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    As promised, made a donation to JDRF type 1 diabetes charity. Thank you again Lady F for your generosity in sending me a match programme I needed for my collection free of charge . You are a wonderful Lady . kind Regards Kevin
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    I had promised to keep everyone updated unfortunately, i have had to step back due to the death of my grandson. however, the wheels are in motion and an AGM will be held prior to the football club AGM Notices are currently being sent out with the guidance of supporters direct. we are also looking for people to step forward to fill office bearer roles. please bear will us, but i can assure everything is being done to protect the voting rights of CJT Liz MacRae Chairperson CJT
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    Baird may not (yet) be finding the net, but he puts in a power of work and deserves credit for contributing to the team's overall performance.
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    Aye, a long history of sending our lads to fight pointless wars for the very empire that squeezed the life out of the area in the first place.
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    The way things are going I'd be pretty surprised if we don't win the league.
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    I know the new chairman has a number of plans in place to improve the stadium and what not. So far I've heard plans are afoot to improve the car parks, new toilets, try and bring some sort of tie in with the North Coast 500 and the sports bar will soon become something a bit more homely. So what plans do you have to improve the matchday experience and try and enhance the crowds? I know he's been having meetings with a lot of fans and I assume he read this site so it could be a good idea to use this thread as a sort of central hub for everyone's ideas. Here's one idea I have for an improvement is for the wheelchair-bound supporters. Now granted, there's been a slight improvement in the perspex dugout, but the general match experience must still be pretty poor, shunted over to one side with a worm's-eye-view. Surely it's time we gave disabled fans a special area with a decent view. As some may have noticed that St Mirren recently built this - Could we not do something similar?
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    I would go for a dream ring myself. I am too scared to Google 'cream ring' as I am worried what might appear on my phone!!
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    A few weeks ago there was legitimate cause for concern based on poor play and poor results. Now there is legitimate cause for optimism based on better play and better results. Surely that has to be welcomed by everyone getting behind the push rather than bickering about whether fans were justified in posting criticism at a time when such comments seemed to have some justification. We are all fans of ICT, some are happy clappers who will never criticise no matter how bad things get. Others prefer to air their concerns and criticism. It's called free speech and this forum would be a very dull place without it.
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    Want to say a Hugh Thank you to Lady F. She has very kindly just called me and told me she has a programme for me and she is sending it free of charge. I am blown away with her kindness. She is a true fan and a special lady. Wish there was more people in the world like this. I promised I would donate money to charity on her behalf and post the receipt on this forum. Thank you again.
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    Speak for yourself, many of us knew and predicted that this would be a tough division that our newly assembled squad would take time to come to grips with. There is not a huge difference in ability between the bottom half dozen in the Premiership and the top half dozen in this league. If things were organised for the benefit of fans and sporting merit we would have a sensible top league of 18 with each team playing each other once home and away. All that drives and maintains the current arrangement is greed and self interest.
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    Good, generally positive and encouraging, interviews. The only thing I would take issue with is Robbo's assertion that 'we don't have the luxury of a hundred years of history behind us'. Yes we do, in fact we have well over two hundred years of combined history.
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    need to ask why he is still without a club after so long. Nick is neat and tidy on the ball but he won't win you 50/50 balls. I really don't know if he is the type of player Robbo needs in this league. I'll wait for all the red dots!
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    Hang on, Yogi was crying in the press saying he wanted a bigger budget to push the club onto the next level. That's why he took the huff and put himself in an impossible position. Really, which level does he expect a club with 2000 hardcore supporters. Well down to Cameron for standing up to his nonsense. Deep down we all knew the success wasn't sustainable, however the rate of the decline was more of a shock. The timing of our success was excellent, it was masterminded at the same time whilst the Edinburgh clubs and Rangers were struggling. To finish 3rd or 4th in the Premiership is much tougher than a few years back.
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    Sometimes life is more important than a football club.
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    Ah yes, let's teach more young men and women how to kill and then send them off to be canon fodder in more pointless wars.
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    Match after match David Raven puts in a great shift. Team now starting to gel and he is an integral part of this team. Where are we going to find a suitable replacement for him in January? It would be a travesty if we started relentless climb up the table only for it to fall apart if we lose him. Surely a compromise can still be reached.
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    I've spoken to quite a few fans over the last years who've panned the catering, yet these same people can be seen waddling for a pie sometimes even before the whistle blows for half time. If it's that bad, don't use it, it's as simple as that. Don't criticise and then justify it's existence. I think the catering at the stadium is vastly overpriced rubbish, so I haven't used it since we were in the First Division last time.
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    I hope we don't get TNS. Not a fan of clubs formed through mergers.
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    Sorry to hear if your loss Liz, such sad events are far more important than any football matters.
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    To the end of this season would be a start.
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    We know it, the board must know it, Robbo has to be at least warming to the idea.......Get Raven signed up on a longer deal that suits both parties.
