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    https://youtu.be/MlpXnzQk-Ck for anyone who doesn't have Premier Sport. And no, it's not a rerun of an old game.
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    I thought the broadcast was decent enough, apart from when the ball was not in play like waiting for a corner and the AI went in search of it. The commentator has a difficult job without a sidekick or a support team in his ear and was ok with that in mind but just wasn’t adequately familiar with the players on the pitch. That needs to improve and he could have been better prepared in terms of recognising them.
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    Don't think anybody was working until just after 2:45pm. No idea what the issue was but I'm sure we were told it should be online from 2:00pm. Anyway, food for thought regarding facing West. Not a good idea even at the stadium. Surely facing the stand would give a better effect like being in a football stadium and cut down on light flare. Is it possible to zoom in a bit, everything happened at distance and I set mine up on 42" screen. Commentator just trying to do his best, its all a bit new to everyone. Just don't mute the mic next time. Constructive criticism might be better than simply downing the guy try I g his best to cope in unfamiliar circumstances. All in it was better than nothing and I won't be complaining about the quality, but maybe some minor adjustments to get the best out of what we have to offer. Regards to some unable to log on. It's new to us as well. Once we have all cracked it it will be a piece of pi55. By the way, the age stats I quoted are all available on this site for anyone interested. Go to current season tab, fixture list, tables, etc. or hit the score on fixture list it opens up more options. Have a play around there and check it out. Once we have uploaded the info after each game then it will be available to see. Cheers all.
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    Brad Mckay surely. If he goes who the feck will we be able to slag off, so for that reason, he is indispensable.
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    Just to let everyone know that final updates to the book have been made, proofs approved and the order placed and paid for. It is now up to the printers to do their stuff and the books should be with the Club within a few weeks. I am sure that when fans read the book, they will agree it has been worth waiting for. But publishing the book would not have been possible without everyone who has pre-ordered copies, bought advertising and made donations. Ian Broadfoot, the Club and the Supporters Trust are extremely grateful to all of you who have made it possible to get "Milestones and Memories" to print. Unfortunately, the virus means that we will not be able to have the kind of launch we had originally envisaged. But we are discussing with the club how best to launch the book and will update you with news of that when we can. The option to pre-order books remains available on the on-line shop. All books pre-ordered will be signed by Ian with a dedication if you wish. So if you haven't ordered yet but would like a signed copy, click here.
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    Great effort by an understrength team, a moral victory and an encouraging performance unlucky lads
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    What a shower of moaners mostly. I was delighted to see ICT playing at all. Strange view as my seat is in North Stand but, for the first attempt at streaming, I had my first decent Saturday afternoon in months. Even shouted at the screen a few times.
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    Strewth, one game in and the long knives are out. Not sure im going to last a whole season like this. Anyway, my stream was decent enough, the score was not what I hoped for, the team are badly depleted and Brad Mckay was no worse than anyone else. He made several good tackles, blocks, clearances. Maybe look at another Mackay who was on his arse most of the game. No standouts for Inverness such was our lack of depth and quality. Such is life.
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    7 ICT Academy graduates in tonight's squad. Doing something right then.
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    Many thanks to Nairn FC - enjoyed watching that, very much. It’s been a long time without ‘live’ footie.
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    I received a call today from a very nice lady at the Stadium who confirmed that they had my correct email address but that there had been an admin error meaning that I had received no notification or code for watching live streams. So, glad to say that not my fault, as suspected an admin issue. However any anger I had on Saturday was more than made up for by the apology and extremely polite lovely conversation that I had with the lady at the stadium. Sadly I didn't catch her name but I would like to offer my thanks to her for her honesty and cheerfulness.
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    Come to realise the camera's thinking the baldy linesman is the ball 😂😂😂
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    No number 9 in the number plate. Makes it look incomplete.
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    I’ve got no problem at all with you having an opinion, and in fact I broadly agree with your opinion that Brad McKay probably isn’t good enough for any team with hopes of promotion from this league. What I do have a problem with is your repeated name-calling and personal attacks on our manager. What exactly has a man who has achieved successive third and second-place finishes, against better-resourced teams with a reduced budget each season, done to warrant being called a ‘stupid donkey’ by you? Frame your criticisms in a respectful manner and no-one will have a problem with them; continue to hurl insults at people and it renders all your accusations of being bullied and picked on as rank hypocrisy.
