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    My money is on the club not having even thought about it yet!!!
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    Drainage no working properly, apparently concern over a small area.................
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    He suffers from an excessive number of left feet.
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    I cannot confirm officially. But I would like to confirm without confirmation that this allegation sounds like nonsense.
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    Damm you Dundee Fc thats twice this week you have let me down
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    If for no other reason than we don't want to emulate Sevco in any shape or fashion.
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    Caley Jags FC game off.................... Looks no too bad to me.
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    I've always viewed this season as a rebuilding exercise..if we make the playoffs, all the better. Really don't expect us to go up, but if we did, it would be right up there with anything achieved by the club before (given the turmoil at the start of the season). Think Laurence is right though..a Partick or Dundee would probably be too strong..but promotion through the playoffs would be a huge & unexpected bonus, although I fear we would struggle right now in the top flight. Fully expecting a serious promotion push next season though....
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    no highland derbies next season cos they will survive and we are nowhere near getting there. sad but realism must kick in.
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    as long as it's on our REAL badge and not that crap fake designed and adopted without any consultation
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    You would need to bring in portaloos. Could even paint them black and red
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    Perhaps Dr Mackenzie can give us the bedrock situation for July?
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    If Sevco can wears stars for winning the 4th, 3rd, 2nd divisions, plus the Challenge Cup, then why the hell can't we wear one for winning the Scottish Cup.
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    Yeah, agree about the star remark. Leave that for our premiership league title
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    Still feel Susan is getting a bit too much criticism from a few posters. He has had injuries and ill health. Zak Elbouzedi has been in a similar situation. When ICT collapsed under Kenny C the new chairman picked up a pile of issues and to be fair to Robbo he has done a remarkable job so far. He had to get bodies in, he had to get bodies out. Early losses put him under significant pressure. So Susan has not made it but out of all the changes perhaps one or two questionable signings was to be expected. Now to Ross County's multiple signing failures....................on very good money.
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    Whoever agreed to sign him, should be ashamed, with the amount of money that has been wasted in wages on this player, with no return, and ICT seriously needs to have a good look at their scouting system . How many no hopers have we had over the last few years? The supporters can see right away that these players that have come and done nothing are rubbish, so who is vetting them and thinking they're good?
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    Goodbye Susan. Thanks for the skills, thrills and goals. You will be missed. But then again........
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    Living proof that virtually any player can look good on youtube.
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    Unfortunately for all parties concerned, he turned out to be one of of our worst ever signings.
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    So much for him making a 'big difference'. Probably one of the worst strikers I've ever seen play for us. Right up there with Dean McDonald, Dani Lopez and Scott Boden.
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    He scored a goal against Clach but so did Fort William today!
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    If we don't get our finances sorted out, we may be emulating them in other, more worrying, ways.
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    Also with Gary Warren, he is on the February page of the club calendar.
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    Can anyone confirm that the team only train for 1 hour a day 3 days a week ? and were also beaten by the youth team recently in a bounce game 4 nil who by all accounts train 5 days a week
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