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    Glover and others. I think we can now safely say that the current Board of CJT seem either unable or unwilling to represent or inform the membership effectively or at all. There have been seven separate attempts to gain a response from them about what they have been doing on this forum alone in the last couple of months without success. Facebook and website queries are unanswered. It’s nearly dead but we can’t let CJT die and then start a rival supporters group because the voting right within ICTFC that is held by CJT would die with it. As Charles Bannerman says that’s the 3rd or 4th biggest bloc within the club and represents the people who make the club what it is. That can’t be allowed to disappear. I’ve been in touch with SDS and asked advice on how to demit this Board in order that we can get CJT on an even keel and operating properly according to its objectives. The model rules (insofar as we know because CJT cannot or will not confirm what rules they are operating under) state that the Board should be informed of the intention of the membership to call a meeting of the society and that the intention must be supported by 20 members or 5% of the membership (rule 32). The Board at present appears to dispute who are or are not members in their view but anyone with a fob, a £1 share certificate or membership number who paid a one off £1 would be regarded as members for this purpose. We therefore need 20 people to take this forward. If you can DM me on this forum, I can add your name to the list. As soon as we have the minimum number, we call the meeting which has the sole agenda of requiring the immediate resignation of the current Board (Liz MacRae, Cliff Sim, Laura Grant and any others) From the date of that meeting being called, the Board may not do anything – other than preparing for that meeting. It’s questionable if, after the way the AGM finished, they are allowed to do any business now that isn’t direct preparation for a Special General Meeting under rule 36.4 and rule 65. It’s a damn shame it’s come to this but it’s not too late to do something about it. We will need people to serve on a new Board. At present I’m talking to various people about how to move things on and there are ideas. We’ll put them out there after we have got the support to call an EGM and certainly before it happens so that the members can make an informed choice about what happens next.
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    Daniel Mackay's goals per minutes played ratio is sensational by the way. Deserving of a start?
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    So all the Vigurs and Polworth doubters? Hows it going without them?
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    I think it's probably best to judge Robbo and Brewster's two spells separately - Robbo's because circumstances are different and they are 13 years apart, and Brewster's because his availability as a player made such a significant difference in his first period in charge. Here's how I'd rank them, from last to first: 10. Foran - an absolute catastrophe. Tactically inept, clearly unable to manage a squad and absolutely hopeless at signing players. If we'd ditched him even in March 2017, we would have stayed up. His spell in charge has done this club a huge amount of harm. 9. Brewster's second spell - after an initial strong start things went badly wrong and the last eight months or so were awful. Another manager who struggled tactically and who wound up all the players the wrong way. And giving Andrew Barrowman a three year contract on a big wage?! 8. Baltacha - certainly had some challenges to deal with, given it was our first year in the league. But not even finishing in the bottom half of the Third Division with that squad was a disappointment and too often our style of football was dull as ditchwater. 7. Robbo's second spell - Controversial perhaps, but the bottom line is that we're still only seventh the Championship even though things have certainly improved after a terrible start. Assuming we don't go back up this season, the big test for him will be improving the squad this summer despite a likely reduction in budget. 6. Christie - I have a soft spot for Charlie, who signed some decent players and who often sent out the team to be quite adventurous. And the 2-1 win over Rangers in December 2006 is still one of my favourite ICT moments ever. But he couldn't crack top six. 5. Brewster's first spell - we went from relegation candidates to missing the top six on goal difference in five months. His ability and leadership as a player were undoubtedly huge factors. He also brought in Craig Dargo and established Ian Black (signed by Robbo) in the team. 4. Robbo's first spell - beat Celtic in the cup in his first half-season, won the first division and got us to two cup semi-finals. He had started getting us on the right track for survival when he left for Hearts. Oh, and he signed Darren Dods, who improved our defence about one-hundred fold when he got in the team. 3. Paterson - deserves his legend status because of our rise through the leagues and that incredible win at Celtic Park (and the oft-forgotten win at Tynecastle two years later), along with the reckless attacking football that we played. That said, he had a lot more to work with than most managers in the bottom two divisions did, and couldn't get us over the last hurdle. Not our best manager, but the guy who was managing us when we were the most fun! 2. Hughes - I imagine this will be heavily criticised! If this ranking was entirely on coaching ability he would certainly be top (he turned Carl Tremarco into a footballer!!!) and if it was entirely on transfer market success he would be near the bottom. Bottom line is he took us to third in the league and a Scottish Cup win, feats which may never be repeated - and did so with us playing some pretty sexy football. The fact that his reign started and ended pretty badly shouldn't detract from that. 1. Butcher - obviously left us in pretty acrimonious circumstances, and no-one would suggest that he was a tactical genius. But...he nearly kept us up in 2009 (we were five points adrift when he took over). He got us back up at the first attempt. He turned us into a top six team. The number of quality players he signed was quite remarkable. And man he was good with the media, talking us up all the time. (puts tin hat on, awaits incoming fire)
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    ICT fans when John Baird makes a mistake: ICT fans when Mulraney gets two ridiculous red yellow cards inside two minutes and costs us the game:
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    Exactly. It's so tedious hearing 'where did all the Ryan C/Scottish Cup/Europe etc money go?' It's keeping the fecking lights on. PS: Europe cost us money.
