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    Not a surprise I suppose. Glad that an extension was offered to a cup hero who still does a good job but I completely understand that it needed to be reduced terms. I like the quotes from the club here. David was part of the cup winning team that will forever hold a fondness in ICT hearts but he was also part of the relegation team and shouldn't expect to escape the harsh, punishing financial realities that ensue as a result. Players have to look after their families, this is their job and many are paid handsomely for it ... they create memories but their stay is transient. It is the club and its fans that endure. Thanks for the memories David. We wish you well. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/inverness-caledonian-thistle/1368327/caley-thistle-defender-raven-rejects-reduced-contract-extension/
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    We need to adopt "Stand By Me" as our anthem at our next three home games to give Dave a great send off knowing we appreciate him and all he has done here since 2012. I know there have been debates about what constitutes a "club great", but he fits the bill in my eyes.
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    Sadly inevitable, but let's give him a great send off. Harshly treated by the club at times, he always gives 100%, and his celebration after the semi final win with the look of sheer pleasure and surprise is one of my all time memories. Thanks and good luck for the future!
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    Can't help feeling that we are being a bit short sighted in implying that we need to 'free up his wages' to help fund a goal scorer. As well as scoring goals we also have to protect the goals against column. I would suggest that Raven's contribution to this over the past few weeks, since he has been played regularly, has been considerable. I would have kept him till the end of the season. If we want a proven goal scorer who, I suspect wouldn't cost the earth, why not go for Rory McAllister. He, year on year, tops our ex ICT goal scorers table (30 already in 2017). I know that when he was with us, he got a tough time from certain sections of our support, but, for me, he has proven himself as a goal scorer, and, although reaching the end of his career, could , I feel, still do a job for us in the Championship.
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    Sad to see you go Dave, although it was probably inevitable would have been great if the club could have dug a bit deeper to let you stay for the full season. Your 100% commitment, personality and experience are still needed. You can still cheer me up though by joining my other club and head back to Prenton Park - the Rovers need you too! All the very best wherever you go and thank you for the immense contribution you gave to ICT.
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    David Raven has been consistent all season and has been playing probably his best football lately since 2014/15. Really sad to see him go. Hope the Livi home game on 2nd January goes ahead so he gets a standing ovation at home. Always approachable and down to earth when I have spoken to him. He will be missed. Good luck David and all the best to you and your family. PS - Please don't go to Dundee United!!
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    So sad to see Raven go, but this was inevitable since the season ticket holders meeting with the chairman and Robbo, when it was announced that he would be moving the high earners on. Raven has been a constantly top performer for the club over the previous season and this one being no different. I hope he gets a good send off and manages to get a good deal somewhere else, as long as it's not with one of our rivals! All the best David and thanks for the memories.
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    Lovely guy and great club servant. If he can earn more money elsewhere for now good luck and hope he can continue earning for as long as possible. I hope when his playing career is over he feels he can return and enjoy the town he has been such a big part of for such an important time. Good luck and come home whenever you like.
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    Because it was about 15 years ago, inflation alone would ensure that it wasn't £20. As for the pies, I really don't see that as a determinant of attendance.
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    Sad news indeed. He has been treated badly by the club on numerous occasions but still gave 100% on the field. Consistently gets crosses into the box only to be wasted due to the lack of effort of supposed strikers - who will no doubt be kept on. Hope he gets a rousing send off. After all there's only ONE David Raven. Good luck to him and his family in the future.
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    Sorry, I should have said, Good luck David in the future.
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    Really sad to see him go. Since he came back into the side he has consistently been one of our better performers both defensively and supporting the attack. Always gives 100% and always one of the first to acknowledge the fans after the game is over. He'll be a real miss. Hopefully he'll not be going to Dundee Utd. I thought he was headed back Liverpool way. He could probably do a job for Everton at the moment!
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    McAllister has zero interest in going full time. He is quite happy playing part time with Peterhead and doing his plumbing gig. As for Raven it's a very bad move losing him. I know money is a big issue but part of our good form was down to his return to the side and now we are losing him just as we go on a decent wee run. Getting rid of some of the other dross in the squad to keep Raven would be my preference. Sadly though there was no chance he was going to stay and take something like a 50% salary cut. Rumours are he will be off to Dundee United.
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    We must get Donaldson signed up longer term. It will be very bad if we lose him when his current deal expires in January.
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    I would like to thank David personally for his commitment and service to the Caley Thistle club over the last few years . I wish him and his family all the very best for his future whatever that may bring. Cheers David
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    I have often thought that but I understand from previous forum discussions that he is happy and settled in Aberdeen area mixing his football with a good steady job.
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    Great to see a full highlights package instead of just the goals. Nice work! Is this to be expected from now on?
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    can't remember how much we had to pay last time but I don't think it was £20 (and the pies were better and cheaper)
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    Found a bit of time to update this for the last season or two. Quite a worrying drop off in average crowd this season compared to the last time we were in this division. There's obviously a fair bit of the season to go but a drop of 1,000 from our average crowd compared to the last time we were relegated might set some alarm bells ringing financially. Note this is just for league games. Switched the colour schemes around - yellow is Division 3/SFL2, green is Division 2/SFL1, red is Division 1/Championship and blue is SPL/Premiership.
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    Since some fans didn't have a pay day until after last weekends free shipping offer ended, we've decided to run it again this weekend. You have till midnight on Sunday to take advantage....and the £7 Replica Shirt Discount has been frozen (for now) and is still available. http://ictfc.com/shop
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    Go on then CB..I'll have some of that too. Missed out last time Inverness Caledonian Thistle to win @ 3.30
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