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    I heard Robbo on Sportsound yesterday and was very impressed by what he had to say .He spoke with a lot of passion and determination to do well .Has been over the border looking at a couple of new signings but didn't give anything away to jeopardise that . Apparently although he hasn't managed for five years it's not been for the want of offers ,but the right one came up last week !! Spoke highly of our fan base of loyal fans although not huge but hopes that will change . It felt like the backbone is evident once more . Personally I can't wait for season to start and wish him every success and hope he can do the necessary for us . Go Robbo !!!!!
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    Izzy--good post! Time for some real objectivity and positivity now. Robertson seems to be a bustler who wears his heart on his sleeve. His temperament is that of a hustler too who won't suffer fools gladly and what he says is what he means. Cards on the table stuff but coming from a person with a wealth of background experience which unfortunately, Richie did not have. Chalk compared to cheese actually. I.e. he should garner the respect of the troops quickly and his advice and instructions should be heard loud and clear and applied as instructed... or else? IMHO -- just the ticket for ICT at this juncture of their history. Gentlemen of the Jury--it's onward and upward.
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    I'd agree with that. Scotland has had some form of election/referendum every 5.2 months since September 2014 David Mundell on Sunday Politics proved yet again that the Scottish Tories concentrate on the 'No to Indyref2/SNPBad' rhetoric knowing they've got nothing else left to convince people to vote for them. As for Scottish Labour, well this about sums them up.....
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    He scored 30 odd goals with one of the poorest teams in the HFL, he must have something. Doesn't hurt to have a look at him in training, maybe a trialist.
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    I renewed my two tickets on Thursday and they did seem to be noticing an increase in activity.
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    He's already got his £200 brief for the Jail End.
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    I am of similar generation. Hamish French too. There may be some merit in looking on our doorstep but one major issue is that the standard of the Highland League is far far below what it was thirty or forty years ago.
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    Arguably the gap between the standard of the HL in comparison to the full time clubs has never been wider than it is these days. There could still be the odd gem, though.
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    Again, there's no evidence that he even got offered the job, is there?
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    I happened to mention this to someone involved at Fort William a few weeks ago. He was going on about how good he was and that the like of Brora etc were looking to take him. I jokingly said to him 'maybe Caley should sign him'. He said that we had had him watched but he wasn't sure what was going to come of it. It certainly doesn't hurt us to give the guy a trial.
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    Why not take a punt on players from the Highland League? Its low risk & pretty cheap & u may win a watch. Richie Hart is a fine example of a qaulity player & any player who can score 30 odd goals in a season is worth a look at.
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    Just renewed my ST. I was expecting to pay £342 but with the additional discount it was £308. That's for section C main stand. Let's hope JR can assemble a team that's at least competitive in the Championship and can challenge for promotion / playoff place !!!
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    https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/inverness-caledonian-thistle/1269483/shearer-frustrated-did-not-get-face-to-face-meeting-with-caley-thistle/ So folk on here think the appropriate way to tell someone their services are no longer needed is to do it via email and leaving a voicemail rather than have a face to face chat with them? Regardless of how Shearer left the club before two wrongs don't make a right and this is a pretty shoddy way to treat a long serving club employee. Whilst there was a follow up phone call between the chairman and Shearer that doesn't disguise the fact that it was initially handled in a piss poor manner. Yet again the club find themselves having to take corrective action to clear up another PR mistake. We just don't seem to learn.
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    Renegade you are being an alarmist I will wait for my paper to drop through the letterbox before saying anything
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    I am looking forward to the style of football Robbo will bring. I think our coaching team could have a nice balance about it and don't forget he could also call on Charlie Christie and Duncan Shearer. We have a lot of experience at the club and I think Robbo will benefit from it.
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    Hearach and/or anyone else involved in the running of the travel club .... can you give me a shout on the message system. I would like to see if one of the new features on the next version of this software may be of assistance to you (and the travelling fans) in communicating with each other. Would like for you to test it for us if you could.
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    It took a while but they got there! Thats 3 renewals from me now.
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    As things stand Renegades list is all we have to go on just now Did I read somewhere that Fon Williams, Warren and Raven have been told they can find another club?
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