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    Some of the replies to this thread about the young fans at the bottom of section E are frankly disgusting. Describing them and their parents as "neddy" is frankly deplorable and not something I'd expect from the usually friendly supporters of this football club. What right do you have to assume or judge the financial or social state of people who you have likely never met? If that's how you perceive your fellow ICT fans, maybe you shouldn't be one yourself, because we don't want you. Perhaps cricket or Conservative Party conferences are more your thing. Throughout Scotland, ICT are slated for poor home/away support and a non existent atmosphere. Since the group have come along, the atmosphere at the club has improved greatly and it's clear to see that the players appreciate it. Who wants to go to a football game with no atmosphere? Frankly the club has been crying out for a group of fanatical supporters for years. Since discussions with the club, the older boys who run the group have put a stop to the pyrotechnic displays and have kept the younger boys in check. Without this group on Saturday, it's 50 less fans and over £500 in lost ticket revenue for the club. The 'young team' spend their money and their time to support this football club, home and away, week in and week out, even after only two league wins since October. They deserve our respect for that. They’re hardly Millwall or CSKA hooligans, smashing up train stations and pubs wherever they go. I guarantee we would have had more violent fans in the Highand League days. For how many years have we heard the club and other supporters cry out for more fans at games? Well since this group started at the Celtic game in late 2015, they've doubled in size. Clearly some people in here have just been born a 40 year old sweetie rustler who has no idea what it's like to be young and to be a real football fan.
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    The only "arrogant nonsense" I've seen on this thread would be the way you described the young fans and their parents. I can't see you having many pals if that's how you judge and treat people.
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    Boden looked alright when he came on last week, but by and large he's looked terrible. Against Elgin he made Vigurs look hardworking! Fisher though is another matter. He's always impressed me. Strong, powerful, fairly fast for his size and very hard working, he's exactly the type of guy you want in there next to Mckay. Yet he hasn't played since Hogmanay and sometimes doesn't even make the bench, as well as being seemingly further down in the pecking order than the aforementioned, usually rubbish Scott Boden and Sunday League superstar Dean Ebbe. There were rumours a while back that there'd been a fallout behind the scenes and alas it looks as though this is true. At times like this, we need players like him in the side and the manager should be the bigger man and let bygones be bygones. His decision not to include Fisher could have huge consequences come May. We were partly relegated in 2009 by Butcher's ego. Let's hope we aren't sent down by Foran's.
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    That old thing called democracy again that the Unionists seem so selective in their backing for. Shortly after the Brexit vote they convened an EGM where their members voted overwhelmingly to push for a fresh referendum given the change of circumstances.. However, given that they have backed independence for decades I doubt that their position on the matter comes as a surprise or indeed a disappointment to many who voted for them. In any event, the government does not require the support of the Greens to 'get this through Holyrood'. Should the greens abstain the matter would still be passed with votes to spare.
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    Well said! I have a 100% record of attendance this season and go on the supporters bus to the away games, also my season ticket seat is in stand E above the 'young team' and I sit up the back of the bus near them and overall they are a fine bunch of fans. Yes, sometimes their youthful exuberance is a little OTT for a lady of my years but overall they are dedicated lads (some with not too much money) and bring a great atmosphere. Perhaps those who too easily judge other fans should maybe make an effort to look at the positives that the 'young team' bring rather than the negatives. I have heard some really offensive language in the North stand being shouted out and this has been from older men who should know better!
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    Would that be the one in the Times? The one in which respondents are asked to choose between a referendum in "the next year or two", a referendum "in about two years"(after negotiations), or no referendum "in the next few years". Can you explain how a referendum, possibly taking place some time between Autumn 2018 and September 2019, when the terms of the negotiations should clear, or even be ready to be debated in all EU Parliaments, do not conform to both "the next year or two" and "in about two years" questions...making that 32% + 18% (ie 50%) in favour of Nicola Sturgeon's time frame....and 50% preferring "not for a few years" which could be any time after "about two years" ...couldn't it? Anyway, it is pretty much the same split as in the last poll. I notice, incidentally, that a Comres poll has 52% of those polled saying that any second Scottish referendum on independence should not wait until Britain has completed the process of leaving the EU....which does fit nicely with the preferred option of Nicola Sturgeon.. The last seven polls have had three with an increased pro-indy vote, two with the pro-indy vote much as it was in 2014 and two with a drop in the pro-indy vote that one and one which does not include the 16 and 17 year olds in their sampling. Must admit, I have never given polls any credence since I was once polled, during a General Election in a constituency with an SNP candidate(who won incidentally) but there was no SNP(or "Other" option) on the form...so I was put in by the person asking the questions as a Lib/Dem...and I haven't believed a poll since. But they're fun to talk about.
