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    My motm would be mulraney. Would of gone down with the first challenge well in own half on the wing last season. Now he's skinning the opposition and winning free kicks all around the box. The team is looking very promising for the rest of the season.
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    Dawn of a new Era The new season kicks off with the visit of Brechin City to the Caledonian Stadium for a Group A Betfred League Cup encounter, Robbo's first competitive game back at the helm. Brechin did well to win promotion having finished fourth in the first division, but they pipped Alloa in the play-offs to send them into the Championship. It's over thirteen years since we last played a competitive match against The City who now have former Caley Jags machine Darren Dods as their player manager. The last game ended in a narrow 1-0 victory for Inverness in the Highlands. John Robertson was our manager that day and Barry Wilson grabbed the only goal from the penalty spot. When we first entered the Leagues, Brechin held the upper hand over Inverness, winning two and drawing one, with ICT taking the last encounter in 1996. Since then, Inverness gradually got the better of the Angus club and in season 2003/2004 we won all five games against Brechin, scoring 17 goals in the process. However, although the manager remains the same at Inverness, it's all change on the park and there was little given away in pre-season to give us any indication of what to expect this campaign. Signings were arriving at the double with striker George Oakley coming in from AFC Wimbledon and Inverness lad Mark Ridgers via Partick where he was back up keeper last season. Collin Seedorf a nephew of the great Clarence Seedorf arrived from Dutch football and Ricardo Calder and Mathew Elsdon were next to wave the Red'n'Blue scarf above their heads whilst proclaiming their lifelong ambition was to play for Caley Thistle in the Championship. There is also an exciting prospect in Zak Elbouzedi coming in from the West Brom set-up, a flying winger similar to Jake Mulraney, so that could be interesting. Former Motherwell defender Joe Chalmers has been added to the squad gaining a two year deal. Alex Cooper has also been linked with a move to Inverness having featured in a couple of pre-season games. A lot has changed since the end of the season, chairmen, directors, managers, players, ball boys, tweeters and ticket sellers have all been removed. Some have been replaced and it's not easy to keep tabs on. Notable faces out or on their way are Richie Foran, Kevin McNaughton, Scott Boden, Alex Fisher, Larnell Cole, Josh Meekings, Owain Fon Williams and another as yet unnamed high earner (if there is such a thing at ICT), an endless list really. Struggling for information this early in the season, but apparently over the close-season Dougie Hill, Ross Caldwell, Gareth Rodger, Alan Trouten and Darren McCormack have all left the Hedge at Brechin. No doubt due to cuts and trimming the squad. However, Willie Dyer, Liam Watt, Aron Lynas, Finn Graham, Chris O'Neill, Gary Fusco and Elliot Ford are all staying. Top signing appears to be Ryan McGeever ex-Falkirk who has signed on as has Isaac Layne, defender Ewan Spark. Late arrivals from Livingston are midfielder Jordan Sinclair and defender Sean Crighton and winger Kalvin Orsi from St Mirren. All are expected to be in the squad for tomorrows game. We begin the season with a lengthy injury list. The aforementioned Zak Elbouzedi is out (he'll be just Zak from now on), his crutches a bit of a giveaway. Strikers John Baird and George Oakley are struggling with knocks, Carl Tremarco and Aaron Doran have longer term injuries. After that it's anyone's guess who Robbo will be selecting for this seasons opener. Brechin have Liam Watt out with a broken wrist. They also have a few suspended, allegedly, Chris O'Neill, James Dale and Finn Graham. Star signing Ryan McGeever is reported to be on holiday at the moment. Over to you Dods, you're on the bench, so who are the other two subs? Name yer team Machine.
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    A few observations today... Seedorf was great. I think RB will be his permanent position, despite spending time at CB and CM in the last two games. I still think he's too slight for a central position, but at RB today his touch, movement and passing was excellent. I reckon Raven is that other player that is rumoured to be offered out for free with OFW. Polworth was awful. Since seeing him play for Scotland schoolboys on SkySports I've been desperate for him to become a superstar in the team, but he seems to have stalled in the last 12 months. He's obviously lacking confidence and needs a goal or MOTM performance to get back on track. Baird/Oakley combined quite well at times. Baird played better, but Oakley was the only ICT player with black boots... so he wins out despite doing very little. Warren/Mckay were more than comfortable as a CB pairing and from what I've seen of the Middlesborough loanee I reckon those three are good cover for the season.