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    That's the most enjoyable game of football I've witnessed at the TCS for a long time, the change in attitude and aptitude was incredible from the QOS game. There was rarely a moment where we gave in and I'm amazed we didn't finish that at least 3-0. Our defence was rock solid, our midfielders show great composure and skill to feed the forwards and apart from Baird the chances just kept looking like going in. A massive amount of positives to take from that and the boys should be immensely proud of their achievement today. Great to see a pretty decent turn out too
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    In successive weeks we have beaten two sides in the top four who had previously beaten us (in the Pars case convincingly) kept our 5th clean sheet in a row, and seem to have found both attacking threat and a solid back line....progress in anyone's book. Bell rapidly becoming a bit of a hero? I'm up (and buzzing) for the Livingston match next week which I have a good feeling about...it'll certainly give us a hint of whether a run to the play-offs is a possibility (it's a long season I know!)....crowd of near 3000 as well. And my weekend was made all the more happy by a 97th minute equaliser for my other team
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    Not sure what the reasoning is, and quite frankly, not interested, but the level of abusive posting has reached a point where its becoming a really big problem. Not going to bother writing a big tome on the subject now ... its been done before, and I have linked below this to the last couple of topics from 2012 and 2009 that seem relevant. I know one or two will read it and others may just say "**** off !" ... so be it. Bottom line is that the personal abuse of other posters stops now or the ban hammer comes out. That's not a threat, its a promise. You want to abuse someone? then do it somewhere else, we don't want you. This is not what this website is for. We do not invest in software and hosting to give someone the opportunity to hide behind a keyboard and bully, abuse or defame others. We do it so fans can discuss and debate all things ICT (and beyond), to give fans a place where they can congratulate and criticise the club in equal measure, ask questions, seek opinions, and where supporters of the club of any age can spend some time enjoyably without being the subject of personal attacks. Right now, the personal abuse and vitriol from many directions makes it far from enjoyable.
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    Takes a bit of time doesn't it, new gaffer, loads of new players, who is any good, who works well with whom, who will settle in? Definitely some green shoots there, and that 2nd goal is a thing of beauty...If Man City had scored that it would be on SkySports all weekend, the ball was moved so quickly it caught all of Dundee's team out. Looked like a great away crowd btw! As an aside loving the new shop and the work of the Stadium Development Project, feels like the club is going in the right direction
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    Seriously!!. The plain fact is that our level of performance in most games was not as bad as some people thought but individual errors were costing us. These errors are being hugely reduced and confidence is returning to the team. Confidence, more than anything else, has made the difference, not what you have stated.
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    It's not a national event - Armed Forces Day is in June. I think Renegade and Kingsmills are correct to broaden the topic to raise concerns about US style jingoism. The feting of military personnel is dangerous. It's used by governments to stir up nationalist fervour and provide public support support for imperialist foreign interventions. To those who say they'd be happy to support a similar day for nurses or teachers or whatever - you're not being asked to. Only armed forces. Why?
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    A 4th clean sheet in a row, an away win against the favourites for the title and no less than 19 shots with 10 on target. Hopefully the fair weather "fans" who deserted the team in their droves can see that if they stick with the team, they will see us climb the table playing good positive football. I liked the interview with the manager. Upbeat but still very grounded. He accepted a poisoned chalice when he took on the job but it is looking increasingly that he has what it takes to stop the rot. A big "well done" to him and the team.
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    People from Merkinch and the Ferry are just people and Invernessian people at that.
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    Fek all wrong with people living down the ferry you effin snob. Hope your car breaks down when you are down there and you get chewed.
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    It would also be good to have another local in the squad. Also if he hasnt been playing for some time, it takes a good few weeks training and games to regain your match sharpness. He was a good and important player for us before, and Im pretty sure he hasnt lost ability, just some confidence. I would take him back if he is willing
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    Also shows what happens when you drink sheep dip.
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    Don't see how they were woeful. Keeper made good saves. Would have been better had they scored, but hey ho.
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    Agreed on the disabled area - just because someone uses a wheelchair they shouldn't be forced to sit down the front in the rain, although I do understand how it could be difficult to accommodate but putting them at the back of a stand isn't right either. Fortunately we are lucky that we don't fill our main stand so could somewhere introduce a platform area and sacrifice a few seats although it may mean relocating ST holders - problem is then does the club have lift access otherwise its yet another expense in a stadium that was never built that way? I'm also not certain on this but there may be lottery money available for modifications of this nature as its more than just football related but community also. The catering needs looked at, queuing in a system that seems to have no real order to it and service which is pedestrian and highly inefficient - you have a lack of co-ordination between the staff and too many doing too many things rather than defined roles - the food & drinks on offer don't really represent value for money based on the quality (or lack of) and I'm sure its got worse over the years. Tickets - it would be nice that on matchdays tickets for the next home game are available for sale either before and after the game, possibly with small reductions to try capture fans on a high who may have come along and seen a positive result. Advertising in advance of promotions etc - if I'm at a game I don't want to wait til a few days before the next match to know I can get a reduced ticket for my mate through an offer but need to turn up to get it before the day of the game - give the opportunity to get it when fans are there already and in advance. Make it easy for the customer especially those who travel distances to games.