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    Is there any update on the position here? The timeframe that CJT committed to for proposing a way forward following the AGM has long come and gone, so even an interim statement would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    My relationship with Caley started almost five decades ago standing under the elm trees at Telford street wearing my red and black scarf and cheering the opposition 😊
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    Seems daft, why try to change crusaders game to a free week I presume so we can keep our fixture with pars. Then when pars offer a straightforward solution by playing us on the tenth, we say no. Now with the call off we have no game for 17 days. Later in the season, players will be playing unnecessary midweek games due to poor decision making by the club.
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    I confess that I started out with a great deal of sympathy for the current office bearers for a number of reasons. However, with months and months passing without any information or any impression that anything is being done with any sense of urgency to retrieve the situation I confess that that sympathy is now wearing thin.
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    It may seem like a no-brainer but Robbo's interview said it all regarding young Daniel - I doubt he'll be on from the start in any game soon. The old adage about being old enough if you're good enough is all very well and good, but Robbo seems to be well aware of the dangers of over-playing a 16 year old in the professional game. We just have to hope that his mini appearances will have the desired impact at the right time of the game.
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    Well said Robbo. Spot on assessment and sentiments as usual
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    The count of red cards, yellow cards and penalties conceded this season is an absolute disgrace. We can't keep blaming the referees all the time. Clearly our indiscipline is at fault. JR needs to sort it out , and quickly.
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    One thing the club board could perhaps do is to establish exactly what the situation is with regard to CJT and make a public statement of the outcome principally, as Glover says, for the benefit of the fans whose body this is meant to be. If whoever were previously involved in CJT are unable to respond to the likes of queries by posters on this forum, then I would suggest that it falls to the club board to achieve clarity - better still, progress - in respect of 10% of the Company's voting rights.
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    I've been a big supporter of Vigurs this season and think he has been our stand out player. Yesterday I was less impressed and thought he gave a rather mixed performance. His free kick when he passed the ball to the guy at the end of the wall was one of the worst free kicks I have ever seen, but he also had others which were poor including some short ones when everyone had gone into the box. I was particularly concerned to see him and Warren having a right go at each other early in the first half. I have no idea what it was about but clearly that sort of thing needs to get stamped out. I sort of got the impression that Vigurs was sitting back a bit more as if he was protecting Warren. On the plus side, he didn't get booked. A more pertinent question is to ask about Warren's performance. Sad to say, but his best days are gone. We look far more assured at the back with Donaldson and Mackay as the central pairing. With a limited squad like we have, there will be times when there is really no alternative but to play Warren, but I think it is time to hand over the captaincy to Vigurs. I doubt that will happen but the manager certainly needs to get a grip on leadership on the park issues.
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    Serves them right for being shyte at fitba if you ask me.
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    All our windfalls go towards paying players and managers. It seems to have been the case for many years that the core sources of income just aren’t enough to sustain us at the competitive level we want to be at.
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    Whether ICT's crowds are falling is neither here nor there. The crowds watching ICT are still significantly higher than those watching any other sport and there is a correspondingly greater number who don't regularly attend but have an interest in reading about the team. Of course, when athletes in other sports have success at a high level then it is good to read about it, but what these athletes get up to when not in these major competitions is of little interest to all but a pretty small number of folk. Using your argument in another context, you might argue that the film review section should use more space reviewing some foreign "art" movie with a single showing at Eden Court and which just happens to have won a prize at the Cannes film festival, than the latest Bond movie with multiple screen showings at Vue. As for County. If anyone wants to read about them they can buy the "Ross-shire" (or Caravanning Monthly).
