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    Marley on twitter: "Absolutely loved my time at ICTFC - amazing family football club which deserves more local support - I'll never forget the cup run. Moving to another Scottish team would have been wrong so close to what we achieved recently! Kenny Cameron and the rest of lads are heroes!"
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    Proves what a decent loyal boy he is .So pleased we won't play against him as fans do turn sour towards ex players. After his hard work and achievement with us it would be sad to hear him getting grief.Wishing you All the Best of Luck for your future .Thanks for the memories Marley they're here to stay FOREVER !!!!!!
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    When we were knocking-on-the-door of the top-6 but again just missing out, I remember realising just how difficult an accomplishment it was - and hoped that one day we could achieve it. 5th place, and certainly 4th seemed fanciful - so to have achieved 3 consecutive top-six placings and a 3rd placed finish is extraordinary! But, to be ranked 2nd in Scotland over the past 3 seasons is insane! Not even a chat between 12th Man and Bughtmaster would have dared predict such! Total positions for the nine clubs who've contested all the SPL/Premiership seasons in the past 3 years: N.B. Interestingly, County have set a 'wee pattern' - could they be heading for 11th this season?!
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    Lovely to see that photo of Gordy, who we remembered while at Hampden. I would also like to pay tribute to all of the dear, departed Dads who introduced us to the terraces of Telford St or Kingsmills Rd, and who would have loved to see this day. I know quite a few of us thought of them last Saturday.
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    You have to be joking surely! Firstly, yes Rangers weren't in the league. Are they in the league for next year? Hearts were in freefall? Yes they were and turned it round spectacularly and will be a force to be reckoned with. Hibs are certainly no great shakes and even if they did make the top league would have struggled to stay there. Dundee were once the big side in that city and Dunfermline had the beating of just about everyone at one stage in the sixties. Just because some sides were mighty, that is no guarantee the status quo will continue. We got where we were on merit. By living within our means and playing good football. Don't demean us by saying we wouldn't be good enough to compete with a bunch of losers who couldn't live within their budgets.
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    Just a shame it's all been printed upside down...!!!
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    I honestly think this team would have achieved top 6 regardless. They really are a special bunch.....
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    Two happy boys today with the cup today at the weekly courses. Thanks to Craig and all the lads
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    Here's to all who never made the final in person.
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    Cheers Marley, good luck!
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    Still only 1 thing on my mind too.
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    Shamelessly stolen from ictfc twitter feed but think this sums up perfectly the reaction to Jamesie Vincent's goal and the full time whistle ........
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    How about Nick Ross? of course we want nick Ross, but Ross isn't a striker...Watkins has been playing as a striker. Put ross, christie and doran behind a striker and you can't complain. Watkins is not a striker either. He just ended up further forward after Billy left. I'm confident Nick Ross could work in a very similar way.
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    Well if it wasn't fer these two the dream may never have become reality - RESPECT
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    I stuck some brief clips on youtube but this ones better
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    Is that the Caley cup match programme when they listed the jags squad instead ;-)
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    If it was all about the money he would have cashed in on that Polish club that were after him. He's always said he wanted to get into Wales, and he'll be playing alongside a Welsh international in Nyatanga and a club that's pushing for promotion to the Championship. Seems like a shrewd move to me. The SPL is, and for the foreseeable future always will be, a one-horse race. There is no way that Aberdeen will challenge Celtic - they didn't even get a point against them.
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    Well if it wasn't fer these two the dream may never have become reality - RESPECT
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    If by "full strength" you mean a league plagued with teams over-spending to achieve then you can keep it. For the first season in many, many years I've had a real interest in games beyond our own. Part of that is obviously down to what ICTFC have been achieving and keeping a closer eye on the competition, but the fact that it's been an "honest" season without teams spending beyond their means has also played a large part. I'm thoroughly looking forward to another season of the same.
