 9th Jan (sorry I mean 16th - Doh - too many last night!). Hopefully we will see the return of the Meekings / Warren partnership Magennis and Smith suspended for Killie
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    Great to see Liam doing so well. In my opinion there is nothing quite like a truly local boy in the team to provide inspiration to youngsters in Inverness to follow their dreams and have confidence in their abilities, whatever path they choose to follow. I'm so glad he's taken his chance to carry on where Nick and Ryan left off and credit to the youth coaches for their part in nurturing local talent. All the very best for 2016 Liam and the rest of the team too. Thanks for an amazing year and loads of unforgettable memories.
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    I have finally worked out what Douglas Adams' 42 was the answer to: How many points would you need to guarantee finishing outside the bottom 2 of the Premiership/SPL since the 12 team, 38 game format was introduced. So six more wins then
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    Deek ??? He's not back surely!!
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    Preview published on home page, have a deek.
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    Aren't there points allocated for booking (1 or 2) I think, and 12 points is a ban? If I recall correct, most caution able offences are 2 points, so 6 bookings usually equals a ban, but it isn't a certainty. I'm sure this used to be the case, but it is possible I am behind the times This stuff used to be available on the SFA website, but I am darned if I can find it these days. And how unlike the SFA to have a system that isn't quite transparent!
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    Forgot that most modern gyms have junior equipment these days.
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    Would be great to get it on Saturday against our rivals! I hope we have scored much more than County I wonder if they have a Dingboy that keeps their stats.
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    Points attained in the SPFL Premiership during the calendar year 2015. Obviously, St Mirren only contested the first 'half' of the year after relegation, and similarly, Hearts have only been able to accumulate points during the second 'half', having been in the league below at the beginning of the year....hence 13 teams are listed. Not bothering about number of games played, it's literally points gained from 1st January to the end of last season (1st column) + the number of points accrued in this campaign (2nd column); then the total. Incredible that Hearts (who despite, obviously scoring zero for the first 'half') are still ahead of Dundee United! And, although I should know better, It's still a surprise to me to see Partick Thistle so high up there! Celtic 53 43 96 Aberdeen 38 43 81 Ross County 34 30 64 St Johnstone 28 31 59 Inverness Caley Thistle 33 25 58 Partick Thistle 26 24 50 Dundee 24 23 47 Motherwell 19 24 43 Hamilton Accies 20 22 42 Kilmarnock 17 20 37 Hearts 0 36 36 Dundee United 22 10 32 St Mirren 19 0 19
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    Watching the highlights we scored 4 cracking goals lets hope for more on Saturday and tighten up at the back.
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    Failed, busy being Grandad when I twigged that our game started in the afternoon on a Wednesday, ah well null point for me yesterday. At least we won and I only lost a potential 3 points.
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    I always wanted to see polworth getting a proper chance and he certainly hasn't disappointed! He has stepped up to be a very important player for us and I hope that the club can sort out a good contract for him! As we seen on Wednesday he is also a player that will hit a ball from outside the box which is, unfortunately, something we don't see a great deal of! Liam can only get better from here and I hope we get to see him in his best years!
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    I met Jim Calder in the gym this morning where he still works out regularly, although can't at the moment run since he's hurt his knee. (I'm not sure this actually upset him too much!) I told him about this thread and we discussed penalties. I reminded him that he saved two in a successful shootout in a Cup replay at home to Stranraer in January 1997 after Paul Cherry missed his and he reminded me that there was a period in his ICT career when, including misses, two thirds of the penalties taken against him were unsuccessful. I think those of us old enough to remember that era look back nostalgically on a wonderful pioneering age for ICT when nobody (execpt, apparently, Dougie McGilvray!) knew how things were actually going to progress. That first decade from D3 to the SPL - and in particular years 2-5 under Pele from D3 to D1 and the quarter finals of the Cup - was an intriguing era of rapid progress where new territory was being discovered again and again by a club which was leaving its Highland League origins and making progress through the national hierarchy. Jim Calder, and many others, played vital roles in that pioneering epic.