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    Very decent performance in the circumstances. Much to be encouraged about. The downside is the way that football and footballers are being treated by the powers that be. The ruling that despite all the close physical contact during the game you can't have a much needed, socially distanced shower after the game is absolutely outrageous.
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    Delighted by the performance of the team. They matched Hearts who have a budget 10 times ours for the full 93 mins. Other than a dodgy refereeing decision couldn't have hoped for a better start. Especially since a lot of the youth players wee starting that will surely give them confidence they can compete. Plus hearts have had 9 pre season games to get up to speed. Hope shane is ok and will be back soon.
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    A better result than many, including me, had anticipated. Much to take encouragement from.
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    I agree entirely. Hearts were the better team, particularly second half when we struggled to keep the ball, but we only lost to a soft penalty with 7 players missing, Keatings only on the bench and Sutherland injured before half time. It is still effectively preseason for us and hopefully we improve as fitness and sharpness improve and we get players back. It is better than the last time we lost to them in this cup. Yes, a better performance and a win would have been good but we should not be too harsh on them (even Toddy despite his misses). Thanks to Jack for the link. Watched it on YouTube on tv as a result: never watched Vlad tv before!
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    Hearts, with all their additional finance should be better plus they have played a lot more pre season games so will be ahead of us fitness wise. Nothing like our full strength team either so as long as fitness and performances improve over the next few games, I'm happy with that.
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    ....Carling ? 🤢😉
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    Look on the bright side. They’ll be dancing in the streets of Elgin In the pishing rain till daybreak.
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    Watched from the A9. Whilst a friendly, it was our last one before competitive action. I was concerned today with our defensive frailties and lack of creativity going forward. Early doors but my observations as I saw it today. Defence. Deas needs to play CH. Toddy is not a CH. Devine was a bit suspect. Fyffe and Harper both did well. Allardice did okay but doesn't offer a lot (Trafford on his bad days). Missed a driving midfielder like Carson today. Welsh was our mom. Magregor is wasted out wide, had a very quiet game. Storey was he usual, 1st half when wide would create space then mess up his shot or cross. When up front, struggled to do much, would lay of when he had time to turn. Keatings had some good turns, passes but doesn't offer enough as a number 10. Think we really miss someone to run beyond the striker and gives us depth/trouble the oppositions centre halfs. Toddy did okay first half up front. Took his goal well. Dan Mackay wide left, came on a fluffed a great chance straight away but thought he looked sharp. Sutherland was pretty anonymous out wide. Brad came on at half time and was solid enough. Poor performance all round, City looked slicker going forwards and organised at the back. Very concerned for Tuesday night. Highlight of the day was a drunk Elgin fan going for a pee in the bushes, slipping, sliding down the hill and ending properly lodged upside down in the bramble bushes. Amazing moment!
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    Without being political, the MPs actions are the worst by an elected representative or one of their advisors during the pandemic. She must resign and speak out publicly accepting how wrong she has been. Her actions risked the lives of many, and goodness knows how many more will be at risk due to people ignoring the rules due to the actions of supposed leaders like her. We are in a battle against the pandemic. Sheer stupidity like she has shown makes our chances of beating it poorer. Her party is right to decry her, but she should have known better and not got in this position.
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    More specifically the obscene amounts of money poured into the elite leagues by television has ruined the game. I remember the days when a top professional footballer got paid about the same as an experienced hospital consultant. Now the top players earn as much in two months as a doctor could expect to earn in an entire career. An obscene distortion of priorities driven by TV money.
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    You do surprise me exalted one, you have a seat in the stand and drink bovril ?? Now i would have thought you were a kneeling on a cushion man with a glass of pyongyang soju in your hand.
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    HWFG! Info on how to watch the Dunfermline v ICT match this weekend: https://www.dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Watching_the_Pars_behind_closed_doors&ID=12600 £12 to watch the stream.
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    We had multiple tests to make sure this was working perfectly remember and were told it was. If you're happy with it great, never ceases to amaze me the mediocrity we'll accept from our club sometimes and I'm not referring to the product on the pitch. We should be using this as an opportunity to expand the number of people who watch ICT as it's more accessible, really go out and sell the club to a wider audience with a great product regardless of what the result is. Instead it's our usual mantra of 'ach it's good enough, better than nothing I suppose.'
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    I think a point in the current circumstances was a good one yesterday. The average age of our team that finished the game was 21 and a half. Mark Ridgers was our oldest player at 30. I've no idea but that may be the youngest team to have played a league game for ICT. The guys should get enormous credit for coming back and getting a point against a good and experienced Ayr team.