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    My money is on the club not having even thought about it yet!!!
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    If for no other reason than we don't want to emulate Sevco in any shape or fashion.
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    Say Hi from All of Us 😄
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    What people are saying is that it was utter stupidity for a guy on a yellow card, who then gave away another foul and was clearly on his last warning, to then aim two kicks at an opposition player for no reason whatsoever. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that that probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. It cost us the game on Saturday and at a time when our squad is already paper thin another suspension is something we could do without.
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    Agreed, we're paying fans who have every right to be annoyed when one of our players loses the plot and could potentially have caused us not only to lose the game but also our play off spot. Some people on this forum suffer from a terrible case of Blind Faith and happy clapper syndrome
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    Yes, what more can we say about him? He is just a top man. Hope he gets Wrexham up to EFL2. I hope they realise how lucky they are to get such a true professional.
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    It's hardly a witch hunt. It's deserved flak for two minutes of utter idiocy that cost us the game. There's no glossing over that.
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    He's certainly not the only one but he's not a child and is as responsible as the rest. Hes a grown man and well paid for the job he does. The gaffer needs to put the foot down and now. How many points have we thrown away due to needless sending offs and suspensions?
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    Sounds like Mulraney has used up his effort for the season and couldn't give a sh#t. Our discipline this season has been utterly ridiculous and just undoes all the hard work that's been put in. If we don't make the play offs we'll only have ourselves to blame.
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    Imagine...! In some ways, that would be great (& the pressure would be mainly on 'Gretna of the North', being the incumbent premier league team), but I'd rather we were both in the top flight, to be honest - just to give 2 fingers up to the Central belt hierachy! Very hard route to the top flight (just ask Dundee Utd...), but doable (just ask Hamilton Accies...). 2nd place finish is our best hope...
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    Charles, I've been in touch with supporters direct today to see if we can move this forward. hope to post something as soon as possible. this is a situation that now needs to be sorted.
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    Tommy ("Grass grows by the inch and is ruined by the foot"😊) has a 30 year-long reputation for keeping and sustaining a fine football pitch. It therefore seems unlikely that the reason for the current state of the pitch has anything to do with the capability of the ground staff, but will far more probably be something to do with availability of resources.
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    Interesting game, just a couple of things to talk about.... 1st half Odd start to the game. Crusaders played some decent stuff for the opening 10 mins and we looked like a side who hadn't played in weeks. Once we got to that mark we took control though. Crusaders had actually started with a relatively conservative line-up with 1 up top and leaving Whyte & Owens on the bench. Despite this we were able to cut through at will with Polworth in particular finding pockets of space in which to play in Mulraney. I felt we were pretty wasteful at times and should have been 4 or 5 up by the time the half time whistle went. Even though we were dominating it was concerning how much space Crusaders were able to get down the right hand side of our defence. I lost count of the number of times Heatley/Murray found space in that channel. I'd really like to see us move Mckay back inside to partner Donaldson and new right back. 2nd half Not sure what was said at half time but the team came out thinking the game was done. No urgency at all and it bordered on being unprofessional. You can give Crusaders some credit for changing it up but if we play like that against a Championship team we will be on the receiving end of a shoeing. The sending off was a little strange. I'm pretty sure that for his first booking it was Vigurs that committed a foul, it certainly wasn't Mckay. In saying that though the 2nd booking was monumentally stupid. The Crusaders bench unsurprisingly had a part to play in that, Baxter is known for his whinging and theatrics to refs. Player wise: Ridgers was excellent as was Polworth. Donaldson was OK but seemed to spend time worrying about Warren. Bell and Chalmers despite his goal had poor games. Chalmers seems to let the game pass him by a little too much for my liking, never seems to take it by the scruff. Mulraney was dangerous as ever although the final ball swung from outstanding to atrocious with nothing inbetween. Oakley is a strange player, despite his size he can't win a header and struggles with his first touch. However he's a lot quicker that I thought, has decent movement and runs the channels well. I' not sure what type of player he'd be best beside. Glad to the win but we made hard work of it. If we hadn't held on we would be asking questions about the mental capacity of the side.