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    Most exhilarating game of the season so far, thanks to the events of the last 10 minutes, but a very hard-working team was badly served by the bench yesterday, imvho. We were absolutely in control for an hour - I barely remember Hamilton creating a chance before they scored - but it was clear that some players were starting to tire badly in particularly difficult conditions, and given renewed hope by the goal, Hamilton were able to start dominating a game that they had never been in. The team's tendency to drop deeper and deeper and invite pressure onto themselves when defending a lead has been a source of concern and frustration all season, and while it was perhaps more understandable yesterday, given the conditions, at least having Williams' pace and Sho Silva's presence on the park in the last twenty five minutes would have provided genuine counter-attacking options: Storey was virtually a passenger during that period, having run himself into the ground. On the other hand, there was plenty to be encouraged by in addition to the final score. The midfield trio Tansey, Polworth and Draper was immense, key to us absolutely controlling the first hour of the game. After being one of our our best and most important players last season, Tansey had seemed quieter and less confident in the early part of this season, but on the evidence of yesterday, he is starting to get back to his best. Draper drove us forward, as he apparently did against Aberdeen; we're simply a far better side with him in the team, and we need to get him tied to a new contract asap. And of course, the revelation of St Liam continues. For a good three months now, he has been the bright spot in the team: relentlessly industrious, and positive and dynamic in his passing and the runs he makes, where too many others have been timid and conservative. Yesterday's two goals encapsulated all these qualities and rewarded Polworth for what he brings to the team. The one concern, of course, is that if his ability and influence continue to develop at the pace they have done in the first half of this season, then he might be the next player to follow Christie out the door. Wedderburn also had a good game yesterday, commanding the area in front of the central defence and bringing the three aforementioned players into the game. Vincent, on the other hand, still looks like he doesn't quite know where he should be playing. Hopefully this should inspire the team and given them confidence ahead of the derby, but County are undoubtedly a better team than Hamilton, and our players are going to have to make sure that they create plenty of opportunities, because on the basis of how our season has gone so far, it's an absolute nap that County will score against us.
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    1995 40 48 1 2 1 1996 43 64 6 1 1 1997 42 70 2 0 3 1998 44 65 16 7 0 1999 39 80 1 4 0 2000 47 60 4 5 11 2001 43 71 6 3 4 Davide Xausa 500th goal ICT 4-0 Airdrie 2002 46 60 7 7 5 2003 44 74 9 7 0 2004 47 67 10 1 14 2005 42 41 2 2 0 2006 45 51 6 9 0 2007 43 42 8 3 0 2008 42 51 0 7 0 Grant Munro 1000th goal St. Mirren 1-1 ICT 2009 44 37 5 4 0 2010 46 72 2 10 8 2011 44 52 8 6 0 2012 42 42 4 0 0 2013 45 64 5 7 0 2014 46 44 8 5 0 2015 45 52 13 0 0 2016 24 27 3 0 ^^^ 943 1234 123 93 47 1497 Season ending Total Games League goals Scottish Cup goals League Cup goals Challenge Cup goals GOALS TOTAL
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    The poll says "favourite" not best etc., etc., etc. Calder is a feckin no brainer (pun)
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    Jim Calder was a fans favourite, an eccentric and a bit of a 'character. However, he was also a fine goalkeeper, a natural shop stopper and the man you would want in goal facing a penalty. It's true that he didn't play for us in the top league but that was simply a matter of timing as we were not in the top league in his day. He contributed fully to the famous 3-1 at Parkhead with two wonderful saves and could easily have played and held his own in the Premiership. We have been fortunate enough to have had some very decent 'keepers over the years but, for me, Jim Calder is the stand out.
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    Jim Calder was more than just a cult hero. He was a terrific goalkeeper who would have held his own in the SPL. ICT fans didn't even get to see him in his prime. Let's not forget he was already 34 at the time of the merger but stayed with the club for 8 more years. When he won man of the match in our famous 1-3 Scottish Cup victory at Celtic Park he was 40 years old and earning £15 a week.
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    Jim Calder was a fans favourite and a good keeper for us, but he never played in the top flight and even then was he as good as Brill, Brown and Esson amongst others? Perhaps strangely it was Mark Brown I went for. I think a lot of people forget how good he was for us. Unlucky not be capped.
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