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    We have had draws with Alloa and Ayr that felt like defeats. This win today felt like a draw. Great to get the three points but it was a painful second half if truth be told. Went ahead against the run of play, looked like Brazil for half an hour then went back into our shell. Ended up hanging on a bit. Maybe we overdid the sitting back, it certainly looked like it. Once on the back foot, we never looked confident enough to produce the flowing football we saw in the first half. Injuries to Rooney and Oakley won't help. If we are going to go places, then we should have stuck the boot into Partick when they were on the ropes. Still, three points it is and top of the league.
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    Shocking - I blame the Board - we would be well clear if there were not puddles around the pitch, the food was more edible and the car park was more accessible.
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    I don't think we collapsed in the second half...well, not as is being suggested. We had a great first half and got the job done, then it looked more like us going into self preservation mode as we clearly have one or two players out there who were/are carrying knocks and niggles. Not sure what the excuse was for the officials, they were woeful.....bad, not bias.
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    Okay, first half was great, second half, not so much and the officials had a shocker HOWEVER why has no one mentioned the best thing about the second half?? The Partick keeper falling over the advertising boards! Really, you’ve got to take what you can from that second half and that was mine.
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    I think I'm pretty cool about that second half performance. Partick had a lot of the ball but actually created very little until the last 10 minutes. And the second goal came when we were down to 9 and a half men, with Polworth limping after Oakley had gone off. And for the half an hour after our opening goal, it was indeed just like watching Brazil. I'm not sure how well that 4-2-3-1 will work against teams that sit in against us, but when we're away from home or against opponents like Partick who come to have a go it works really well. White is the perfect striker for it, holding up the ball and linking play really well. His movement also dragged the centre-backs all over the place, opening up space for others to run into. Doran and Polworth fed off him well and both kept finding pockets of space between the lines with ease; they were the two best players on the pitch in that first half. The first goal came when, after a counterattack, the ball broke for Polworth who smacked a shot off the post from 20 yards; the ball spun around the six yard box and White got there before the keeper to bundle it in from close range. The second was from a Polworth corner that was headed back across goal; Cammy Bell then flapped it down to Rooney who hooked a volley into the net. The third, Welsh's penalty, was the result of Polworth (him again, for those people out there who still don't like him) robbing Ntambwe and racing clear, only for the Partick player to haul him down. Even under the new rules I think it should have been a red for Ntambwe given it looked like a shirt tug rather than an attempt to play the ball. Partick had started brightly but went to pieces as soon as White scored. Even when they got a penalty of their own (which looked a soft one to me) Ridgers saved from the hapless Storey. It was great to see Ridgers get such an ovation - a penalty save is worth a goal, after all. The second half was a non-event, but I can't say I felt worried at any point. My main concerns were losing Rooney and Oakley to injuries and Polly looking lame too. A top of the table Highland Derby next week? Sounds like fun...
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    What kinda **** is this. We've just won. Still unbeaten in league in god knows how low long and overtaken league leaders to go top ahead of derby match against previous league leaders. Try and enjoy it bigman
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    I see over on P&B they’ve tied up with a company making phone cases. Interesting or rampant consumerism depending on your POV😎 Anyway if you quote code PIEANDBOV there’s 10% off. See what you think of the ICT ones: https://nostalgiacases.co.uk/collections/inverness-caledonian-thistle-phone-cases Think I’ll stick with my Harris Tweed soft cover in the red & blue though. Less worry when I drop it 😜
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    Top of the league, unbeaten in the league since April yet some folks first instinct is to look for the negatives first. Cheer up, you could be a Falkirk fan.
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    Won't be easy but if we win this one we are on the right track.
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    We will do very well to win this one so here's keeping fingers crossed we continue our good form.
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    Thats exactly the point though ... The community are not celebrating the fact they are LGBTQ, they are celebrating the fact that in modern times they are now allowed to be LGBTQ publicly without having to hide their true selves or expect to be treated differently. This has not always been - and in some places still is not - the case. As for the heterosexual population ... I dont think we have been persecuted for being straight so the comparison about marches is not really relevant.
