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    The Committee of ICT Supporters Travel Club would like to say a Huge Thank You to All who faithfully supported us in 2017 . We Wish You All a Very Happy Healthy New Year and look forward to your valued continued support in 2018 .New faces always very welcome.
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    The annual totals of goals scored by ex ICT players are below. But first, I have decided that, after quite a few years of keeping these records, I’m going to give it a miss next year. If anyone is interested in taking over, drop me a PM as I’ll be happy to let you have my spreadsheets and list of websites etc I’ve found useful in obtaining the more obscure results not usually available on BBC. In 2017 I found 66 scorers with a total of 425 goals, as follows :- 37 goals Rory McAllister (Peterhead) 32 “ Jason Oswell (Stockport, 19; NewtownAFC ,13) 20 “ Stuart Soane (Forres) 19 “ Curtis Allen (Glentoran) Ibra Sekajja (Dulwich Hamlet, 13; Bognor R, 6) 16 “ Phil Roberts (Braintree, 15; Chesham, 1) 15 “ Adam Rooney (Aberdeen) Andrew Greig (Brora R,13; Formantine, 2) 14 “ Stuart Armstrong (Celtic, 13; Scotland, 1) 13 “ Dan Park (Cove R) 12 “ Ryan Christie (Aberdeen) Zander Sutherland (Brora R) 10 “ Sam Winnall (Derby, 6; Sheff Wed, 4) Adam Evans (Shelbourne) 09 “ Gary Wood (Formantine) 08 “ Michael Finnis (Clach) Jordan Roberts (Crawley) Ben Greenhalgh (Concord R, 5; Hemel H, 3) Henri Anier (FC Lati, 6; Estonia, 2) 07 “ Dani Lopez (Arenas de Getxo) Jason Brown (Peterhead) Dale Gillespie (Rothes) Shane Sutherland (Elgin) 06 “ Jaimie Wilson (Rothes) 05 “ Gregory Tade (Qatar SC, 4; Maccabi Petah, 1) Ryan Williams (Ottawa Fury) Doug Imrie (Hamilton) Dennis Wyness (Huntly) Jonny Hayes (Aberdeen) Marley Watkins ( Barnsley, 4; Norwich, 1) Andrew Shinnie (Luton, 3; Hibs, 2) 04 “ Tobi Sho-Silva (Bromley) Graeme Shinnie (Aberdeen) 03 “ Tarmo Kink (Levadia, 2; Mezokovesd,1) Lonsano Doumbouya (SKN St Polten) David Proctor (East Kilbride) Martin Laing (Inverurie) Lewis MacKinnon (Buckie) Billy King (Dundee Utd) Lee Cox (Coalville T) Miles Storey (Partick, 2; Aberdeen, 1) Felipe Morais (Bolton) 02 “ David Davis (Birmingham) Tom Aldred (Bury, 1; Blackpool, 1) Alex MacDonald (Mansfield) Liam Hughes (Barrow) Lionel Cole (Tranmere) Don Cowie (Hearts) John Rankin (QoS) Gavin Morrison (Brora R) Stuart Rennie (Rothes) Grant Munro (Rothes) Alex MacLeod (Strathspey) 01 “ Eddie Ofere (FC Rosengard) Roman Golobard (Real Murcia) Dachi Kutsishvili (Spartans) Cameron Dingwall (Formantine) Stuart Leslie (Clach) Jaimie Duff (Brora R) Martin Cooper (Elgin) Ali Sutherland (Elgin) Joe Gorman (Airdrie) Nat Wedderburn (Dunferline) Robert Eagle (Leiston T) Steve Williams (AFC Fylde) Scott Boden (Wrexham) Andre Blackman (Barnet)
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    Well done for the recovery today but it was Brechin ffs. The week after week we keep hearing about how poor Baird and Polworth are. Surely it's long overdue to bench them and start with Oakley and Trafford or Doran.
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    Don't think we saw enough of him to form any opinion on how capable he may or may not have been. Imagine if we'd punted Ridgers after only having seen him in action a couple of times....or Coll Donaldson for that matter? Perfectly decent fella and whilst it didn't work out for him here, I wish him all the best for the future.
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    As said before, us relegating them in a play off final would be best at the end of the season. Would be hard going though after winning the Scottish Cup 24 hours earlier!!!
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    Just watched Darren Dodds post match interview on Brechin's website and even he says they handled Baird and Bell but couldn't cope with Oakley's size and strength.
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    Games against Brechin this season have been responsible for: 39% of our points 50% of our wins 52% of our goals scored 95% of our optimism
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    Elsdon was garbage. Hopefully Cooper follows him out the door.
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    If Seedorf is fit, I'd expect Raven at left back. If not, Raven logically would start at right back with Chalmers possibly at left back, and Trafford starting. Oakley deserves to start up front, and given recent comments on here, should Polworth be rested with Trafford taking his place? Assuming Seedorf makes it, that gives a starting 11 of: Ridgers Seedorf, Mckay, Donaldson, Raven Trafford, Vigurs, Chalmers Mulraney, Oakley, Bell
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    Yes IBM. Since you're asking, mine's a Babycham. Shaken not stirred. Plus a packet of beef Monster Munch.
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    Started early for Hogmanay Caman?
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    Correct. Named Best Dressed Man in Britain by GQ as I recall. Sadly not. My career was cut very short due to a lack of ability.
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    I would prefer to wait and resume the Highland derbies in the Premiership the season after next.
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    Baird subbed again - no surprise! Oakley scores again - also no surprise!
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    According to SFA disciplinary site, last week incurred a one game ban, so Raven should be available for Livi.
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    He certainly brings a track record of success and a winning mentality - best dressed man at Musselburgh Races Ladies Day, 2 years in a row!
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    I would agreed Mark Ridgers best player for improvement from a goalkeeper who was always having problems he improved at an incredible rate and has made a lot of impressive saves so far.
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    Oh well, Patrick Thistle and Hibs won putting County bottom of the league. For last 4 seasons the team at the bottom have been relegated. Hopefully that trend will continue.
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    RC bottom of the league at New Year also. I like their consistency and style!! Their new theme tune is 'Down, Down, Deeper and Down' by Status Quo. PS - Wish Ross Draper and Billy Mckay would stop scoring for them also.
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