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    Not sure I follow the logic of that - if things get so bad that we only run one league next year (And ictfc get to be part of it) - things are looking up...? What about the rest of the teams, what happens to them?
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    How are you keeping these days Scotty? Hopefully you are back to full health?
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    Barry Robson for me. Pele?
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    I'm pretty sure it's got to be, either 14-14-16 or 14-14-14 but I still want 4 leagues so 14-10-10-10.
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    This has a long way to run yet! Ayr want a TWENTY TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (:ohmy:) and Roy Mcgregor seems to be willing to change his mind and BACK Ann Budge's proposal. This mess should have been avoided if the CEO of the league stopped pandering to the Old Firm and stupid TV companies! I've said this many times, most fans of the game up here want bigger leagues so that we stop playing each other 4 bloody times a season. For me it's 14-14-16 so Kelty and Brora rightly get rewarded with promotion. It's time that pundits such as Michael Stewart or Darren Fletcher have a say in our game, now I'm not saying we get rid of Neil Doncaster etc but they are not football men!
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    Indeed - what's the point of protecting the top tier clubs and sacrificing all the others? This proposal actually worries me more, what on earth is going through the minds of those running (ruining) our leagues?
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    Hey Smee. Thanks for asking. Its been a tough couple of years but I am still surviving 🙂 . Cancer was dealt with. Officially I was slightly over the stage 2 border into stage 3 so a PSA test is in my diary every 3 months for the foreseeable future but the ones so far have been more or less coming back as 'undetectable'. Most have been 0.0008 (=undetectable) but had a couple that were just up one notch, but no sustained increase or doubling so after 16 months that is a good sign. However, as you may know, during this time (almost 1 year ago now) I also lost my mother. She actually passed the day after Kenny Thomson, former ICT director and all-round good guy and her service was the day before his. Her loss was harder than dealing with the cancer, and still is some days. Mind you, in these days of Coronavirus, and with her having to endure 3 visits a week to the hospital for dialysis, it may have been a blessing that she went peacefully, at her own pace, and in her own place, when she had defied the medical odds for a long time than risk COVID-19 and a potentially horrible and undignified end in isolation in Raigmore. From all of this I have decided to take life a little differently now. I try not to let things bother me so much, and realised we have one life to live so we should make the most of it and do what we want, when we want, and not be ruled by the opinion of others (whilst staying within the laws of society of course). I think the world having to basically press a reset button the likes of which will be talked about in history books for eternity also feeds into this new mindset. I do miss football though .... on both sides of the pond.
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    If you got Fon Williams and Tudur Jones together, you could call it a pod of Wales.
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    Ryan and Charlie Christie. Interesting to have a Father/Son duo on the pod...
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    Paul Ritchie / Sean Welsh. Or maybe Mr shuffle himself, Denzil Wyness.
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    Strange feeling, kinda fuzzy!
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    Think this is the first time ever I've agreed with Alan Simpson
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    Don't worry I certainly never took it that way and it's good to get an idea of how long folk are likely to listen to a podcast without maybe wanting to pause it and pick it up again at another time. I'm sure we could easily ramble on about ICT for two hours and stick that out but if folk like pods around an hour long that would be pointless. As I say I think around an hour is a good target. Anything much longer than that and I think people would tune out a little.
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    Better Together mob shackled us to this despicable Tory government. UK will never change, run by the rich for the rich. Shame on them.
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    Didn't mean to make it sound as if it wasn't interesting as the word waffle tends to suggest lol. I think anything over an hour tends to drag on a bit but if the subject matter holds the listeners attention then you're on a winner. The timestamps are very useful if you want to give the ears a rest and return to a particular section. Must say I enjoy the interviews with players a lot. The Wyness Shuffle is a great thing you do and keeps the likes of me up to speed with what's happening up there.
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    Richie Foran???? Lol!!
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    • Inverness CT 1-1 Ayr United - Report
      Better late than never, the live stream burst onto the laptop 15 minutes before kick-off and it was game-on. Inverness had the first chance when Todorov headed off the underside of the bar, the ball adjudged not to have crossed the line.
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    • Inverness CT -V- Ayr United - Preview
      It's matchday two this weekend in the Ladbrokes Championship and the visitors to the Caledonian Stadium are Ayr United who have two former Caley Jags players in their ranks. Tom Walsh and Joe Chalmers joined the Honest Men in the summer and could be in the squad this weekend for the game that kicks off at 3:00pm.
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    • Dunfermline Ath 3 - 1 Inverness CT - Report
      TV sets were barely switched on when Nokolay Todorov opened the scoring in the second minute. He would leave the field injured to be replaced by James Vincent after nineteen minutes. Inverness held that lead until the twenty-third minute when captain Euan Murray headed his fourth goal of the season to level matters. That's how it stood at the break as both sides searched for a second goal. Ryan Dow put the Pars in front with twelve minutes left in a rather turgid second half. Declan McManus scored a superb third to seal the points turning on the angle of the box and firing high into the net. Deserved 3 points for the Pars as they get off to a flyer.
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    • Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT - Preview
      Let there be football


      It's the start of the covid restricted Championship campaign 20/21 and Inverness travel to Fife to take on Dunfermline Athletic at East End Park. The game is a closed doors event and kicks-off at 3:00pm on Saturday 17th October with live streaming available from Dunfermline or the usual social media outlets via twitter, BBC Sport etc to fill the void of following your team at the stadiums. The steak bridies will be a big miss from East End park as will the pre-match entertainment on Halbeath Road and the general enjoyment of slagging your team off on a Saturday afternoon. It's what 3:00pm's were made for.
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    • Inverness CT 0 (4) - 0 (2) Cowdenbeath LCup - Report
      Bonus point struggle. Inverness took the bonus point after a penalty shoot out, the game ending scoreless. Cammy Mackay saving twice as Todorov, Deas, Welsh and Allardice fired home from the spot.
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