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    Well said Kingsmills. That's the way I feel too. Tullochs seem to to get a bad press with certain sections of our support, who , presumably, don't appreciate the debt the club owes them. That doesn't mean, of course, that our present board should not negotiate hard with them to ensure that the current seemingly loose arrangements are properly and legally sorted out to ICT's advantage .
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    No, when we get promotion by winning the end of season play-offs, and County get relegated by losing theirs, we will still be in different leagues next season.
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    If it wasn't for the Tulloch connection we might not have a club by now. We certainly wouldn't have a full time team who had spent the vast majority of the last decade and a half in the top tier and won the country's premier knock out tournament.
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    Keep the Caley ones as they are priceless but the club could sell the Jeggie ones as firelighters.
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    I think Oakley is a far better option as a loan striker and in Baird's defence he does try
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    Agreed. Polworth missed Vigurs in my opinion and didn't shine. He had a bad game and was frustrated. Baird = Merd. Why oh why does Robbo persist with that duffer????
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    Then we get some money to help keep our club afloat and to reinvest in our efforts to get back into the Premiership.
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    Highlight was Coll Donaldson doing a Cruyff turn whilst being pressured towards his own corner flag and gliding away from his opponent. Other than that....
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    If Tullochs have secured the leasehold from their dealings with ICT, I would suggest they've already done extremely well out of them. How can the board negotiate hard when they have nothing to bargain with?
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    That is what you call a hard fought 3 points. We played some good football in the first half but our final ball was woeful, the second half was so disjointed and we were beginning to panic towards the end. For me, Donaldson, Tremarco, Trafford and Raven were the stand outs . Baird needs to be benched in the next game, and after I had thought that Polworth had turned a corner with his attitude, he turns in his worst performance of the season.
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    The system we played towards the end with Doran, Oakley and Mulraney left our wide players too isolated. Good game management from Robbo overall and I agreed with the changes: a solid 3 points. Coll was absolutely superb today and fully warranted his MoM. Unfortunately Baird will miss his slot up front in the next game if sense prevails, even Doran would do a turn up there.
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    So is the possibility emerging of an ICT v Ross County play-off for Premiership status next season, then? IF County were to finish 11th in the Premiership and Inverness were to make their way through the jungle which is the battle to become the single Championship side to contest the honour, then you have the Mother of all Highland Derbies! EDIT... written while Polo Chick was posting similarly above.
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    Good points - Donaldson was very good. Raven and Tremarco were solid. Bad points - Polworth had a nightmare. Baird is absolutely rubbish. That is all.
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    This (deserved) adulation for Raven and Tremarco is a bit of a contrast to not so long ago when fans used to chant that Greg Tansey (remember him?) was "the only decent thing to come from Liverpool".
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    Keep them! Having traded a lot of jags programmes and memorabilia over the years the only things that make good money are shirts and centenary booklets. Sad to say I wouldn't trust the club to look after any pre merger memorabilia....they can't even look after / respect the traditional red and black colours of jags ! Edit to say that, if press reports are to believed, they can't even look after their leasehold of the stadium lands !
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    You are spot on there Huisdean. Over the years, the club has had the goodwill of these major Inverness businesses through leading figures within them. It would be hugely beneficial if they could all pull together to the benefit of the club but, unfortunately, the opposite seems to be the case and long running antipathy appears to be a significant motivating factor in the current spat. One vital consideration in a saga which has now been ongoing for almost 20 years has, however, been largely ignored. In the early 2000s, the club was crippled by a debt somewhere in the range £2.3 - £3M (accounts vary). Without that being "sorted", the club would have gone into administration or even liquidation. The only thing that extricated it from that near-death experience was the intervention of Tullochs, the only game in town, who "disposed" of the debt, provided over £700,000 working capital to ease cash flow and ensured that the North and South stands were built. Some people may not like this fact, but interventions from Tullochs, valued at £5.3 - £6M (again accounts vary) ensured, in five years, a transition from a massively indebted financial basket case destined for the knacker's yard to a debt free club playing SPL football in an SPL compliant stadium in Inverness. The ICT piper has been paid pretty handsomely and I would suggest that he who has done so could have called a much more demanding tune, remembering also Tullochs' donation of 730,000 shares to the ICT Trust and offer of the stadium fabric to the club. I suppose the bottom line question has to be - what would people have preferred? Administration/liquidation in 2000/01 or, 16 overwhelmingly successful seasons later, a question over the car parks, Tullochs' response to which has included a commitment not to leave the club without infrastructure?
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    Personally, I think the MacGillvrays, Alan Savage, David Sutherland should hang their heads in shame over this situation. This is all arising from their personal dislike of each other and should have no place in the running and future of ICT. The club is not their plaything for them to boost their egos by getting one over on each other. My understanding is that the owner of Tullochs now were unaware of the situation with the stands and do genuinely want to offload them to the club but why they are then insisting on the conditions they now are is beyond me. Perhaps they have an allegiance to the three musketeers mentioned above. The current board and chairman have a real poisoned chalice on this one as this situation was certainly not of their making. I do genuinely believe we are starting to get a board in place who can drive the club forward after the mismanagement of past boards and hope this does not deter them.
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    A noble thought but I think you should keep them for your kids and grandkids. Unless somebody at the club could take them and put them on display at the stadium. They won't fetch much money wise.
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    Carl hasn't quite shown the level of form he had before his injury but clearly his return has significantly strengthened our defence. His signing is a huge boost. I think his value is not just what he does as a defender but the influence his attitude has on others.
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    The term "investment" implies a reasonable expectation of financial return for the investor. Like it not, and I don't particularly, the realistic term is "subsidy".
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    Makes you feel old looking at people you went to school with looking distinctly middle aged. Thank heavens that, by contrast, I have retained my youthful appearance.
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    I think everyone should just park at Tullochs headquarters on match ay and get a supporter bus arranged to ferry us to the games. Tulloch don' care about the club it's obvious and their refusal to deny the removal of the car parks speaks volumes
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