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    I don't know if these are the same young fans that I have witnessed behaving as louts on three occasions after games this season, sincerely hope not given their support as detailed above but............ after the first County home game, some young neds starting shouting and challenging any County fans heading their way after the game. I told them to shut up and behave themselves and, despite wearing an ICT jacket, scarf and baseball cap, they started abusing me before running after County fans. The same group did the same thing after the Kilmarnock game. The worst thing however was after the Aberdeen game when walking back up Longman Road. Two young Aberdeen fans in front were walking towards the city centre when a group of young ICT fans (4/5) starting abusing the young fans (no more than 14/15 years old) who sensibly kept on walking. Then one young ICT "fan" started punching/hitting the Aberdeen fans trying to get a reaction which they didn't get. Again I challenged these "fans" but they then started shouting abuse at my son in law and myself. Fortunately this distraction let the two young fans get mixed up with a crowd of people further ahead and no further trouble ensued. First time in my life, I had ever witnessed something like this. As I have said, don't know if these were the same fans fighting in the pie queue but these actions do not make them real football fans in my book.
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    I'm not sure that all this talk about the playoffs at this stage is a good idea because if it spreads it could become a self fulfilling prophecy. Yes of course there's a significant danger of finishing 11th and almost as great a danger of finishing 12th. That has to be recognised BUT before the end of the season ICT have to play Motherwell twice and Hamilton once and Motherwell and Hamilton have to play each other twice. That array of six pointers is the battleground in which I think these issues will now be decided and there's also the likelihood of another Highland Derby. It's one thing tacitly to acknowledge the significant risk of having to go into the playoffs, but I don't think it's a good idea to start talking now about preferred playoff opponents.... so I would stick with forresjags' final statement.
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    Why on earth would you rather face Morton than Dundee United? Morton are cigaring their way up the table and are looking very strong to finish second. United meanwhile are falling apart and have only won once in their last ten games.
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    I agree, however Mackay needs some support and Fisher certainly has the energy and pace to make a good partnership, wot is there to loose at this stage of the game. We need to try something to increase the chance of the ball getting into the back of the net!
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    Look the way I see it there is still a glimmer of hope yes we are witnessing probably the worst and badly managed ICT team that has played in the top flight but we are still very much in the mix with Hamilton,Motherwell and County who are all equally as poor in my opinion its going to go to the wire and all clubs mentioned above will take points of each other which should result in a pretty exciting finish to the season I guess Anyway here's ten minutes of CaleyD in action over the course of this season, hopefully there will be a lot more footage before the season ends Dougal
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    To be honest, Huisdean, I'm not a lot further on after that answer. However, the account you give of the most definitely neddy behaviour of the Section E micro-louts is a lot more definitive and is a vivid description of an absolute disgrace. Wee neds like that need got rid of until they grow up - if they ever do so. For some reason, and sectarianism creates the same problem, football falls victim again and again as a platform for rank undesirables like this. Somebody mentioned losing 50 admissions if this infestation were not to turn up. Quite frankly it would be money well lost just to get rid of these obnoxious creatures but in practice, if it were thought that you could visit the Caledonian Stadium without having to be subjected to this brainless thuggery, the net financial effect would probably be positive. Little parasites like this are a cancer which urgently needs excised and to hear people attempting to justify them on the grounds that they make a noise is laughable. It's difficult to say how many of their parents are also neds but irrespective of that, one thing is certain - these parents all need to get a grip of the thoroughly unpleasant, anti-social behaviour of the offspring they have inflicted on our society.
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    Does not the thought of a last day decider - probably against Hamilton - not send shivers down yer feckin spine.
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    Absolutely. An interesting and very valid post spoiled by those last, unfair, unnecessary and divisive comments at the end. Right now we need everyone from the young and enthusiastically vocal to the more 'mature' just as enthusiastic but perhaps less boisterous on board. If ever there was a time for TogetherNess it's now.
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    Could you please outline that financial impact, Huisdaen, and preferably give some details and numbers? This is something I am not aware of.
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    Some of these kids' (and they mostly are kids) parents are probably equally as neddy as they are. It's the really cliched ones that make me laugh. Head to toe in Stone Island gear, in bucket hats and listening to the Stone Roses. Imagine wanting to emulate Danny Dyer? Eugh.
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    Gringo I was not upset just disappointed! Like all political parties we don't give up the SNP support independence so we will keep trying just like all parties in Scotland.
