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    Think some of these comments are a little OTT. Robertson is in the early phases of a massive rebuilding job. Our budget has been slashed, our best players have left, most of our new signings are inexperienced youngsters who need game time to develop, not 'the finished product'. Those who are writing Robbo and the lads off already are the kind of people who say they only watched the first 5 episodes of Breaking Bad but gave up as it was too boring.
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    I get the impression he'd just stand there and watch the ball go past him into the net - even more than last season!
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    Pish. Not likely to improve much until OFW ****s off and frees up wages to sign 3 decent players.
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    Great to see David Raven getting a start....!
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    He got a call to go to Hampden. Probably thought Gordon Strachan wanted him!!
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    England fast bowler James Anderson bowled Kraigg Brathwaite to reach 500 Test match wickets, only the sixth bowler in history to reach that mark. Anderson took 129 matches to break 500 and those wickets came at just over 27 runs apiece and became the first Englishman to break 500.
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    Exactly. People ought to realise that we are starting from scratch, building a new team. If we hold our own, stay mid table, then we can progress from there, whether that is in the second half of the season, or next season. We are playing settled teams with good players who have been together for some time. I didn't think we'd get much from today, but we were level pegging until the last quarter, so not too bad and something to build on.
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    So, we've lost to Falkirk, Dunfermline, DU and St Mirren so far this season....I know Falkirk was in the cup, but the point stands. These were the top competitors for honours this season and we've lost to the lot, sometimes heavily. I think we all have to wake up. This season is about rebuilding. OFW is a smokescreen- yes, he's tying up funds, but remind me when the transfer window closed and how many really good players are out there wanting to play for a club in turmoil? That horse bolted in July. We need to accept this is what we have and get some team spirit going with Board, players, manager and fans. It's time for siege mentality, fighting together and stop looking for scapegoats. If we don't, we'll be relegated.
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    You actually think given the standard of signings so far we would sign 3 decent players? It's time to tell Fon Williams he's playing whether he likes it or not.
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    Our strikers are not striking enough.... Our defenders are not defending enough..... Our keeper is not saving enough....Not enough all over the park. I think I've had enough !!!!!!!!' 👎👎👎👎
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    Time to get Young Cammy playing Ridgers has had enough time to confirm he is about as bad as it gets
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    I think you will find that any fault lies with OFW rather than the manager. He has a nerve to describe himself as a professional footballer after his conduct since the Summer. Time we called his bluff and begin steps to hold him in breach of contract and send him on his way.
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    I thought we still had Welsh international goal keeper on our books why we persists with this liability is a mystery to me.
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    I don't often say this and it may be a while before I do so again but a green dot for Laurence from me. A fine bowler in all conditions who was also the first English bowler to reach four hundred wickets and, if he stays fit, stands a good chance of surpassing the fantastic Glen McGrath to become the most prolific seam bowler of all time. Well done Jimmy and well said Laurence.
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    I'm only 24 but that clown video may have taken quite a few years off of my lifespan.
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    Charles much prefers the Corries they are more from his youth
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    Boohoo all the older boys and girls are picking on us. It's totally OTT. They swear too etc..... Suck it up and don't be so dumb as to get caught and you won't get the bother. As to what Old Firm fans think of our club statement, perhaps if their own boards actually did something about their own support instead of trying to shift the blame onto "them as well" then their fans wouldn't continuously drag Scottish football through the gutter on such a regular basis. Our board have acted strongly to both a complaint by Brechin and noise from SFA. They didn't have much choice anyway. Perhaps the tone could have been different. Maybe it was a little condescending and tarnished all with one brush. But they had to, realistically, say something.
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    St Mirren Preview (Away) : 09/09/17 Ladbrokes Championship #ICTFC Who's in, Who's Out, How's Form? Read it here --> https://buff.ly/2wLXmnr
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    I think the bans are in response to behaviour not swearing although I conceed statement does not make that clear. I think there were x 3 episodes of smoke bombs? One of the young female stewards was also subjected to verbal abuse. I understand there is cctv evidence of what happened. I dont care if we are being ridiculed really. Im glad the club have taken action against vandalism smoke bombs etc
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    Quite simple really, the law and match conditions clearly state no pyrotechnics. Any ground in the country. Therefore if people choose to use them at grounds then they should accept the consequences of breaking the conditions (and henceforth the contract accepted on purchase) such as being ejected or banned. It's their call. Don't do the crime if you can't take the time. It's the same as sneaking substances into festivals. Feel free to try but if you get caught it's no one's fault but yours. According to the most recent statement on the official site, damage was caused to the ground for which Brechin have billed our club. If you're doing that, then you're a walloper and good riddance. You're giving the other fans a bad name. You're giving fellow "young team" and "ultras" a bad name. Those that know the difference between fun and vandalism. Atmosphere and loutish. You're not a "lad", you're a goat. As to drums and singing and banners and flags, the more the merrier. The more noise the better. Pyro has never been needed to create atmosphere in grounds in the UK before so, unless you're just crap at the aforementioned, it's not required now. Get behind the team, make all the noise, be creative, come up with songs and drum beats and chants. And icelandic style claps or Highland war cries. But follow the fairly reasonable rules and you'll not get bother. And if stewarts at away grounds ask you to stop, ignoring them or arguing won't work. Wish it would sometimes... And as for Rangers and Celtic fans getting away with murder. It's not about them, it's about us.
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    I know. We get the same every 4 years when the English media think their football team will win the world cup. It's awful.
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    How is it harder to crack down on an individual than a group. If their language merited speaking to be police or steward they should be ejected. Very simple as their behaviour is criminal in respect of causing offense to others no different from what's been said in the media. But it's ok as it's older fans doing it. Also if they continue that behaviour at other games then they should be banned. No i don't believe that people are staying away because of these lads. They are staying away because of the position the club fonds itself after being literally run into the ground with embarrassingly poor facilities and infrastructure and poor management over the past few years.
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    I hope everybody offended by their actions will be reporting everyone heard swearing at all home and away matches going forward. The fact that the club gives bad language as a reason for banning people is a total nonsense.
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    According to all the Scottish news bulletins and interviews with the players, the wheels were due to come off the chariot. We ere told that the record would be a problem and the English players would get a bout of nerves, and the Scottish team was on a superb high. Could they not have been more wrong? and what ? The Calcutta cup stays in the south The unbeaten record goes on Quote "Six Nations 2017: Winning run could 'paralyse' England - Scotland's Nathan Hines " - from BBC sport England 61 Scotland 21 Mind you the men did better than the women England 64 Scotland Women 0 Sunday 26th February 2017
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