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    You seem to have plenty of time on your hands Sneckboy? Interestingly, I also spotted something the other day that said that Celtic's turnover is more than the rest of the Premiership put together. Perhaps an even more valid measure, but still operating on the "lowest number best" principle would be to multiply the numbers in Sneckboy's right hand column by the clubs' turnovers. Now (although Sneckboy might ) I don't have time to look every club's up, but have done for Celtic, Aberdeen and St J, and we know that ICT's is around £3.8M. So for these two... ICT = 3.8 x 12 = 45.6 St Johnstone = 5.2 x 13 = 67.6 Aberdeen = 11.2 x 13 = 145.6 I suspect all the rest, if checked, would fit into this space befroe you get to the bottom of this particular league..... Celtic = 75.2 x 3 = 225.6 Given that Celtic have to shift more cash than all the rest put together to win a league where there was still, after New Year, debate about whether they might not, I am in no doubt that Celtic are bottom of this financial efficiency league which is topped by ICT - all of five times more efficient than Celtic and 50% more efficient than anyone else.
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    They say that 53% of statistics are flawed but that is an interesting one. It clearly illustrates that we have become a Top Six team. We really are no one season wonders - and add to that three cup semi-finals on the trot and two finals in the last two seasons - well
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    ok, just a quick update ..... I had to take the live site (this one) offline for about half an hour earlier today to troubleshoot one of the upgrade processes on our test site. Was able to resolve the issue and bring this site back online reasonably quickly. The upgrade and data rebuild on the test site is still running in the background (5 hours and counting) but the main portion where the actual site was down was only about 20 minutes. Assuming the upgrade finishes smoothly and we have no showstopping errors that send us back to the drawing board I intend to take the plunge and upgrade this site either over the weekend or more likely during the week next week. I anticipate that this site would only be down for about 30-45 minutes if all went well. Will give more details once I know the exact timeline/
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    Found that tweet...
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    He has gone as we expected after a good season and a great cup final, all the best Marley and glad you didn't go to Aberdeen!
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    Quite apt that his name can be reassembled to I Gain Virus as this would be the effect on our squad if we signed him.
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    All the best Marley. We will never forget your goal against Falkirk and the part you played in the second goal.
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    Now the sheep know we are not the feeder club they think we are
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    At least I feel better about him going there than if he had gone to Aberdeen. He'll join another of our old boys, Sam Winnall, there.
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    Knew it was coming! Major blow to us. But good luck to him - top guy!
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    Assuming we're unseeded in the second qualifying round? I'm hoping we get through and play either Borussia Dortmund or Athletic Bilbao in the third qualifying round!
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    The cup final wasn't Oferes best game, but some of the pish being spouted on here is beyond belief. His hold up play has generally been decent, he might not be as good in the air as you'd think for his size, but has scored with some headers, not least the goal that qualified us for Europe. Ironically, some of the best worki have seen him do in the air has been in defence. I don't want this to turn into a n assassination of our squad, but all our players have short comings - that's why they were playing for us in the cup final last week and not the Champuons League final tomorrow. Doesn't mean they are useless though.
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    Holding up the ball and linking up play is one of things Ofere has done very well since he signed. Also, considering that he still probably isn't fully fit, I don't think his current goal ratio is something to be dismissed and he's one of the strongest headers of the ball I've seen at ICT in a long time. I noticed elsewhere you said you don't frequent the Caley Stadium very often. Perhaps had you seen him play more often, you wouldn't be dismissing him as quickly as you are.
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    From where I was on Sunday (and somebody else made this point who was elsewhere in the crowd to me as well), Drew Hendry actually got one of the biggest cheers of the lot. He didn't get a 'hostile reception' at all. If anything, quite the opposite.
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    I've got 200+ pics of the crowd that I took from the bus on Sunday....do you want to put these in a separate/sub folder? Still working through my match day pics...got about 1100 of them, but I will whittle it down a bit before uploading.
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    I'm really, really hoping I don't get time off for the Euro fixtures.