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    Billy Mckay is going for the hattrick!
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    I'm no happy - they've completely screwed my NPL forecast!!!
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    There was talk about this last year. It would be a radical change and I can't see it being introduced without some fairly major consultation. However, it has been a mainstay of the Green Party's policy since well before the Ecology Party changed it's name to the Green Party and I wonder if a commitment to consult on this with a view to it's introduction is part of any deal with the Greens to get the SNP budget through. I think this would be a really positive development which should simplify the benefits and tax systems. A real advantage is that it allows people who are able only to do small amounts of part time or seasonal work to be able to see the full value of the money they have earned. Of course, this has to be paid for and somewhere in the middle there will be folk whose tax will need to go up by as much as the basic income they receive, whilst for higher earners it would be more. That will not go down well with many and therefore this is another reason for careful and widespread consultation.
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    Not raging I'm missing this game at all, no sir.
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    Sounds like some top officiating again tonight....
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    Now now don't tempt fate...
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    Promising starting line up. C'mon!!!!
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    Agree : although our problem is scoring. If we can start scoring two or three per match, we should make the play offs as the defence is for the most part pretty solid. Mind you, last season, I kept hoping (believing) we would eventually turn it round..............
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    Maybe the Jocks do know how to run a country in a fair, just, progressive way.
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    Peter Grant is on form with the Bairns. Remember how well he played in the Cup Final against us. Judging by the video this team has some hard working and skilled players in it. But I think Willo Flood is just past it. No wonder Dundee U's poor Manager was really upset. Almost lost for words so he was. If the game is on tomorrow we can't take any chances with this team and IMHO must shut them down in early course.
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    I'm sure you said the same several times when we first signed Donaldson and Ridgers.
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    I don’t think that’s fair comment. We were not in a position to match the wages on offer to him from elsewhere and even if we did, he would probably not have chosen to drop a level when he could stay in the Premier. (As an aside he has no goals from 17 appearances at Well, whose manager has said he is looking for new strikers.....)
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    Or at least see the bigger picture.....
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    He'll be company for Draper on the bench. It is actually quite remarkable how many players have left us for significantly more money elsewhere and then play precious little football. It's a nice little earner for a couple of years but does nothing for longer term career prospects. Back on topic, if there is a pitch inspection tomorrow then it sounds as though we are economising with the under soil heating. No bad thing if someone forgot to switch it on after the Bairns sudden return to form. Whilst it's not going to be so cold tonight, it is not exactly going to be thawing weather.
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    Like this topic there is a Light at the End of the Tunnel our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is going to bring in a Basic Income for all Scots £150 a week for Life
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    I just stuck a pie over each ear which helped keep the cold out as well.
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    As opposed to Bell and Baird who invented the phone and tv
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    Yes I suspect more fans of the ugly sisters leave Inverness every weekend and head down the A9 to watch those teams continue to destroy Scottish football. If half of those fans not just in Inverness but around the country supported their home town team and not go glory hunting then maybe we would have better teams across the country.
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    The biggest attitude problem he has is the attitude of some fans who are supposed to support him and the team. Every week someone on here regurgitates this nonsense. (usually the same clique) I wonder how these fans would cope with the bile he has had to put up with on the pitch? Here's some clips from the last couple of games, you all might need to take your glasses off so you can see the number 7, clown shoes and red nose optional. And for all the wannabe managers, this is what you should be concentrating on and not the tired old "attitude" nonsense. Even better, get behind the player and we might see him for another season? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYGwQdx8M8E&t=23s
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    Yeah but attitude problem and all that.
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    Never forget....
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    So Raven's replacement tonight is on the bench and we have Brad at RB which in past has been not great he cant cross the ball into the box i thought early on in the season Seedorf was a gem but what's happened to him? Another game another goal from Oakley yet he will still be benched on Saturday or mabey thats to avoid him signing for Aberdeen in the summer then on loan to Dingwall in January
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    Seedorf played at centre back against Ross County and looked absolutely mince.
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