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    NPL Review for Game 01 Off to a flyer [ICT not me - team Gringo has Foran in charge] with a great confidence boosting win in the League Cup. Hopefully we can kick on from this. Well, its taken 48 hours but we now have a Crowd Section figure. Yipeeeee. No Maximums in any section at the moment. Caley Mad in Berks gets the Crowd section bonus - 19 under. RedCard is red leader after Game 1 (at the moment) Total Entries 24 Jokers Played Renegade +3 The Results HT: 2-0 FT: 3-0 1st ICT: Warren 1st Opp: -- Crowd: 1419 Predicted Match results H: 17 D: 2 A: 1 Correct Predictions HT: 4 FT: 2 1st ICT: 2 1st Opp: -- Crowd 5 pts: 5 Crowd 10 pts: 0 Crowd Bonus 2Pts: 1 Bragging Rights 14 - RedCard Your Points RedCard 14 caleyjag 12 Caley Mad in Berks 10 old caley girl 8 Ictross 7 JodieC95 7 Joonya 7 SOS 7 CDN Girl 6 Renegade 6 Caley Braveheart 4 lilmissictbabe 4 Scotty 4 bughtmaster 3 caleycalum 3 Gavroche 3 Tichy Black's Back 3 CaleyCanary 2 DoofersDad 2 MrCaleyjag 2 Cal's Thistle 1 Gringo 1 Kingsmills 1 Mrs Gringo 1 TABLE - 01 01 - 14 - RedCard 02 - 12 - caleyjag 03 - 10 - Caley Mad in Berks 04 - 8 - old caley girl 05 - 7 - Ictross 05 - 7 - JodieC95 05 - 7 - Joonya 05 - 7 - SOS 09 - 6 - CDN Girl 09 - 6 - Renegade 11 - 4 - Caley Braveheart 11 - 4 - lilmissictbabe 11 - 4 - Scotty 14 - 3 - bughtmaster 14 - 3 - caleycalum 14 - 3 - Gavroche 14 - 3 - Tichy Black's Back 18 - 2 - CaleyCanary 18 - 2 - DoofersDad 18 - 2 - MrCaleyjag 21 - 1 - Cal's Thistle 21 - 1 - Gringo 21 - 1 - Kingsmills 21 - 1 - Mrs Gringo
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    An update on The Lionel King, the legendary Djebi-Zadi. Here he is playing in the Champions League earlier this year. African CL, qualifying round. Now 35, he is still playing in Reunion, for St Louisienne.
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    Hope you are right 12th man. I had my 5 year old grandson at only his second game so missed some of the action as I tried to tell him where to be looking, but overall I left with a positive feel too. Next week against Falkirk will tell us a lot, and the league opening could make or break our season.