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    Seriously Dougal??. There have been poor ICT sides and also badly managed ones previously as well. We have no right to be in the top division and have to earn that. Possibly no surprise that the two teams with the smallest budgets are the bottom two clubs. If we can stay up, and I believe we can, then it will be equally as hard next season with Hibs coming up into the SPFL. Undoubtedly, mistakes have been made by our manager this season but he has had to learn on the job and quickly. That is not totally RFs fault and the board have to accept a degree of culpability here for that and their handling of John Hughes departure and the financial impact it has had on the club. Jury is out as to whether he is learning well but he will be there until the end of the season so needs support. If the unthinkable happens and it is obvious that we will be relegated, the board has to seriously reappraise the situation to be prepared for next season very quickly. As for yesterdays game, definitely think we deserved to win, after a poor first half but we needed a wide player brought on sooner to help us with an out ball from defence. While not setting the heather on fire, thought Anier did okay yesterday and kept the County defenders on their toes. The battling qualities are back at last but we need to get some wins starting with Kilmarnock. The game against Motherwell before the split is now also hugely significant. From reading previous posts, there are definite splits between some posters on whether we played well or otherwise. This is sadly depressing and I wish everyone put the same effort into supporting the team. Good debate is healthy, petty point scoring isn,t.
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    To be fair, we have tightened up at the back and therefore become harder to beat. That's usually a prerequisite to becoming a team that can win games.
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    I've been at almost 200 consecutive matches. Absolutely heartbroken I'm not welcome at games by parts of a group who had to be split by police for fighting in Saturday's pie queue!
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    Agree with most of what you say but then have to end with a pretty childish last paragraph. Everyone supports the club in there own way. It doesn't make them any less a supporter. Delete that paragraph and it's a green dot from me.
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    Agree 100%, they are embarrassing the club, there is no place for this "Casual" behaviour in 2017. Are they the same bunch that misbehave in Elgin a few weeks back? If they are your kids, have a word in their ear and sort them out.
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    In this respect, football is very like politics. Just as people's voting habits change as they grow older and become more politically mature, so also do people abandon their childhood football preferences for something more gown up. But anyway.... yesterday's derby. How different would the outlook of both sides now have been in the absence of that late equaliser? A hypothetical question, however, about a costly goal for ICT and an extremely valuable one for Ross County.
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    No. I mean the minority of people who voted for Independence in the 2014 referendum and the minority who, according to the polls, currently want independence. I am very tied to the idea of democracy. That is why I think:- It is a democratic outrage that a Government which tells its people that a referendum relating to major constitutional change is a "once in a generation" event, and which signs a formal agreement with another to agree that the result of that referendum will be considered decisive and will be respected, should, less than two years later, put a policy to have a 2nd referendum in their manifesto. It is a democratic outrage that the Scottish Government thinks that words in an election manifesto for the Scottish Parliament have greater democratic validity than the result of a single issue referendum when more than 55% of a record turnout affirmed their wish to remain a part of the UK. It is a democratic outrage that the excuse which the SNP have used to justify their breach of the Westminster Agreement is exactly the scenario which, in their official independence proposition paper, they told us we would have to accept if we rejected independence and it occurred. It is a democratic outrage that having used the the fact that a majority of Scottish voters voted to remain in the EU as their justification for having a 2nd independence referendum, the SNP now seem to be both demanding their referendum and back tracking on whether an independent Scotland would even apply to join the EU! It is a democratic outrage that we are even talking about a 2nd referendum. At no point in the democratic history of Scotland has there ever been a clear wish for independence from the people as a whole. We face the possibility of a permanent change to an independent state just because on a single day in our history, one more person might be in favour of independence than against. How can anyone with any respect for democracy think that is right? I would support a referendum if there was evidence to show that independence was the clear and settled will of the people. If and when a clear and settled desire for independence is demonstrated, a referendum should be be held on the basis of voting whether or not to accept a package for separation negotiated between the 2 Governments. In that way the people would know what they are voting for. May has previously said the independence question is settled in line with the Westminster Agreement which the UK has honoured and which the UK has every right to expect the Scottish Government will also honour. Until such time as the Scottish Government go to Westminster with a formal request for a Section 30 amendment then it would be inappropriate for May to say anything further. This will presumably change in the coming week when the elected Scottish Parliament is expected to vote to betray the Scottish People and go against the wishes of over 2 million people in the most historic and important vote in Scotland's history. I used the phrase "democratic outrage" above because that is the phrase the First Minister used when describing the position should Westminster block the will of the Scottish Parliament. Far from that being a democratic outrage, the Prime Minister may feel she has a duty under the Westminster Agreement to respect the result of the 2014 referendum and to stop the Scottish Government from acting against the clearly stated will of the Scottish people. As I said in an earlier post, I don't think the Westminster Government will give an absolute refusal. But let's be clear about this. Anything other than an absolute refusal will represent a compromise and would be more than this unprincipled and manipulative SNP Government deserves.
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    So now if you don't make noise you're not as a good a fan and in some cases not even a real fan. What arrogant nonsense. And also if I find the 'young teams' antics and dress sense a bit cliched these superfans want me to support someone else! Aw no, pass me the handkerchief!
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