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    Given the injury situation with our wafer thin squad, I think it is too early to start to despair. Winning the league is probably beyond us, it probably was for everyone except Hearts even before the season began, but there is all to play for as far as play off places are concerned and we won't know how we stand in that race until we have those currently on the treatment table back on the pitch. Given the late equaliser, I am choosing to view yesterday as a point gained rather than two points lost.
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    It's simple if there is a bald linesman play him on the other side or paint a big cross on his head
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    I really enjoyed that. It felt like I was at my seat. My low concentration and poor eyesight were mimicked perfectly by the AI. The staring and swearing at the linesmans bald head made me really feel like I was there after another terrible offside. The zoom in on the chances in the box worked fairly well until baldy distracted the camera. Corner kicks were a particular problem that will get resolved. I seen more on here than I would have at my seat. Happy clapper all the way.
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    Given that half of our first team are injured the team largely picks itself. Assuming that the likes of Devine, Sutherland etc. are not fit enough to come back I would prefer something along the lines of... Ridgers Duffy Deas McHattie Harper Vincent Welsh Allardice MacGregor Keatings Mackay McHattie was incredibly limited getting forward on Saturday and I think Harper is much better supporting the attack although perhaps he isn't as solid defensively and that will be a test for him given the wide men he is likely to be facing against Ayr. However, I'd be happier with Harper in there and an adjusted defence to get Mckay out of there. Duffy seemed relatively decent getting up and down the right although not as effective as Rooney was last season. Regardless, I'd be up for the LB and RB to be given licence to get up and down as much as they can to support the attack. At times on Saturday it seemed we were playing a 4-1-3-2 with one of Welsh or Allardice sitting. It may be that a midfield trio of Vincent, Allardice and Welsh would provide a degree of solidity and offer additional protection to the defence with / if Duffy and Harper get forward and Welsh is always good for offering for a short pass for the CBs. Vincent and Allardice are very fit and have a solid work rate to help cover the flanks if required. Up front we are limited. Assuming Sutherland doesn't make it I would look to swap MacKay and MacGregor so they are playing on their stronger foot. Macgregor time and time again slowed down attacks on the left flank as he looked to cut back in on his stronger foot. Whilst this can work it is normally helpful to have someone going down the left side to try and pull a defender away to create space but this didn't happen as McHattie sat back and left MacGregor somewhat isolated. The players can easily move around into different formations if we want (it can easily mesh into a 4-2-3-1 for example) and whilst it doesn't have a lot of creativity or goals it's probably as good as we can expect right now given the personnel available to Robertson. Width provide by the full backs and MacGregor / Mackay, a bit more of a reliable CB partnership (i.e. no Brad Mckay) and three midfielders who can all rotate between defensive and offensive duties. ETA: Regarding the rest of your post you need to accept the fact that if you post something on here not everyone is going to agree with you. I don't expect everyone to agree with my suggested line up but I'm not going to get upset about it.
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    It is a concern. 3 competitive matches and in each of them we have had one of our forwards needing to be subbed in the first half because of injury. That is unusual to say the least. It may be a reflection of the long lay off and a very short pre-season with our guys being amongst the last to come back off furlough. They may well have been keeping themselves fit, but there is a difference between general physical fitness and football fitness. Hopefully there is nothing serious and they and the players who have yet to feature will be back soon. If we are going to feature at the right end of the table at the end of the season we need to stay relatively injury free.
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    Disappointing result but we have to remember that we were without Toshney, Carson, Doran, Storey, Sutherland and Kennedy. That's six players that if were fit would most likely of started today's game. With us not having the biggest squad that's a huge problem. Any team would struggle to be missing six key players. Obviously not a great way to start the season but let's hope some of these guys can be fit and we see a better result and performance next week.
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    Karma has never tasted sweeter watching Dundee getting scunnered 6-2. Bet they're regretting the last minute vote change now
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    I do like the Nations League concept, so much better than meaningless friendlies. And it’s nice to see the league tables currently being topped by footballing nations that people used to laugh at like the Faroes, Luxembourg, North Macedonia and, erm, Scotland.
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    Very well taken penalties and 2 great stops from Cammy.
