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    "I had offers from several clubs but decided to join ICT because I want play and develop under Richie Foran" said no player ever.
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    Well, i'm delighted that County did us a favour, but we still have the issue of doing something for ourselves! Something we have been shyte at for the last 5-6 months, and that is winning games. If the team don't get a lift and get something from tomorrow night they certainly deserve to drop to a lower level, The chairman should resign, or be made to resign by the major shareholders, there needs to be a clear out of dead wood. This has been an utter shambles of a season, and unfortunately if we stay up it will only paper over huge cracks with izal toilet paper.
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    Yasss! Never have I been so happy to hear the JailEnd roar!
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    Can we start looking beyond posting for Butcher, Hughes, Paterson or any other ex-manager to return, its a tiresome discussion that has been posted so many times its like groundhog day. They came, they did, they might even have achieved, they moved on and now lets do the same for everyone's sanity.
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    Last throw of the last throw of the last dice in the last chance saloon. Yes, it's win or bust. The time has now come for the must win games. Anything else and it's relegation for us automatically as the worst team in the Scottish Premiership. With Hamilton losing to Ross County last night thanks to a last minute winner, we can close the gap to just one point, but to do that we have to win at Dens Park, not something that we are too familiar with at the moment. Defeat on Saturday at Kilmarnock has put us at the point of no return. With Motherwell beating Accies, that keeps them away from bottom spot. Our only hope now is that Accies hit the bottom to deny us outright relegation. However, the situation is clear cut now. Only Inverness and Hamilton can go down from the Premiership. What has to be decided is who goes down automatically. Dundee continued unbeaten under Neil McCann after coming from behind to earn a draw at home to Ross County. It looks as though the removal of Paul Hartley has given the Dee renewed confidence and belief. The Dark Blues sit nine points above Inverness in the table and have all but secured their status in the top flight for another season. Jake McPake and Julen Extabeguren are out, but Neil McCann reckons the rest of his squad will be fit for this encounter. Richie's possible last throw of the dice will be without Owain Fon Williams, Josh Meekings and Aaron Doran. Story of the season really, injuries at crucial times have crippled us in more ways than one. Alex Fisher is hopeful of recovery after a head knock. tm4tj prediction:- We have not won in our last three visits to Dens Park and we lost our last one, which was the first defeat against Dundee in eighteen games. It's been typical of our season, setting new standards since Richie Foran took over. Unfortunately that standards are at the bottom end of the scale and will not be remembered fondly. I see nothing in our recent displays to suggest that we can beat Dundee in this critical game. We have players capable of giving so much more, but they have been let down higher up the ladder. Only a win is much use to us. I can't see that happening, sadly. However, whilst we still have a glimmer of hope, I wonder if we can dig ourselves out of this hole we have got ourselves into. Fingers crossed.
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    If Foran could learn from his mistakes he'd be a managerial genius by now.
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    We did try for him once before. But he falls into the camp of player turned not very good manager. We already have one of them.
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    well, that's the conspiracy theory put to bed....or the plot is highly elaborate! I think County fans would take max satisfaction from giving us the opportunity, only for ICT to screw it up.
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    Especially since we look more than capable of achieving relegation without their help.
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    *Insert Lemon emoji*
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    Come on Ross County save us from your shadow.................
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    That is the most worrying possibility - that after a mass exodus, including our best players, we will have to rebuild a new squad. Would you trust Foran with that? It has all the makings of a disaster if that were to happen. Surely his position is utterly untenable. He hasn't shown a spark of ability over an entire season, and has been making the same mistakes every single week. He should consider himself lucky to have survived the season, he wouldn't have anywhere else.