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    Thank goodness for neutrality, I say. In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada there is a LGBt parade down the main street downtown once per year. It's a really gay event (using the correct meaning of the original word) and accompanying the parade is a band and countless streamers, people in all kinds of costumes etc , etc. Frankly, this parade has become a must see for a lots of folk and , if I did not live quite a long way out of town myself, I would not mind going downtown to see all the colour,. pomp and incredible costumes. Apparently it's something else. And thousands of people attend every year, packing the sidewalks --- the pavements for youse yins. Apart from our Indigenous peoples, Canada is a place where everybody has come from somewhere , or are the descendants of immigrants in the past and most smart people view a "newbie" as someone of interest and with whom to easily strike up a conversation. If you are really interested in people and could not care less about where they come from you will get along and do just fine in this very large country.. Before he sold his home one of my friends was a huge black guy named Anthony and he was a person of simple manners but smart enough to have been able to buy two houses since his arrival in Canada. We often had great chats and I found him to be engaging and interesting. I think that in Africa people have open doors all day because he thought nothing of walking in my front door, coming up the stairs and walking into one of our bedrooms where he heard conversations going on. Now THAT brought a smile to my so - called sophisticated visage . Prejudices seem to fade as time goes along and so whether you are black, white, pink or kaki is of no concern to me . What matters is that you try to get along. So, personally, curiosity about the LGBT parade is the main feeling I have at this time. It's such a huge event here in Vancouver , annually, that everybody (including businesses) seems to benefit from it and, seemingly, everybody goes downtown just to have a good time and be goggle- eyed at looking at the variety of costumes, colour and bands etc. - - oh, and it's not just about gay people , many other groups join in and participate. Meaning? Well, from my point of view it's ….wait for it.....about accepting people for what they are without them being stereotyped, put-down, hurt or shunned. In the Deep South of America prejudice against black folk still remains but the majority of people in America proper are sane enough to get along with everybody else, regardless of colour or creed.
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    Team against St J tonight: Mackinnon, Hastings, Fyffe, Nicholson, Harper, Hyde, Brown, Gunn, MacGregor, Mackay, Kennedy. Subs: Harkness, Innes, Gamble, Russell Jack Brown puts caley 1-0 up HT 1-0 Caley however Mackinnon has gone off injured and with no sub goalie available Gabriel Hastings (son of Richard) has had to go in goals for the second half. Good start to the second half, 2-0 up now Daniel Mackay FT 2-0 back to winning ways for the U18s and lasting 45 minutes without a proper keeper aswell, looking forward to seeing Jack brown being given a chance in the first team, a very good talent and could go far if given the chance.
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    Grant Street with two thousand fans would be a great final. I would still go with the largely young team who got us there rather than drafting in more first teamers.
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    Why don't we play in red and black vertical stripes and have the urinals painted blue ? 😁
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    An elderly Scotsman lay dying in his bed. While suffering the agonies of impending death, he suddenly smelled the aroma of his favourite pan fried drop scones wafting up the stairs. He gathered his remaining strength and lifted himself from the bed. Leaning on the wall, he slowly made his way out of the bedroom with even greater effort. Gripping the railing with both hands, he crawled downstairs. With laboured breath, he leaned against the door-frame, gazing into the kitchen. Were it not for death's agony, he would have thought himself already in heaven, for there, spread out upon the kitchen table were literally hundreds of his favourite scones. Was it heaven? Or was it one final act of love from his devoted Scottish wife of sixty years, seeing to it that he left this world a happy man? Mustering one great final effort, he threw himself towards the table, landing on his knees in rumpled posture. His aged and withered hand trembled towards a scone at the edge of the table, when it was suddenly smacked by his wife with a wooden spoon. She said................ " **** off" ... they're for your funeral."
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    Just when you think this is great stuff they go and make a mess of it. If they had tried a little harder we could of lost that game.
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