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    True. Have added “even more”. Hard to find positives. Ridgers was giving Robbo pelters after the first goal so not sure if he was being blamed. For some reason, he was kicking short to Donaldson or McCart a lot of the time and that led to one of the goals as we got in a tangle. Mckay’s injury is hopefully not as bad as it looked. He left on a stretcher. United then targeted Carson, who I thought acquited himself well given he was out of position. Donaldson and McCart struggled to contain the lively United front two as the scoreline shows. Tremarco was not the player we have seen in recent seasons. Vincent has a decent spell when he came on, but is not a holding midfielder. Trafford had a few moments but was largely bypassed. Doran and Walsh did not impose themselves. For a spell the Carson / Walsh pairing caused issues for United but they sorted that by pressing up on Carson. Keatings did little. White was actually doing ok on the service he got. I’d have left him on and taken Doran off. Todorov and Storey did not really change anything, although Storey looked lively and had a couple of runs. Worryingly, there seemed to be more bi keeping amongst the players than normal. Hopefully just a reflection on them knowing they were having a bad day rather than anything more untoward. Hopefully we saw how good United are rather than how bad we are. Time will tell. We will get a better feel for it next week against Arbroath. Bottom of the league is never a nice feeling, though.
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    Greetings from sunny Tannadice. After a couple of refreshments in town and a gentle walk to the ground, here’s to a great successful season for ICT.
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    Now you're just trippin .............. Danny Williams, really? Decent player but don't recall him setting the place alight. Thought you were all about giving youth a chance as well but not much hope of that if we bring back every Tom, Dick and Harry.
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    He was getting stick all game, but seemed motivated. He did one of the goal line clearances and had one excellent tackle to prevent another likely goal, but his distribution, and that of McCart, was poorer than we are used to (possibly due to United defending well?). We struggled against their pace and the way they switched play all the time, which created space and chances. Basically they were playing at a higher level than us. Today really highlighted what Polly did for us.
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    Oh dear Oh dear same old line up same old tactics changes needed pronto before it is too late. What is up with Coll ? is he miffed he didn't get his move over the summer he is not looking a patch on the player he was
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    Can't afford his medical bills more like. Stay away from damaged goods.
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    I would certainly start Todorov ahead of White
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    There's only one Djebi-Zadi
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    Storey back, Tansey back in a deal taking White to St Midden. Buying Todorov now makes sense.
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    Sorry, don’t usually rise to bait but ‘old goat herder’ was uncalled for. Sorry again.
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    Very surprised and ambivalent about this. I'd imagine that Alan Simpsons bedroom looks like a Jackson Pollock painting right now. Narey sums it up well (as usual). He was really effective playing off the shoulder of the last defender and thrived on some of the gorgeous slide rule passes that Christie would play to him. He's not really had the level of service at the other clubs he's been at since and I can't see who would offer that in this ICT team. Maybe if we still had a Vigurs or a Polworth perhaps but obviously we don't have that any more. Scott Burns is normally spot on so there would seem to be something in this. Wouldn't be disappointed but wouldn't really be jumping for joy at the same time. Awkward for the group of ICT fans who barrack him at Firhill if he does come back
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    I am totally scunnered with your “old goat herder” description of Todorov. He is 22 years old for goodness sake! Is that old to you - if so you must be still in primary school. He has scored goals when he has come on as a sub in last ten minutes, is keen and fans like him already. Some fan you are betting against ICT - you may be right but it seems so wrong to bet against the team you supposedly support.
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    I think we have as realistic chance to win the Championship as anyone else. I don't think Utd have strengthened hugely, apart from Shankland and he will not win the Championship for Utd on his own. Dundee are a bit of an unknown quality but again haven't seen anything to hugely worry about in terms of signings. Rookie manager as well.Again, it is similar with Patrick, I haven't seen any significant signings. The only thing that would concern me is that the Dundee clubs have significant financial backing to change things as could Partick if they get taken over.
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    I thought he was great - his failure to track Tremarco’s run into the box won us the cup!
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    I’m trying to remember if we’ve ever had such a heavy defeat on the first day of the season?
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    It's a term of endearment sister that was his former job apparently! Haha not yet placed the bet but no place for sentimentality when your a high rolling gambler like moi don't think Robbo or the troops will lend me my mortgage money eh
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    That's why I couldn't get the sheer panic among some of our fans when they thought Robbo was for the offski I like him decent enough manager but get the feeling sometimes he's never gonna get us out of this division time will tell hopefully get of to a decent start this season
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    Defo time to drop White see what the old goat herder can do gotta give him a chance pointless signing him if he's gonna be the new Austin warming the bench! Defo not gonna stick any money on us picking up points this time might even do what Iv never done and stick a £10 on 2-0 UTD as u can see full of hope after watching our league cup "adventures" lol
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    Take it that's a term of endearment much like goat herder and the traffic cone
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    Time to reunite the band, someone get Marley Watkins and Ofere on the phone, we're going on another European Tour...either that or he's just returning cos he left his magic hat...
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    See us linked with Storey now that's a striker the others can learn from a man not unlike myself is Miles a man of class an icon in an ICT shirt
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