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    Turning things around a bit here. BUT.. If Hamilton get beat on Tuesday by Ross Co which is very possible and I`m expecting a home win. Does this not give us the biggest ever incentive to beat Dundee the following night. If so how will Hamilton feel about going into the final game of the season maybe needing a win, depending on us winning our home game versus Motherwell. It would still be all to play for, so why so defeatist when the chance is still actually there. If/when Tuesdays result goes in our favour, should we then not be getting down to Dens in our 100`s to support our beloved ICT for one final push. Yes its all unlikely, but you know what, if nobody else has noticed , its still possible to stay up! End of nothing , YET (now where did I put that glass)
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    I think there is an urgency beyond what Kingsmills says. Last time we went down, there was still some goodwill mongst the players towards the manger - Butcher had done a reasonable job in trying to prevent relegation (but for a misjudgement by Tokely, he might even have succeeeded). There was also the desire and presumably the finances from the Board to allow those who wanted to stay on to do so. The result was retention of a very solid team that ultimately succeeded the following year. None of the above will be true this time if Foran is not removed immediately. If he stays, there will be a stampede for the door amonstt those players still contracted - who in their right mind would want to play for a manager who genuinely has no clue whatsoever? Draper, Raven, Polworth, Warren, Tremarco and Doran will all invoke any clauses they have in their contracts or be offering to leave by mutual consent to reduce the wage bill. The board will gleefully accept and we'll be starting from nothing. Do nothing or wait until long into June and the damage will be done to the squad IMO. Bring in a new manager who has the respect of the players and there's a chance that some of them will want to stay and give it at least one shot in the Championship.
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    It's not our average home gates that support the Premier League wage but the additional income from TV and league sponsors as a result of being in that top division as well as regular windfalls from our numerous cup runs. Now that additional income from being in the top league has been lost and any cup run seems a distant prospect, our resources probably only realistically support part time football in the long term. We will probably survive full time in the Championship for two seasons with help from the parachute payments which will end thereafter. That is why we can't afford to let things drift any longer. The may we have being playing and managed is not good enough to be competing to be promoted straight back up. In fact, if things are allowed to drift and go on as they have been this season, we are more likely to face a successive relegation rather than a promotion just as St Mirren very nearly did this season until their board took decisive action and changed their manager. Our board took no action this season to try to preserve the Premiership status so vital to our ongoing financial health other than bringing in a coach, who appears to have achieved very little, far too late in the day. The chance to save our place in the Premiership has been lost due to inaction. If we are to have any chance of regaining it any time soon, that action needs now to be taken and well before the start of next season in what is likely to be a very competitive Championship.
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    Will there be any in-flight entertainment on Wednesday's bus?
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    I did say i would prefer a new manager but after way Butcher left us i would have John Robertson instead any day of the week.
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    The Championship could be a really competitive one next season.... I have become unreasonably excited about the prospect of getting up to one or two from Falkirk (if they don't get promo), Dunfermline, St Mirren or Livingston (all grounds within reasonable distance of Glasgow/Edinburgh airports)..with either wife or daughter. I've just discovered that Livingston, who have quite a decent ground, are managed by David Hopkin who I saw score the winning goal for Crystal Palace in the 1997 English Div Play-off final at Wembley
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    Whilst many of us would have wanted Foran to leave weeks or even months ago, I think your last few words about Foran are totally uncalled for and not worthy of a member of this forum. Also, is it just me or do any others feel that writing a rant like that with no correct punctuation is at best laziness, or at worst , an indication of illiteracy?
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    Foran and esson are you smoking crack that'd be the worst combo in history I'd rather a chimpanzee than that pair of clowns
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    One criteria that Yogi lacked that I'd like the new manager to possess is apperception for the fans in a way Butcher did during his helm. Doesn't need to make it over the top like butcher but still appreciation all the same. I would pick any of the following: Stuart McCall Richie Foran Paul Sheerin Ronny Deila (Ambitious, I know) Allan Johnstone Chris Powell
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    No more messing around with untested nobody's like sick note foran for the championship don't want to rot away down there for to long bring in Hartley or try for peter Houston or even butcher again bet most fans would take back the shinnies or Rooney so why not big tez! Foran out see ya on the bin lorries Richie maybe ya can manage that full sick pay to ya sponger
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    You heading back to Tannadice next season then? Could be a few twists and turns yet before it's decided which leagues both teams will be in Dougal
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    Posters should be forced to make a choice rather than simply deriding others when they stick their head above the parapet. And I don't just mean Renegade. Criticising is easy. Sticking your neck out is the difficult part.
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    Damn County...how dare they prolong the agony of our illusory hope !
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