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    A very encouraging performance although it needs to be seen in the context of an absolutely woeful performance from Brechin. Having just been promoted to the Championship I was expecting them to offer much more of a test. On that form they will be lucky to end the season with more than single figure points. However, part of Brechin's problem was that we played far better than they might have expected and for a team with so many new players, we played well as a team.. For what it's worth, this is my take on performances. Ridgers. Had far too little to do for me to make any comment. Seedorf. Looks like a real find. Good ball skills, good composure and tenacious in trying to win the ball back. Has the skill to thrill but knows when to play it simple. Mulraney might learn a lot from him. Mckay. Solid enough Warren. Two well taken goals and defensively solid. Calder. Appeared to be lacking in confidence but demonstrated decent skills. The small club environment may help bring the best out in him but he will need to be more assured and assertive if he is going to challenge a fit again Tremarco for a place in the team. Draper. An OK performance, but not one which will get other clubs rushing for the cheque book. Polworth. Probably the weakest performance within the team. Gets through a lot of work but loses possession too often and is careless at times with his passing. Had a period of excellent performances early in the 2015/6 season but has never got back to that level for some reason. Hopefully Robbo will have the key to bring the best out in him. Vigurs. Controlled the midfield. Reads the game well and is good at nicking the ball off the opposition and moving it on simply and accurately. Has the vision to play the occasional more telling through ball. Mulraney, Terrorised the Brechin defence and received some harsh treatment in return. Needs to develop a bit more composure and an awareness of other options. His runs can pull defenders out of position which in turn allows his team mates to get in great positions themselves. He needs to see this and off load more often. A really exciting talent who seemed to go backwards under Foran. If Robbo can help him develop his play, then we could have a bit of excitement on offer this year. He and Seedorf could be quite a double act! Oakley. Took his goal well and that will have done his confidence no harm at all. Looks a decent squad player but doesn't look a striker who would score more than 10 in a season. Baird. The opportunities didn't come his way, but he worked hard and made a lot of good runs off the ball. I think we should see a decent return from him. A Hat trick against Falkirk would do nicely! Chalmers and Elsdon both had a brief run out and looked fine in a period when the game was no longer competitive. All in all then, a very encouraging start. Games against far tougher opponents than Brechin will give a better pointer as to what the season will bring. Given Brechin's showing, at least we shouldn't be bottom of the league!
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    Really liked the look of Seedorf and he linked up well with Mulraney. Hopefully this will become a great partnership. Also thought Oakley looked sharp. . The team seemed to be gelling more and now feeling much more positive about the season ahead. Nice to see Darren Dods back at the stadium.
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    "Ref! If I use this lotion would get all the shite off my arm?"
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    In the words of Ian Dury; Reasons to be cheerful 1 2 3
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    I thought Seedorf looked sharp and created some excellent moves. Very creative with good touches.
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    3-0 is very much at the upper end of my pre-match expectations. Good start to the season and a big improvement on the Elgin performance.
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    Don't think it will be Warren personally. More likely to be Raven. Wouldn't want to lose too many more experienced heads. Robbo seems to indicate that 2 out could leave wage room for 4 in. I'd rather in that case only lose the one with room for 2 new additions. All these new additions are a fairly unknown quality. Next season will certainly be interesting.
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    Given how hard it is to come by any meaningful info at the moment that's a cracking summing up - good job sir!
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    A lot to be said for the days when you filled in the form in ink and sent it to Companies House by post.
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    Oh my. I didn't realise I was the only one who is totally embarrassed by our incompetence. The team has nothing to do with this but unless we get our act together we won't have a club to Support. I don't expect positive responses from anyone so blinkered.
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    Caleyboy, Think you are becoming very focussed on all the faults we can find. We support a football team lets focus on their performance recruitment and management on the field rather than endlessly saying how terrible a club we are. Everytime you criticise or denegrate the club negatively you may impact a fan who may decide not to go. Absolutely identify what can be improved but pointless statements like 'shows what a joke we are ' just looses any positive response from myself.
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    A wee bit off topic perhaps, but--you got your papers within 3 days from Inverness Scottie? That's spectacular. Don't they use the computer nowadays to inform fans of events like this? Less costly, far quicker delivery and saves the cutting down of trees as well .Meaning ? Well, maybe the club has a hidden reserve of money to burn. The many new signings this year also points to this as a possibility. Or not? P,S.I also received a letter once from Inverness to the West coast of Canada in 3 days some 2 years ago but never again after that. The last letter I got here in Western Canada from my sister in Inverness a week ago took 11 days, using the dates on the stamp as a guide, which stunned me.Even the Pony Express in the 1800's didn't take that long to cross the north American continent. and that was even after fighting off Indians en-route as well. Mind you, the Canadian postal service is also going down the tube as far as we can determine. Less and less customers apparently. The last I heard ( 2-3 years ago) was that it had been sold to Deutsche Post which obviously is using it to make money rather than to deliver a quality service to the population. Backed up by the fact that my metal community postbox on the street is filled to the brim daily with glossy paper advertisements which necessitates careful sorting to avoid letters being thrown out along with this unwanted stuff. Is this, along with text-speak, the new "progress" by any chance?
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