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    The fact that Brora and Kelty have done pretty well against Premiership opposition is proof enough that rejecting reconstruction was a massive mistake
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    Disappointing to lose in that manner but given I feared a bit of a doing I'm pretty content with the display. The injury to Sutherland is frustrating particularly as he had looked pretty handy on the right side before he went off. His cross for Mackay was wonderful and it's a shame Gordon pulled off an incredible save to keep the scores level. Whilst Mackay looked pretty good going forward he didn't offer much protection for Harper who was run ragged for large parts of the game. A steep learning curve for Harper but I think once he gets up to speed he'll be fine. Our defence seemed to be Hearts most creative attacking threat for the first half with a number of errors almost gifting goals for the Jambos. Duffy looked okay considering he'd just joined up with the team and Deas looked pretty useful as well. Mckay was poor however. Some really poor passes out of defence led to us being put under pressure and I can't imagine he's going to be battling for a starting CB slot. Second half was mostly Hearts until late on. We didn't seem to be as settled as we had been for parts of the first half and the defence looked increasingly creaky particularly when Allardice went to RB where, whilst he did okay, I felt he was more effecient in the middle alongside Welsh (who seemed very sluggish). Poor decision to come for the ball by Ridgers prior to the penalty award. Don't think he really had a chance to get the ball over a couple of ICT and Hearts players. Feel the award against Harper is very harsh. He's not got his hand / arm above his shoulder and he's not making his body unnaturally bigger with the position of his hands / arms. Criminal miss by Toddy late on after a fine run and cross from Storey who played well in flashes but the second half was disappointing overall. Still though, just losing by a single goal against the team that is expected to romp the league isn't horrendous. Robbo has said that these games are being used for fitness so provided we don't disgrace ourselves in any of these matches I'm not bothered if we go out.
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    You’re quite right Robert. I happened to open up and read Caley 100 and started to type. This keyboard warrior is off to bed. Apologies!
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    As an exile and a non-season ticket holder, I'd be happy to pay per match for all games. There were over 500 watching the friendly at Nairn. There IS an audience out there.
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    And so the usual doom and gloom from some posters begins. This is a pre season friendly to build fitness and played in dreadful conditions, the result is largely meaningless.
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    must be the weather we obviusly needed a Toddy
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    At least you've got a good reason for a refund. The rest of us haven't...
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    Just waiting for the steak bridie option to go live.
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    Video of the penalty shootout now added to our own report
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    I am happy with that start, a lot to build on with a young team but we will improve if we can keep the players fit.
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    • Inverness CT 1-1 Ayr United - Report
      Better late than never, the live stream burst onto the laptop 15 minutes before kick-off and it was game-on. Inverness had the first chance when Todorov headed off the underside of the bar, the ball adjudged not to have crossed the line.
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    • Inverness CT -V- Ayr United - Preview
      It's matchday two this weekend in the Ladbrokes Championship and the visitors to the Caledonian Stadium are Ayr United who have two former Caley Jags players in their ranks. Tom Walsh and Joe Chalmers joined the Honest Men in the summer and could be in the squad this weekend for the game that kicks off at 3:00pm.
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    • Dunfermline Ath 3 - 1 Inverness CT - Report
      TV sets were barely switched on when Nokolay Todorov opened the scoring in the second minute. He would leave the field injured to be replaced by James Vincent after nineteen minutes. Inverness held that lead until the twenty-third minute when captain Euan Murray headed his fourth goal of the season to level matters. That's how it stood at the break as both sides searched for a second goal. Ryan Dow put the Pars in front with twelve minutes left in a rather turgid second half. Declan McManus scored a superb third to seal the points turning on the angle of the box and firing high into the net. Deserved 3 points for the Pars as they get off to a flyer.
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    • Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT - Preview
      Let there be football


      It's the start of the covid restricted Championship campaign 20/21 and Inverness travel to Fife to take on Dunfermline Athletic at East End Park. The game is a closed doors event and kicks-off at 3:00pm on Saturday 17th October with live streaming available from Dunfermline or the usual social media outlets via twitter, BBC Sport etc to fill the void of following your team at the stadiums. The steak bridies will be a big miss from East End park as will the pre-match entertainment on Halbeath Road and the general enjoyment of slagging your team off on a Saturday afternoon. It's what 3:00pm's were made for.
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    • Inverness CT 0 (4) - 0 (2) Cowdenbeath LCup - Report
      Bonus point struggle. Inverness took the bonus point after a penalty shoot out, the game ending scoreless. Cammy Mackay saving twice as Todorov, Deas, Welsh and Allardice fired home from the spot.
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