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    Great to see some proper communication. Personally I would have preferred more of a damnation statement but that would be improper and unacceptable in this day and age. Also some of the statements lead to more questions - as have all been asked before. The most worrying wording to me is "we reported that substantial new investment (comprising some cash, higher sales and shares purchase) is required in 2018 to sustain our business." - Sorry folks but that suggests to me that we are in the proverbial s*** and that our future is far from secure. Worrying times ?
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    Our famous win was just featured on BBC's football Focus in a piece about Ross Tokeley and Brora Rangers, prior to their game at Killie today. Great to see the goals again. Good luck to Brora, and Cove as they fly the flag for the Highland League in today's 5th round.
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    Interesting that we bitch and moan when we're treated like theres no life north of Perth, but are quite happy to then treat those north of Inverness with the same disdain.
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    Renegade's updated list is reasonable for the most part but i do think there is a general tendency in his post and in the thread to overrate Robbo and underrate Brewster 1 and Charlie. Robbo had a hellish start to his first reign and ground out promotion from a very weak second tier with Pele's team the following season. We were then in a relegation scrap until he left and at that point the idea that we were about to establish ourselves as a top tier side for the next decade seemed beyond fanciful. When Brewster stepped in and inspired us to a series of comfortable wins it changed the whole scope of what seemed possible for the club to achieve, and we very quickly started to feel like we belonged in the top league . The 4-1 at Livingston was the turning point and we then went on a heady run that included a 3-0 win at home to Hibs and a 2-0 win at Tynecastle. Brewster's management style meant that he was never going to maintain that kind of impact, and it was clear from the lift the players got from his departure that he had already started to lose the dressing room. That lift, and Charlie's first months in charge, saw us play some fantastic football with Wyness, Dargo and Black seemingly liberated from the constraints of Brew's reactive system. The 4-2 at Tannadice and the 4-1 at Falkirk stand out from that period for me. While the following season saw us found at times, we were playing attractive open football and we beat Rangers home and away! No arguments with Pele top and Foran/Baltacha bottom. On Sergei, worth remembering that he had a full season with Caley in the Highland League prior to the merger and failed to win it with what was, by some distance, the best squad in the league. He took that same squad into the SFL and again underachieved while playing turgid football. Enter Pele....
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    You must have been very lonely there on your own.
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    The bigger question is how did Rene manage to stumble on a 4 year old thread? Not much on telly tonight obviously
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    That's easy for you to say
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    It’s the 25th Anniversary of CTO as well (wonder how that happened!). Maybe we can do something special too like removing everyone’s red dots
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    Don't worry, the SPFL will give us at least two hours notice.
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    To me the only way Caley has a chance of getting into the playoffs is if Caley players stop this obsession with getting Redcards
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    Mckay's goal was a more composed finish than any of the rest of the team this season. He deserves to get more team time on this sort of showing. As for discipline, the appalling record of 8 sending offs speaks for its self. The red cards and stupid bookings must stop or we will continue to drops points as we did on Saturday. Robbo, the buck stops with you - get it sorted.
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    He really hasn't. He had an excellent run of about 3 or 4 games after we played Falkirk last year and in the recent game against them did well but for the overwhelming majority of this season he's been poor.
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    Time Robbo sorted out the behaviour of the players the are a disgrace to younger players Mulraney's bad mood today was nothing short of spolit brat behaviour kicking bottles leaving the pitch tut tut! If Robbo doesnt address this in post match interview my opinion of him will go down.One other thing dont these players realise they are only driving more fans away and we cant afford that can we ??
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    Surely, there isn't an ICT fan who doesn't wish him well. Good luck to him at his new club.
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    I am fairly certain that, had we managed to finish every game with eleven men and managed not to concede penalties through naïve defending we would be in a play off place by now. Discipline is indeed horrendous. It needs sorted and sorted now if we are tro stand any chance at all in this very competitive league.
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    Absolutely. Never convinced about the argument that being knocked out of the cup is a blessing in disguise allowing a club to concentrate on the league. Scottish Cup quarter final and a play off place would represent a fine recovery from our disastrous start to the season and would bode very well for next season.