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    Joe Chalmers has been quietly, very effective in a midfield role, adding ballast to Vigurs + Polworth. Joe is positionally astute, keeps it simple, currently keeping Trafford on the bench. Versatile, in that can play a few positions and roles in the team, which is greatly useful for a club like ours. Currently, in my opinion, a definite to stay on.
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    The performance was much better than the result suggests. We spurned several decent opportunities, and the Pars keeper made three very good saves. In contrast, Dunfermline only had two good chances, both from defensive mistakes. Whilst the crowd were understandably nervous in the last 15 minutes, the players didn't look panicky in the slightest about only having a one goal lead. Confidence is a wonderful thing. I think every one of the starting XI can be happy with their performance. It helps that we've hit upon a system that works for us both defensively and in attack. In that spirit, it's only fair that I point out that Baird and Chalmers, two of my early-season whipping boys, did well. Using Baird to run the channels and stay on the shoulder of the last defender is far more effective and that was the best I've seen him play for us. Chalmers has found his niche in midfield, and keeps things ticking over nicely so Vigurs and Polworth can concentrate on creating things. The three stars were Bell, Vigurs and Donaldson. Bell must have covered every blade of grass and was out on his feet in the last ten minutes. His movement off the ball is great and he's clearly a really intelligent player. Vigurs meanwhile has reinvented himself as a Pirlo-esque playmaker (yes, really!) and I thought the way he controlled our tempo was terrific. And as for Donaldson...wow. Just, wow. The guy looks a class act, which is astounding given his struggles at Dundee United. Our central defence looks about a million times better for having him, just because his positional sense is so good. Every time a ball came into our box it seemed magnetically attracted to him. Clearly he just needed a change of scenery. We need to sign him on a long contract pronto. I'm dangerously close to getting optimistic about our season...
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    I have just read this on the ICT site. He sounds a decent enough guy and I am pleased he has identified who is actually involved in Muirfield Mills. Anyone who has invested substantial funds in our club deserves our support as long as they have no hidden agenda which I don't think this group has. They do however need help on the football side and I hope they get this soon.
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    ..and equally, now that things are going better, should now be showing their appreciation of the change of fortunes loudly and clearly.
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    The players and staff have responded to the criticism... Which was merited. Fans who pay their entrance every week or fork out for a season ticket have every right to let their feelings be known.
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    Hard to believe after the team and Polworths performace someone should pick on this. No mention of some of the terrific forward balls, hold up play a distribution including the link up play sending mulraney off like a rocket. A terrific team performance, every player put in a great shift.
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    A fair enough observation but let's concentrate on the positives and, right now, there seem to be more of those with every passing week.
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    Time to rename this thread. Vigurs is not an enigma, he's our best player.
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    Good to see Vigurs deservedly being in the SPFL team of the week for the performance at Tannadice.
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    No one should abuse any other poster , But to ban discussion is to be not the right policy although I can why it is considered so To put my serious head on, which I do infrequently because it reminds me of my former life, when I had to be ultra serious and not to make mistakes because it could have serious consequences, Thirty years and one day I was a firefighter in Lancashire, I went through the ranks to a moderately high level when I had to be in charge of many men ( no women in those days ), I have seen sights in fires and road accidents, I don't care to remember and in writing this I will not sleep tonight. ( Because it is all coming back) I have seen families distraught in losing their loved ones , husbands , babies, - Putting on a brave face when I had to interview them, to get the facts of the case, usually for me to give evidence at the inquest into the death . So I get a little frustrated or more than that when I see subscribers on this forum, who have never had to meet serious danger head on , decrying service personal that have put their lives on the line in foreign places when told to do by their superiors officers. How can a person who has never had more danger than sucking the lead in their pencils know what it is like to face an enemy determined to kill you, or in my case burn me to a cinder. So when the ICT club or anyone else wishes to pay tribute to those of us that protect our life style , we should be there with them one hundred percent. These people may not show it but fear is the is there every minute of the day , not just fear for themselves but fear they may put their colleagues in danger. On a personal note a close relation of mine went in on D day two hours before the main landings as part of the South Wales borderers as a CSM with the Canadians , Many of whom their main language was French, You can imagine how they felt landing to free the country that was part of their heritage,. Those Canadians landed with 5000 men and lost 5000 men in two days of fighting. The 5000 were replaced as they moved down through Normandy. A little boy saw the troops and ran into his farmhouse " mummy French soldiers outside ", "They are speaking French mummy". No amount of gibes can diminish the efforts of these soldiers , of what ever nationality, and I include German soldiers in that they had little choice in many instances., There is a high price to maintain the peace in the world. Good night and sleep tight, you owe your nights rest to the emergency services, and to the military, never forget it
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    It seems from some of the reaction to this tongue in cheek post that some people lack any sense of humour.
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    I hope those calling for the head of JR are feeling a little embarrassed now! Absolutely delighted with the way the team are going and gelling, all credit to the manager.