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    No goals or assists for Polworth on Tuesday night but still some good contributions - excellent through balls in the moves for the first two goals to Mulraney. He hit a similar pass for the second goal at Tannadice earlier this season, behind the full back to allow Mulraney to use his pace.
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    Won’t somebody plleeaassee think of the children?! *sobs into Daily Mail*
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    It makes sense from a financial point of view not opening and a stewarding the South Stand. However, I entirely agree with OCG that it is a great pity that you can't indulge in humerous banter with opposing fans these days.
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    He's costing us so much he's certainly nae a steal
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    I think that DD was applying his suggestion to decent human beings. Sadly, while they do exist, the majority of fans of both Ugly Sisters don't qualify as such.
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    As I am an ICT fan - No. Which of those two is your 'big' team Moray Jaggie?
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    I'd suggest you take your concerns to the club. Give them a call or an email to highlight the problems you are having. Whilst the point will be debated on here you are unlikely to get an answer.
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    Usual twisting of the post. This was nothing to do with regular away supporters , of which the vast majority always behave, have banter etc. This is our club placing away " supporters " who don't know how to behave- beside others who do and the possible consequences if something happened. Offensive remarks like worrying about the children - who said that ?, snowflakes and Tory voting, cruise holidaying people in main stand is utterly pathetic. We pay our tickets too and support the team.
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    We have previously compared the atmosphere between crowds at Rugby and Football and many of us would like to see non segregated crowds become the norm in football. The recent arrangement in the main stand is a small step towards that. The issue here is one of respect. Supporters of both sides have to respect that supporters of the other side feel the same about their side as we do about ours. The dynamic that can create helps to lead to more friendly banter and more competitive vocal support. It can enhance the whole match day experience What destroys this is those who demonstrate a lack of respect and who poison the atmosphere with obnoxious and threatening behaviour. There should be zero tolerance of this. Clearly the stewards have a role here but so too do supporters of the same clubs as the morons showing the lack of respect. They need to make it clear that such behaviour is not welcome by the majority of fans the morons purport to support.. I didn't witness the incidents mentioned here but I entirely agree with Kingsmills. Had the stewards done their job I am sure we wouldn't be having this conversation.
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    As previous poster said, plenty of clubs allow home and away fans to share different sections of the same stand. Only last week end I attended Oxford United v Blackpool and it was like this. I went with my mad keen Blackpool pal who lives near me in Berkshire. About 300/400 Blackpool fans, including me as a Blackpool fan for the day, occupied about one fifth of one of the stands. No problems at all going to, leaving the ground, or during the match. First time I'd been to an EFL league 1 match live. Not terribly impressed, certainly no better than most of the Scottish football I've seen. As an aside, pre-match we drank for at least an hour in the Oxford United club bar along with many other away fans, most of whom were wearing Blackpool colours, alongside umpteen home fans also wearing their club colours. No problems at all.
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    Away fans making noise in the main stand, no wonder it doesn't go down well, that'll drown out the noise of the Worthers wrappers Plenty of clubs split stands between home and away fans successfully and at much bigger clubs with many more fans than our visitors take. There may be a bit of 'banter' but there's not a recent history of violence between home and away fans plus if anything was to 'kick-off' then it can do so outside where there is no segregation on the way to and from the stadium. I'm not saying to be complacent and if there are specific incidents that its felt the stewards aren't acting on this has to be highlighted as threatening physical or verbal behaviours along with religious, political, racial, sexual etc should not be tolerated and needs to be stamped out. This does seem an over-reaction and yet another thread complaining about stewards and fan behaviour but all voiced on the internet with nobody stating they have taken any definitive action to contact the club or security/police services with incidents & evidence.
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    That will be incredible if Billy Mckay can help Ross County to get relegated.
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    Well I am a fat, old lad and I have nothing to fear from section F but I've seen too many people who could get caught up in something the club have a moral and legal obligation to protect them from. Given your youth and attitude to children, we can take some comfort in that you havn't procreated yet!
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    People sit in the Main Stand because they don't like to make a noise so it's probably expected their jimmies are rustled by some guy from Livingston actually supporting their team by vocally encouraging them.
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    If he stayed on his feet he would have scored.
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    Great strike from Mulraney for his goal. Smashing stuff.
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    What has happened these days where we can't sit together anymore? I remember games in the second division with Livingston and we were all mixed in and there was no drama at all. In a time when our rivalry was probably a fair bit more serious. I visit other games across Scotland quite regularly and in a few league two and league one matches there has been no segregation so what makes us any different?
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    One of those rare (in recent times) occasions where you could actually relax and enjoy the game! It's nice to be 3-0 up early doors. The front 3 tore Falkirk apart on the break. Oakley held the ball well in the build up and always provided a target for Bell and Mulraney in the box. A good old fashioned 'big man-wee man' attacking combination. Mulraney's goal was a fitting climax to one of the best passing moves you'll see all season. Think the official-bashing is getting a bit over the top. The persecution complex / siege mentality can be a good motivator in small doses, but becomes toxic and self-defeating if you take it too far. All of our bookings were justified. If you were being picky you could argue that Falkirk deserved a few yellows of their own. As for the stand-side linesman, Baird was a yard offside for his goal so what are we complaining about? Regardless, why moan and boo at the end of a 4-1 victory? Cheer up folks.
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    Officer, Abersheep V Sevco are steeped in poisonous history going back to Simpson nailing Durrant in the 80's. Hardly comparable to ICT v anybody. Contact ICT and voice your concerns. Maybe your Police Scotland bosses would be concerned. Flag it up to your 'Guvnor' there also?
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    The moaning was for the fact we should've scored more than 4 and the booing at the end was firmly directed at John Beaton after most of the players had left the pitch.
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    Get a room, FFS!!!
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    I knew in general that North Standers and away gamers were tougher than the Tory voting, cruise ship holidayers in the Main Stand but my my my this thread has opened my eyes to a breed of snowflaking pansies that until now, I had no idea existed.
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    Its about the potential for violence and given there are young children in there too, it is not an acceptable situation. You may be an old, fat lad with nothing to be concerned about but what about the mother with two kids? A better idea would be to close the North stand and move everyone into the Main stand and keep the opposition segregation.
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